Why Should You Invest In Video Conferencing Software During the Pandemic?


Video conferencing software is replacing the need for physical meetings during the difficult time of pandemic and it is the time when you should also invest in one. The following post will help you to understand how video conferencing has become an ultimate solution for remote workers. Explore the content to learn more!


Almost a year has gone but the pandemic situation has not much improved compared to what it was back in March 2020. As the technology-enabled work from home, tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have become unsung heroes that are both connecting and keeping everyone on the same page. However, to encourage a work environment that will represent a true commitment, collaboration and decision-making, we need more than just communication tools. Employees need more advanced video conferencing software and going forward investing in one during the pandemic can turn out to be one of the best business investments you will ever make.

Why should you invest now?

Earlier this month the world experienced another wave of the coronavirus that has made the situation far more challenging than ever. It is certain that it will take organizations quite a time before they start operating physically with the full team strength. Prysm Systems believe despite the challenges and barriers thrown by the pandemic, it is an experimental and acceptance period where people are more susceptible to try new things and opening up themselves for technical change.

Therefore, it is an ideal time to introduce your employees to the free video conference software that strings the beads of your organization.

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How Video conferencing software shaping the future

Now as the physical communication and connections have been severed due to the pandemic, organizations have started to face challenges like- socialization, disparity and miscommunication with remote work. As opening offices is not an option in the current situation, we have to find a way to incorporate work flexibility with video conferencing to connect the modern workforce working remotely.

Zoom is also accessible with addon software like a teleprompter app.  A teleprompter app for zoom is used for maintaining direct eye contact in Zoom while reading your notes. This is easy to do with the included teleprompter software, which displays notes off a laptop, tablet, or monitor onto the transparent beamsplitter mirror. The Zoom Teleprompter can also be used for recording through the glass with flawless clarity.

However, one must understand that remote work is going to be a part of corporate culture and moving forward we believe video conferencing can do the same and make the post-pandemic work a success for organizations. Here are ways how video conferencing software is reshaping the future of corporate meetings:

Enabling personal meet

What was the last time when you enjoyed talking over the voice calls? Never? We guessed that! Compared to the boring phone calls, video conferences grant us the ability to see each other expressions as we discuss the topic, making it more personal and at the same time adding the human touch to the overall experience.

Audio calls fail as a communication solution as parties who are having an important conversion cannot see the facial expression while discussing the aspects of the meeting. This could lead to miscommunication, confusion, and misunderstanding- causing both parties equal amounts of loss and mistrust.

Video conferencing eliminates these drawbacks by providing a platform where parties can interact with the high-quality images, and audio and come to a mutual conclusion through discussion.

Time is money

Right before the pandemic hit the world, companies used to spare a big portion of their operating budget to cover the travel expenses of the employees. As employees have switched to remote work with the technology, organizations have left with plenty of travel money that they can use to invest in virtual video conferencing software to build the bridge between employees- enabling better collaboration and increased production.

In addition, users can also connect in a swift with individuals working from different locations and time zones during their work hour without dragging them outside the comfort of their homes. Isn’t it great? This way they can collaborate without any delay or travel fatigue.

Better audio and video quality

Although tools like Zoom, Google meets and Skype are important for day-to-day communications but when it comes to organizing meets with immense experience one cannot take the risk with low-quality audio and video. While discussing a hot topic on the virtual conference table, high-quality images along with audio and video means better communications; higher engagement and reliable decision-making. On the top, quality video calling means you can interpret the facial expression, eye movement, and body language that would either be missed on communication tools.

Bring everyone to the same table

While in some cases a simple phone call is more than enough to the work-related decision and in others you need more than just a sophisticated solution to discuss the details. Free video conference allows you to bring everyone on the same page and at the same time enable your teammates to participate through quality audio and video. It is a great way to boost communication and engagement between the employees. Other tools go through several updates and are yet not up to the mark when it comes to delivering satisfaction of being connected, forcing employees to switch to only audio calls.

Don’t work on assumptions

incorporating video conferencing can benefit your business but only if utilized properly. While the concept of using most of the free video conference platforms is the same, providing a proper training session to your employees will not bring any harm. After all, you cannot assume everyone in your organization has the same level of technical knowledge and skills. Hosting training sessions will ensure all the employees are well-versed with the advanced features that the video conferencing software brings to the organization and how to use them effectively.

In the end remember, tough times don’t last but tough teams do. The pandemic is the time when you must find ways to engage clients while maintaining the same level of energy with the team and incorporating video conferencing can be the first step toward this goal.

Moreover, if you are looking for reliable video conferencing software consider Prysm Go- one of the most advanced software introduced by Prysm Systems. Feel free to check out all the features available on the website.

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