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Why Should You Invest In Video Conferencing Software During the Pandemic?




Video conferencing software is replacing the need for physical meetings during the difficult time of pandemic and it is the time when you should also invest in one. The following post will help you to understand how video conferencing has become an ultimate solution for remote workers. Explore the content to learn more!


Almost a year has gone but the pandemic situation has not much improved compared to what it was back in March 2020. As the technology-enabled work from home, tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have become unsung heroes that are both connecting and keeping everyone on the same page. However, to encourage a work environment that will represent a true commitment, collaboration and decision-making, we need more than just communication tools. Employees need more advanced video conferencing software and going forward investing in one during the pandemic can turn out to be one of the best business investments you will ever make.

Why should you invest now?

Earlier this month the world experienced another wave of the coronavirus that has made the situation far more challenging than ever. It is certain that it will take organizations quite a time before they start operating physically with the full team strength. Prysm Systems believe despite the challenges and barriers thrown by the pandemic, it is an experimental and acceptance period where people are more susceptible to try new things and opening up themselves for technical change.

Therefore, it is an ideal time to introduce your employees to the free video conference software that strings the beads of your organization.

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How Video conferencing software shaping the future

Now as the physical communication and connections have been severed due to the pandemic, organizations have started to face challenges like- socialization, disparity and miscommunication with remote work. As opening offices is not an option in the current situation, we have to find a way to incorporate work flexibility with video conferencing to connect the modern workforce working remotely.

Zoom is also accessible with addon software like a teleprompter app.  A teleprompter app for zoom is used for maintaining direct eye contact in Zoom while reading your notes. This is easy to do with the included teleprompter software, which displays notes off a laptop, tablet, or monitor onto the transparent beamsplitter mirror. The Zoom Teleprompter can also be used for recording through the glass with flawless clarity.

However, one must understand that remote work is going to be a part of corporate culture and moving forward we believe video conferencing can do the same and make the post-pandemic work a success for organizations. Here are ways how video conferencing software is reshaping the future of corporate meetings:

Enabling personal meet

What was the last time when you enjoyed talking over the voice calls? Never? We guessed that! Compared to the boring phone calls, video conferences grant us the ability to see each other expressions as we discuss the topic, making it more personal and at the same time adding the human touch to the overall experience.

Audio calls fail as a communication solution as parties who are having an important conversion cannot see the facial expression while discussing the aspects of the meeting. This could lead to miscommunication, confusion, and misunderstanding- causing both parties equal amounts of loss and mistrust.

Video conferencing eliminates these drawbacks by providing a platform where parties can interact with the high-quality images, and audio and come to a mutual conclusion through discussion.

Time is money

Right before the pandemic hit the world, companies used to spare a big portion of their operating budget to cover the travel expenses of the employees. As employees have switched to remote work with the technology, organizations have left with plenty of travel money that they can use to invest in virtual video conferencing software to build the bridge between employees- enabling better collaboration and increased production.

In addition, users can also connect in a swift with individuals working from different locations and time zones during their work hour without dragging them outside the comfort of their homes. Isn’t it great? This way they can collaborate without any delay or travel fatigue.

Better audio and video quality

Although tools like Zoom, Google meets and Skype are important for day-to-day communications but when it comes to organizing meets with immense experience one cannot take the risk with low-quality audio and video. While discussing a hot topic on the virtual conference table, high-quality images along with audio and video means better communications; higher engagement and reliable decision-making. On the top, quality video calling means you can interpret the facial expression, eye movement, and body language that would either be missed on communication tools.

Bring everyone to the same table

While in some cases a simple phone call is more than enough to the work-related decision and in others you need more than just a sophisticated solution to discuss the details. Free video conference allows you to bring everyone on the same page and at the same time enable your teammates to participate through quality audio and video. It is a great way to boost communication and engagement between the employees. Other tools go through several updates and are yet not up to the mark when it comes to delivering satisfaction of being connected, forcing employees to switch to only audio calls.

Don’t work on assumptions

incorporating video conferencing can benefit your business but only if utilized properly. While the concept of using most of the free video conference platforms is the same, providing a proper training session to your employees will not bring any harm. After all, you cannot assume everyone in your organization has the same level of technical knowledge and skills. Hosting training sessions will ensure all the employees are well-versed with the advanced features that the video conferencing software brings to the organization and how to use them effectively.

In the end remember, tough times don’t last but tough teams do. The pandemic is the time when you must find ways to engage clients while maintaining the same level of energy with the team and incorporating video conferencing can be the first step toward this goal.

Moreover, if you are looking for reliable video conferencing software consider Prysm Go- one of the most advanced software introduced by Prysm Systems. Feel free to check out all the features available on the website.

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A Pet-Owner’s Guide To Keeping Carpet Clean 




Pet-Owner’s Guide

You love your pet, but you love your carpet too. It is a classic paradigm of juxta-positioned interests. However, this situation is fairly common. Many people love their pets unconditionally but hate when their babies soil their expensive carpets. If you happen to be one of these people, perhaps we can help you.

Read further to know how to keep your carpet clean and odor-free if you are a pet owner.

  • Keep their paws clean

The dirt and the grime that land on the surface of the carpet comes from the outside, traveling through the paws of your pet. Your prized possession won’t get dirty if you clean their paws before they step on the carpet.

Place a mat at the entrance and wipe the paws every time your pet comes inside from outdoors. You can also keep a small spray bottle of water to clean the mud thoroughly on rainy days.

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly

You can expect your floor, carpet, and furniture to be subject to spills, pet hair, food crumbs, and dirt if you live with your pet. Regular vacuuming of your home will make a big difference. It will remove most of the dirt and spills. Hence, not much will reach your carpet.

Hence, make it a point to vacuum your entire home at least two to three times a week. Furthermore, do not miss upholstery, as it is also a common place where dirt and grime are trapped.

  • Always be prepared for accidents

Even if your pet is well-trained, shit can happen sometimes. Keep yourself prepared for situations like these.

Always keep a handheld steam cleaner, pet stain removers, and carpet deodorisers in your arsenal. Remove any solid waste from the carpet as soon as possible. If there is urine on the carpet, blot it with a rag or towel.

Letting them sit on the carpet will make them hard to remove, whilst also allowing bacterial growth.

  • Bicarbonate soda to your rescue

If your carpet has dried urine spots, tackle them with bicarbonate soda.

Bicarbonate soda or baking soda works wonders in eliminating spots and smells from the carpet. The strong smell of baking soda will cover the awful smell of urine.

All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda in a generous amount and leave it for a couple of hours. Next, vacuum the entire space to get rid of stains and smells.

  • Trust the carpet cleaning experts

Expert carpet cleaners are known as experts for a reason. They use powerful carpet cleaning machines, stain removers, and carpet deodorizers that not only suck the grime but also absorb odor from each fiber of your carpet, giving it a new lease of life.

If your furry friend is notorious and keeps shedding his hair everywhere, consider calling a carpet cleaning service.

Regular cleaning sessions will not only rejuvenate your carpet, enhance its aesthetics, and boost its shelf life, but also clear bacteria and dangerous particles, improve the quality of indoor air, and keep your home clean and hygienic always. Hence, schedule deep carpet cleaning at least twice a year.

The bottom line

Living with pets and carpets together can be very challenging. Most people tend to select one and do away with the other. And, in most cases, the “other” happens to be their carpets.

So, if you are also considering getting rid of your carpet because of your little friend, stop right there. Use these easy and effective tips to clean and maintain your carpets and keep them new for years to come.

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Is The Aroma King Bar 600 Puff Vape An Effective Way To Help Someone Quit Smoking?




Quit Smoking

Most people are confused that they think smoking and vaping are then dangerous for human health. There is a need to understand the difference between smoking and vaping. The research proves that vaping is the best and 95% safest alternative to smoking. If you are one who is into smoking but want to kick this bad habit out of your life, then start vaping. You can choose an Aroma king 3500 vape device for the perfect vaping experience, and this vape device is amazing for the initial vapers.

This vape device is easy and could be a perfect choice for new vapers. By the way, all the disposable vape devices in the Uk are easy to use and specially designed for the initial vapers. So, if you are a new vaper and confused about choosing a vape device, then you should choose the elux legend 3500 puffs for the amazing vaping experience. This vape device has a 550 mAh battery capacity, and the percentage of VG and PG is 50/50%. The e-liquid capacity in this vape device is 2ml.

How Aroma King Bar 600 Vape Is Beneficial:

Aroma King Bar 600 vape could be the best choice if you are new to vaping or want to start. This vape device is lightweight and incredibly designed for the initial vapers. You can refill this vape kit because it has a pre-filled tank, and no charging is required. So, if you don’t want to involve in the complexities, Aroma king bar 600 puffs is perfect for you with zero complexities.

No Maintenace Required:

When there is no charging or refilling required in any vape device, it means there is no maintenance required for this vape device. If you just want to vape right after unpacking your device, then choose randm tornado 7000 and enjoy vaping. This is a perfect disposable device for people who are new and in the learning process of vaping. You can easily overcome your nicotine strength by using it.

How Disposables Are Helpful In Quitting Smoking:

Disposable vapes are helpful in quitting smoking because the research shows that vaping is the best and safest alternative to smoking. The best thing about disposables is you don’t need to take extra care of them. They don’t require maintenance. There is no need to charge them or refill them. They are pre-filled and pre-charged; you can simply discard them when the charging or the e-liquid is finished in your vape device.

In A Word:

The disposable devices could be a perfect choice for the initial vapers due to their zero complexity in them. Aroma King bar 600 puff is an amazing product to get a perfect vaping experience. Most new vapers prefer this vape device because there is no need to recharge or refill it. This vape device is ready to use, and you can start using it right after unpacking. You can get better vaping results by using this vape device.

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10 Items You Should Have In Case of an Emergency




Case of an Emergency

No one can accurately predict the future with any degree of certainty. However, even if this is very much true, there are still things you can do to prepare for possible negative outcomes. Below are 10 items you should have on hand in case of emergency to protect your family.

Flashlight with Backup Batteries

One of the most common negative scenarios you are likely to experience during the year is a power outage. Slips and falls that happen without proper illumination can be deadly. Have a flashlight and backup batteries for it on hand where you can easily find them in the dark.

First Aid Kit

Second, you should be aware that injuries can happen at any given moment. If you don’t act quickly, the consequences for you and your loved ones can be deadly. This is why you should always have a well-stocked first aid kit nearby. It should include things like gauze, dressings, bandages, eye washing, and more.


Something else you should have on hand in case of an emergency is a tarp. When in nature or forced out of your home, obtaining shelter can mean life or death. One thing that can provide makeshift shelter is a silver tarp designed to keep out water and provide warmth and shelter without tearing.


According to medical experts, a human being can only survive for three days without water. As such, you should ensure that clean drinkable water is part of your emergency stock. Storing a large number of water bottles can help your family survive a disaster. You could end up without access to clean water otherwise for days or possibly even weeks.

Non-Perishable Food

While human beings can survive longer without food than without water, you should also consider including food as part of any decent emergency cache. This should include food that is non-perishable and does not require much effort to prepare so it can be eaten no matter the situation you are in. Good choices include jerky, dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, and tins of sardines.


Certain family members may have medical needs that go above and beyond what would be found in a standard first-aid kit. Overall, a good idea is to have an extra stash of such medicine on hand in the case quickly refilling the prescription becomes impossible. This should include things like prescription drugs, insulin, inhalers, or whatever else may be needed.


While not as important as other items on this list, having a stash of toiletries on hand can make living much more comfortable during an emergency. An emergency stash of goods should include things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, tampons, soap, hair brushes, nail clippers, and other items you would need for an extended period of time.


Unfortunately, it may not only be things like bad weather that you will have to face during an emergency. Serious threats could also come from other human beings and even wild animals. As such, weapons may be needed. Things like pepper spray, knives, or even a firearm could save you and your family’s lives. If you purchase such weapons, make sure you are trained to use them properly. Accidents with weapons can be deadly.

Gas Tank

During a true emergency, the quickest and safest way to get away will probably be in your car. However, if your car is low on gas, you may not be able to make it far enough away to be safe. This is why you should always have a tank of unleaded gasoline on hand for when you need it.


You may also need to start a fire in order to ensure the survival of your family. While cartoons claim that making a fire can be done by rubbing two sticks together, this is almost impossible to pull off in reality. Instead, you need lighters to ensure the process of starting a fire is much easier.

Bottom Line

Overall, this list of 10 items is only a starting point. The saying that you can’t be too prepared is generally true especially when it comes to real emergency scenarios. Make sure you have what you need to protect your family if such an event were to come to pass.

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Cloud-Based Construction Management Solution: How To Use Assignar?




Cloud-Based Construction Management

Assignar is a type of construction management software that allows you to manage projects, efficiently organize your workforce, avoid claims, and grow your business simultaneously. This innovative software was created by industry specialists to help contractors and subcontractors optimize their operations.

Assignar offers a wide variety of features including equipment management, scheduling, timesheets, custom forms, compliance management, billing, and payroll management. It is also a great traffic control software for contractors and subcontractors, making Assignar an invaluable piece of software for anyone in the construction industry.

Workers can access the Field Worker App to check in from the system, and fill out and submit timesheets and paperwork, which are sent directly to the office and easily incorporated into accounting software.

Want to learn more about Assignar? Be sure to continue reading.

How does Assignar give you an edge over other contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry?

With numerous unexpected challenges in the construction industry, company owners and managers need a flexible and accessible solution to keep track of their teams, equipment, and resources.

Many existing construction solutions cater to general contractors and high-level project management; but they lack a sense of efficiency. Other solutions, like timesheets or incident reporting, capture just a small percentage of what happens in the field and frequently create data silos inside your business.

Assignar is built for contractors on the job and it delivers more precision than other project management options. Assignar combines your operations from start to finish, whether you’re working on a few significant projects or managing dozens of contracts.

Get familiar with Assignar

Assingar is relatively easy to use, especially once you become familiar with the software. If it’s your first time using Assignar, feel free to check out this how-to guide:

Importing data

To import data, click on the Settings option on the left side of the screen and then click the Assisted Import option.

On the Assisted Data Import screen, you will see a list of data types available with an option to upload. There is also a status indicator that will tell you if that data type has already been added, and the number of records that have already been onboarded.  With the help of an audit trail, you can check which user made the last upload and when it happened.

Next, you should be choosing the data type you want. The following data types are available:

  • Fieldworkers
  • Equipment
  • Clients
  • Activities

After choosing the data type, click “Upload”. Based on the type of data you are uploading, you may be required to provide the format of items like dates or phone numbers, which may differ depending on the location of your business.

Click “Upload Data” from the File option and choose your .xlsx or .csv file.

Once you’re done uploading your data, you will need to match data columns. The Match Data page displays a list of all the columns in your data file. Depending on the name of the headers or the type of data in the column, the system will attempt to match the columns from your file to the anticipated fields in Assignar.

By clicking edit, selecting an alternate Assignar field, and clicking confirm, you can confirm the mapping options or remap the column. After you’ve validated all of the columns, click review to double-check your data before uploading it.

Prior to import, the system will evaluate the data and search for any inconsistencies that need to be addressed. The system will look for any relevant missing data. When you’ve finished correcting all of the data, click the Proceed option to submit it to your Assignar account.

User creation and management

There are two types of users on Assignar:

  • Dashboard users: To add new dashboard users, go to the left side navigation and select Resources, then Dashboard Users. This will take you to the Dashboard Users list page, where you may see and update existing users as well as add new ones. Locate the “+ Add New Dashboard User” option. This will take you to a new user form where you must fill up the necessary details about the users and their access to the platform’s services. After you’ve finalized the information, click Save.
  • Fieldwork users: Similarly for fieldwork users, go to resources, then select Fieldworkers. On the Fieldworkers page, select “+ Add new field worker”. This will take you to a new user form where you must fill up the necessary details about the users and their access to the platform’s services. After you’ve finalized the information, click Save.

Equipment setup

Click on Resources, located on the left pane of the page. Select “Equipment”.  This will take you to the equipment list page, where you can view/edit existing equipment entries and add new ones.

Click “+Add New” and a form will appear where you can input the equipment details. After finalizing the information, hit “Save.”

Making worker roles

To set up new worker roles, head to “Resources” and click on “Roles”. This will bring you to the Roles page, where you can view the existing roles, edit them, or create new ones.  Click on the blue button “+Add New,” located at the top-right side of the page.  A form will appear where you can input the worker role details, such as:

  • Role Name
  • Skill Required vs. Equipment Required
  • Supervisor
  • External ID
  • Skills
  • Role Forms
  • Docket Templates

After entering all of this information, hit “Save.” You may now assign workers to the role. To add workers to the job, simply search for them by name through the search box and select them.

If there is any equipment required for a role, you will be asked to add equipment to the role. To do so, on the form page, select the “Equipment” tab and add your desired equipment to it.  After finalizing all the info, you may hit “Save & Close.”

Creating activities

Select “Work Planning” from the left pane. You will be sent to the Activities list view page. From here, click the button “+ Add New Activity” to open a form where you can enter all of the details about your activity. You will find the following categories in the new activity form:

  • Activity Name
  • Activity Rule
  • Sort Order
  • Pay Code
  • External ID

By preparing the activities, you are almost ready to start using Assignar.

Clients setup

For setting up clients, select “Clients” from the left pane. This will take you to the Clients list page, where you can view the existing clients, edit their details, and add new ones. When you click the “+ Add New Client” button, a form will open where you can enter your client’s details.


Assignar offers its customers improved productivity, visibility, and significant management cost benefits. Advanced construction project management systems like Assignar make jobs substantially easier and have the ability to streamline business processes in their entirety. It is also very easy to get started on these software programs, as established in this article.

You can try the Assignar demo to evaluate your company’s requirements and arrive at the best-tailored solution for your needs.

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Why Has Thailand’s Government U-Turned On Foreign Land Ownership?




Foreign Land Ownership

The Thai government recently outlined plans to allow foreign investors to purchase land in Thailand – something that has been otherwise impossible for many years. However, after receiving an awful lot of flak and pressure from the Thai people, the government has made U-turn on this decision and has put this draft proposal back into review.

The Interior Minister, Anupong Paojinda, recently stated that his draft proposal to allow foreign land ownership has been withdrawn from the cabinet’s agenda because it is a very sensitive issue and he is convinced that the proposal will not return.

But, why did the Thai government suddenly make a U-turn on foreign land ownership? In this article, we’re going to explore the subject in greater depth…

Why the sudden U-turn on foreign land ownership?

First of all, the sudden U-turn (much to the Thai government’s credit), is a rare case of a government listening to its constituents’ concerns and putting their wants and needs above all others.

The fact is, the majority of the Thai people were immediately opposed to the idea, and with good reason.

Not only that, but according to many of the leading business owners in Thailand, the proposal was deeply flawed and in need of serious revision.

For example, Tanit Sorat, the vice-chairman of the Employers’ Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry (EconThai) has claimed to agree with the Interior Ministry’s decision to withdraw the proposal because the proposal itself was unclear in several aspects.

He said that if the government were to pursue such a policy in the future, it should clarify a promotional period in which wealthy foreigners can invest in land, while raising the required investment to at least $5-million USD.

The original proposal of 40-million THB (just over $1-million USD), is widely considered as being too small a sum for foreign investors looking to own a slice of Thailand’s finite land.

Certainly, the proposal was designed to stimulate economic growth, however, the proposal itself was still very unclear.

Furthermore, Thai nationals and business experts were worried about the prospect of opening the door to foreign investors – in particular, Chinese businesses men interested in running ‘grey’ businesses in Thailand, such as go-go bars, massage parlours, and gambling dens.

The Thai people don’t want to give away too much control

Another concern is by granting too much freedom and flexibility to snatch up land in Thailand, the government will run the risk of giving foreigners too much control over their finite assets.

One particular problem that is not so uncommon in European countries that allow foreign land investment, is having wealth elites purchase large plots of land, and then sitting on them, thus allowing the land to appreciate in value, while leaving it bare and empty.

Ultimately, the Thai people are very proud of their beautiful country and wish to stick to the system that has so far worked very well for them; not allowing foreigners to own land.

And while not being able to own land can be frustrating for foreigners, there’s plenty of opportunity to own property. Foreigners can own condos outright, so long as 51% of the units are Thai-owned—another system that works very well for the Thai people (see the condos for sale at Life One Wireless if you’d like an example of the quality of property open to foreign investors).

Final thoughts

While the proposal has been withdrawn, it appears that it is still under review. The government has clearly recognised the potential in allowing foreign land investment in exchange for economic growth, however, it remains clear that the proposal itself needs to be refined and improved significantly before the Thai people will even consider it.

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