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Why Should You Invest In Video Conferencing Software During the Pandemic?




Video conferencing software is replacing the need for physical meetings during the difficult time of pandemic and it is the time when you should also invest in one. The following post will help you to understand how video conferencing has become an ultimate solution for remote workers. Explore the content to learn more!


Almost a year has gone but the pandemic situation has not much improved compared to what it was back in March 2020. As the technology-enabled work from home, tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have become unsung heroes that are both connecting and keeping everyone on the same page. However, to encourage a work environment that will represent a true commitment, collaboration and decision-making, we need more than just communication tools. Employees need more advanced video conferencing software and going forward investing in one during the pandemic can turn out to be one of the best business investments you will ever make.

Why should you invest now?

Earlier this month the world experienced another wave of the coronavirus that has made the situation far more challenging than ever. It is certain that it will take organizations quite a time before they start operating physically with the full team strength. Prysm Systems believe despite the challenges and barriers thrown by the pandemic, it is an experimental and acceptance period where people are more susceptible to try new things and opening up themselves for technical change.

Therefore, it is an ideal time to introduce your employees to the free video conference software that strings the beads of your organization.

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How Video conferencing software shaping the future

Now as the physical communication and connections have been severed due to the pandemic, organizations have started to face challenges like- socialization, disparity and miscommunication with remote work. As opening offices is not an option in the current situation, we have to find a way to incorporate work flexibility with video conferencing to connect the modern workforce working remotely.

However, one must understand that remote work is going to be a part of corporate culture and moving forward we believe video conferencing can do the same and make the post-pandemic work a success for organizations. Here are ways how video conferencing software is reshaping the future of corporate meetings:

Enabling personal meet

What was the last time when you enjoyed talking over the voice calls? Never? We guessed that! Compared to the boring phone calls, video conferences grant us the ability to see each other expressions as we discuss the topic, making it more personal and at the same time adding the human touch to the overall experience.

Audio calls fail as a communication solution as parties who are having an important conversion cannot see the facial expression while discussing the aspects of the meeting. This could lead to miscommunication, confusion, and misunderstanding- causing both parties equal amounts of loss and mistrust.

Video conferencing eliminates these drawbacks by providing a platform where parties can interact with the high-quality images, and audio and come to a mutual conclusion through discussion.

Time is money

Right before the pandemic hit the world, companies used to spare a big portion of their operating budget to cover the travel expenses of the employees. As employees have switched to remote work with the technology, organizations have left with plenty of travel money that they can use to invest in virtual video conferencing software to build the bridge between employees- enabling better collaboration and increased production.

In addition, users can also connect in a swift with individuals working from different locations and time zones during their work hour without dragging them outside the comfort of their homes. Isn’t it great? This way they can collaborate without any delay or travel fatigue.

Better audio and video quality

Although tools like Zoom, Google meets and Skype are important for day-to-day communications but when it comes to organizing meets with immense experience one cannot take the risk with low-quality audio and video. While discussing a hot topic on the virtual conference table, high-quality images along with audio and video means better communications; higher engagement and reliable decision-making. On the top, quality video calling means you can interpret the facial expression, eye movement, and body language that would either be missed on communication tools.

Bring everyone to the same table

While in some cases a simple phone call is more than enough to the work-related decision and in others you need more than just a sophisticated solution to discuss the details. Free video conference allows you to bring everyone on the same page and at the same time enable your teammates to participate through quality audio and video. It is a great way to boost communication and engagement between the employees. Other tools go through several updates and are yet not up to the mark when it comes to delivering satisfaction of being connected, forcing employees to switch to only audio calls.

Don’t work on assumptions

incorporating video conferencing can benefit your business but only if utilized properly. While the concept of using most of the free video conference platforms is the same, providing a proper training session to your employees will not bring any harm. After all, you cannot assume everyone in your organization has the same level of technical knowledge and skills. Hosting training sessions will ensure all the employees are well-versed with the advanced features that the video conferencing software brings to the organization and how to use them effectively.

In the end remember, tough times don’t last but tough teams do. The pandemic is the time when you must find ways to engage clients while maintaining the same level of energy with the team and incorporating video conferencing can be the first step toward this goal.

Moreover, if you are looking for reliable video conferencing software consider Prysm Go- one of the most advanced software introduced by Prysm Systems. Feel free to check out all the features available on the website.

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Wondershare FilmoraGo: The Best FREE Video Editing App you must have on iPhone in 2021




If you are someone who works on social media, having video editing skills is important and should not be ignored.You can’t possibly record something and immediately upload it to your account hoping that it will go viral and be watched by millions of people.One of the requirements to go viral on social media is quality video content, and to produce them, you need to be able to know how to edit videos.Then here comes the problem, what if you are a newbie and all you have is an iPhone?

Nowadays, video editing is no longer the monopoly of professional video editors.With advances in editing technology, editing can now be done with mobile applications that can be downloaded easily from Google Play and App Store.All smartphone users can now download and use these applications to edit any type of videos so that the results look like they were done by a professional.

If you are interested in this topic, keep reading!We will discuss about Wondershare FilmoraGo for iPhone.Based on our trials, this is one of the best free video editors.

FilmoraGo for iPhone

There are too many video editing apps on the market for iPhone, but only a few offer the necessary tools for good editing, and FilmoraGo iOS video editor is one of them. FilmoraGo is an app compatible with iOS (and Android), and it is free to download.

With the features and effect packages that are included in the free version of FilmoraGo, you can edit and create attractive videos.

Important features provided by FilmoraGo

– Multiple sophisticated effects: in order to make videos more appealing, you need to add effects, like filters, transitions, and stickers, all of these you can find in FilmoraGo.

– Thousands of royalty music resource: in FilmoraGo there are thousands of royalty music, any type you want can be found. Of course, you can record and use your own voice too.

– Double take: if you are a vlogger and use iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or 12 Series, you can record videos from its front and rear cameras simultaneously, this feature is Double Take.

AR Camera with filters and stickers: in the latest version of FilmoraGo iOS 5.8.0, there is a new feature called AR Camera. With it, you can add emojis and animated stickers while shooting the video, making the video more funny.

FilmoraGo Format and Resolution

– Supports three aspect ratios: Horizontal 21: 9 and 16: 9

Square 1: 1

– The videos can be exported is HD, that is, 1280 × 720, which for social networks is adequate.

– You can export your videos directly to social networks or download them to your device.


FilmoraGo for iPhone is a very good option to create your videos on social media. The number of additional effects, such as filters, stickers and transitions is vast. Although of course some are at a cost, but at affordable prices. It’s worth downloading and testing it to see if it fits into your workflow. You can download this iPhone video editor from App Store.

Hopefully by reading this article you will finally know that with only a minimum of capital, you can produce quality video content.No need to pay a fortune to go viral on social media.All you need is persistence, creativity, and FilmoraGo for iPhone!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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The French military able to stop the French Revolution?!



ask a question

An aristocrat who embraced the French Revolution, Grouchy served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary Wars, fighting counter-revolutionaries in the Vendée, and serving in Italy, where he was wounded and captured at the Battle of Novi.

 Under the Empire, Grouchy excelled as commander of a dragoon division in Marshal Murat’s Cavalry Reserve. He was praised by the Emperor for his part in the great French charge at Eylau… played an important role buying time for Napoleon at Friedland… and expertly covered the French right wing at Wagram.

For the invasion of Russia, he commanded Third Cavalry Corps, and was wounded at Borodino. He survived the horrors of the retreat, but was left so exhausted it took him several months to recover. He returned for Napoleon’s 1814 campaign in France, and was wounded twice more. Grouchy was made a Marshal at the start of the Hundred Days campaign, and commanded Napoleon’s right wing at Ligny. If you want to know more about these types of concept then ask reader can be the place to read insightful answers.

After the battle was won, he was ordered to pursue the retreating Prussians, to prevent them joining up with Wellington’s Anglo-Allied army. Two days later, as the Battle of Waterloo raged 10 miles to the west, Grouchy made the fateful decision to follow his written orders, rather than march to join Napoleon – and has been widely blamed for the French Emperor’s defeat ever since.

 Grouchy’s vilification is not wholly fair, not least because Napoleon rarely encouraged his Marshals to show initiative, and often flew into rages if they deviated from his written orders. Nor should one blunder obscure the distinguished record of one of the Grande Armée’s best cavalry generals.

 Grouchy fled to America after Napoleon’s defeat to escape royalist reprisals, but was pardoned and returned to France in 1820. 21. Marshal Moncey Moncey ran away from home to join the army at the age of 15. After 20 years of uneventful service, he’d risen no higher than the rank of Captain. But then came the French Revolution.

Most French officers were aristocrats, who, if they did not actively oppose the Revolution, were nevertheless regarded as politically suspect. The result was that three-quarters of them either fled the country or were dismissed from the army. Moncey – a middle-class officer with no strong political views – reaped the benefit, with meteoric promotion.

By 1794, General Moncey was leading the Army of the Western Pyrenees to victory over the Spanish, on what was, admittedly, a relative backwater of the Revolutionary Wars. In 1797 he was dismissed for alleged royalist sympathies, but reinstated in time to support Napoleon’s coup of 18 Brumaire. By his own admission, Moncey was a sensitive officer – honest, honourable, but lacking a ruthless streak or iron will to succeed.

 Napoleon was aware of his limitations as a general, but made him a Marshal in 1804, as part of his emphasis on continuity between the republic and his new empire. Moncey was appointed inspector-general of the gendarmerie – France’s militarised police force – and spent most of the rest of his career commanding reserve troops.

 He only held one field command again – in light of his victorious record against the Spanish, he was given command of a corps for the 1808 invasion of Spain, operating in the south of the country with mixed success.

 In 1809 he was replaced by General Junot and returned to France. Moncey’s finest hour came in the dying days of the empire, leading the National Guard of Paris in a courageous but doomed defence of the French capital.

 In 1815 the restored King of France, Louis the Eighteenth, ordered Marshal Moncey to preside at the trial of Marshal Ney, for treason. Moncey regarded Ney as a hero for having saved so many French lives in Russia, and refused, declaring “If I am not allowed to save my country, nor my own life, then at least I will save my honour.” After a short spell in prison, Moncey was allowed to resume his military career, becoming governor of Les Invalides, in which role he presided over the repatriation of Napoleon’s remains from Saint-Helena in 1840.

 At the end of the ceremony, the 86 year-old Marshal Moncey announced: “And now, let us go home to die”. 20. Marshal Poniatowski Prince Józef Poniatowski was the King of Poland’s nephew, but his military career began as a cavalry officer in the Austrian army, even serving as aide-de-camp to Emperor Josef the Second himself.

In 1789 he transferred to the Polish army with the rank of major-general, but could not save Poland from partition by its rapacious neighbours – Russia, Prussia and Austria. By 1795 Poland had vanished from the map, swallowed up by its rivals. If you seriously have some doubts over facts head over to ask read and just ask a question, you will get different answers.

 After Napoleon’s defeat of Prussia in 1806, Poniatowski decided loyal service to the French Emperor was the best way to win Poland’s restoration, although he never fully trusted Napoleon’s aims. Sombre, serious and brave, Poniatowski proved an able commander of Duchy of Warsaw forces in Napoleon’s service. When war broke out with Austria in 1809, while Napoleon advanced on Vienna, Poniatowski waged a brilliant, supporting campaign against a larger Austrian army in Galicia.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire App Developers In 2021?




Estimation of app development cost often sits at the top when you are planning to develop an app. Also, the price is connected with what app developer or app development company you hire.

Once you decide to build an app, you must find a well-skilled developer to make it a reality. Mobile app development is a complex process that requires planning, creativity, technical expertise not to mention, toolkits.

Factors that decide the cost of hiring app developers

To develop a successful app, you need to hire a good app developer, and for that, you first need to know the factors that decide the cost of hiring app developers.

The platform for app development

It is essential to know for which platform are you looking to develop a mobile app iOS, Android, Cross-platform, Windows or Hybrid? The cost to get an app developer will vary as per your choice, here’s how:

If you want to hire an app developer for native app development for iOS or Android, then you need to look for a developer who is skilled enough to generate a codebase for that specific platform. In native app development, as the app will be for one particular platform, it takes more time and will increase the cost of app development.

In case you are looking for a business app targeting multiple platforms, you can go for Hybrid app development or cross-platform app. It will be cheaper to go with the hybrid app development option as the app that you develop will run on multiple platforms and consume less time for development.

The complexity of the app

The mobile app development can take anywhere between one week to six months to complete depending upon the app’s complexity, features, designs and functionalities. Determining your mobile app requirements will help you understand the amount of time and budget required to finish the app.

Mainly complexity of an app is divided into simple, medium and large versions. You need to explain to the developer in a simple and clear method about which category your app falls into. This will enable the developer to take a lower rate and shorter time to develop the app.

In case you are not creating a new app but just upgrading the code of your current app, like migrating from the Android app to Kotlin, you should look for a professional app development company with a good recommendation.

Based on the location of the app developer

The cost of app development varies according to the location from where you choose developers for hire. The geolocation that you choose to hire a developer plays a very important role. According to a report, the countries from which most developers are hired are India, UK, Australia, Singapore, Ukraine, and Russia. The reason why these countries are popular is that they are the cheapest places to hire developers from.

Also, keep in mind that the cost for app development may vary depending upon which type of development cycle you agree with the app development company. Usually, it is weekly or monthly basis, and the developers work for either 5 days or 40 hours a week.

Type of Mobile app

The cost of app development also fluctuates when you are looking for developers to develop a specific type of mobile application. Here are some of the major types of mobile apps that are currently dominating the industry.

In case you are confused to choose what category your app falls into, consider the below-mentioned table to determine each type of app. Once you go through the table, you will notice that it is far more expensive to hire Android app developers than iOS app developers. While developing an Android app, one has to cover many things, whereas the iOS platform is clear, polished and advanced. 

Things to consider when you hire a developer for your app

Programming languages and development platforms

Before you hire and get started with mobile app programmer lookout whether they have the skill sets in programming languages that you require. Also, ensure that they are equipped with the necessary toolkits for your choice of app development framework.

Connect with previous clients

Developers with a good history of working with clients in the past should be your first choice. If possible, connect with previous clients and ask them how their working experience was with the developer and their communications. This doesn’t work only for freelance developers but also with app development companies. You can check platforms such as GoodFirms to see testimonials of clients who have worked with the company before.

Do not make cost your primary focus

When you are hiring developers for your app, you have to be flexible with your budget. Don’t forget that your main focus is developing the app as you have envisioned it and not the budget that you’ve devices. Your main aim should be to hire skilled individuals who can meet your expectations and develop the app you need.

Proper privacy agreements

Privacy agreements like NDAs (Non-disclosure agreement) play a crucial role in protecting your business rights. Many people often have the misconception that they don’t have to focus on hiring a freelance developer. But this is where most are wrong; whether you are hiring an app development company or a team of freelance developers, to safeguard the app, user rights, and data, it is a must to have a proper agreement in place.

Author Bio: I am Greg Wilson, a Content Writer working with GoodFirms, a research and review platform for service and software companies. I am passionate about blogging, creative writing, social media, and content marketing. I write blog posts for GoodFirms about mobile app development, Cloud computing, IoT development, and many more such categories.

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Build A Progressive Web App With A Tight Budget: Possible Or Not?



build a progressive web app

Most businesses are hoping to open an online store to reach customers beyond the offline branch areas. Their concern is how to make their online store the best to attract customers and beat other rivals. The decision to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) can pave the way for business development.

The PWA is the perfect hybrid of a website and an app. Surfing the website feels just like being on a mobile app.

Any investment comes with a large amount of money to pay. What is the solution for start-ups or small businesses who hope to integrate this technology on their website?

This blog post will reveal the answer.

Why Should We Build A PWA?

Let’s take a quick look at what PWA can bring to the store.

Add to the home screen

Convincing consumers to install the app can be rather challenging. Customers may not know about the app’s existence, as they can only discover the app through the App Store or Google Play.

Also, most apps have a heavyweight as they store all the data in the device’s memory. By contrast, PWA is very light, and after installing, users still have a large storage space for other data.

Offline mode

It is now possible for users to continue to view the product regardless of the Internet connection quality on the website after PWA integration.

Also, customers can even fill in the shopping cart while offline, and their order will proceed after reconnection.

Push notification

Websites cannot inform purchasers of anything new in the store like sales promotion, limited product release, and more.

PWA brings along an advanced feature that helps fix this weakness of the old online store. Push notification provides an effective way for stores to remind customers of upcoming events.

Mobile-optimized design

Progressive Web Applications increase the level of mobile-friendly of the website to the new standard.

Customers can now enjoy shopping or swiping through the pages on any device. The store’s content and design adjust to different screen sizes.

Ways To Build A Progressive Web App

Depending on your current website platform (e.g.: WordPress, Magento, Shopify…) that you can find a suitable PWA development solution. Below are two common ways to integrate PWA into the website but those might not be available for some platforms.

1/ Installing A PWA Extension

This is the cheapest solution to build a Progressive Web App (under $300).

This is the only method that merchants can use without the help of developers. The extension providers have detailed and clear guidance on how to install their products. If firms find it hard, they can still pay the provider to assist in this installation process.

But there is nothing that comes for free, so do not expect much from the PWA extensions. If the business is of small size and the number of visitors is low, there is not much to worry about.

However, for medium to large businesses, problems are the poor performance of PWA’s key features (add to the home screen, offline mode, push notification). Plus, the structure of the site remains the same.

Overall, only some slight improvements are made to the website after using the PWA extensions. Some merchants even feel like their website stays the same after installing those extensions.

2/ Installing A PWA Theme

Compared to the previous solution to build a Progressive Web App, utilizing a ready-made PWA template will require a higher cost ($500 and above).

The high price is paid off with full PWA and more advanced features added to the website as well as a brand-new storefront design.

Why is the PWA theme so powerful?

While PWA extensions are installed on the website backend and show up only a few of PWA-imitating features on the frontend, PWA templates change the website structure completely. The PWA storefront will replace the slow frontend and keep connected with the backend thanks to APIs. Then, the new storefront will be equipped with exciting features such as add to home screen, push notifications, offline capability, and so on.

The time for installing the PWA theme is fast, but it also comes with a relatively high price. However, it will pay off with increased sales and more engagement of customers in the long run.

Start-ups can also opt for this PWA solution as they are only in the initial phase of business operation. A tight budget is what every start-up faces. However, things would change if merchants know how to attract customers and increase the number of orders.

How To Build A PWA That Suits Your Budget?

  • Calculate the budget and predict the store’s future

Before deciding which method to apply, try to limit how much you want to spend on developing your Progressive Web App.

Forecasting the future of the business is also essential. If they think that PWA can help the store attract new customers and engage the current buyers more, they can set the limit to a higher amount and accept the budget deficit at the moment.

  • Find out which solution to go with

This is the most challenging part. As we can define the strengths and weaknesses, using a ready-to-use Progressive Web App template is the best solution until this moment. However, the cost might exceed the budget of some firms.

Therefore, you should invest in PWA themes if you believe that your company would soon expand after PWA integration.

  • Choose the right partner

The cost varies among PWA development companies, even though their provided solutions are similar.

Usually, a company situated in Europe or the US would offer their package more expensive than those in Asia. This does not necessarily reflect the gap in service quality but rather the difference in living costs between countries.

Therefore, if you don’t have a large budget, outsourcing your project to an Asian PWA app development company is a good idea.

Final Words

A tight budget doesn’t limit the company to choose an expensive package if they see the Progressive Web App theme’s potential to boost sales and pave the way for development. It depends on how the company views the importance of integrating PWA into the business’s operation to determine which solution would be the best.

Overall, we hope that through our article, you can now decide which method to build a Progressive Web App best suits your store.

Leave a comment below if you like this post!

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Why Use a Data Centre Relocation Company?




If you’re planning a Data Centre Relocation it’s critical that you plan effectively to minimise any disruption to your business. Down time costs money and in today’s economic climate any significant change must be considered before being implemented. Businesses rely heavily on their valuable data, server and comms equipment to keep their organization running effectively.

Firstly, don’t be tempted to cut corners. It’s better to work with a team of experts who can help you with a feasibility plan in advance to consider technical issues and logistics before you make the move. Employing professional IT Relocation specialists gives you a company with specific experience in data centre relocations. They can help to assess the new building and ensure that access and space is suitable before you relocate. Just because your current building has a server room that meets your needs don’t assume your new location will have the same facilities.

One of the key elements of the project plan is a detailed audit of your existing data centre and projection for your future needs. The relocation gives you a chance to change your existing configuration, consolidate hardware and ensure that it is able to cope with future demands the business may have.

Working with your IT team or project manager, the data centre relocation strategy company will agree the key time scales and requirements. They can then produce a full scope of work to ensure that both parties are aware of who is responsible for what.

Using a professional IT Relocation Company also gives peace of mind that your move will be insured in event of the unthinkable. The company should have adequate transit insurance as well as public liability insurance for when they are working at each site.

IT Relocation companies should have purpose built equipment and vehicles which are designed ot transport your equipment safely. They will also have specialist equipment such as server lifts which can safely remove heavy equipment from racks. Unless the server racks are specifically designed to be moved fully populated, and most aren’t, all equipment should be removed from the racks prior to moving.

Another reason to use an IT Relocation company is the resource level of most IT Departments cannot stretch to cope with the work involved in the physical side of a Data Centre move. The client’s IT team is best utilized to ensure that any configuration changes to the network and servers are completed and working. A successful Data Centre Relocation should result in minimal downtime.

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