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Why Should Veneers be Your First Choice When Thinking About a House Revamp?

Exotic wood veneers are a popular choice among interior designers who value the uniqueness of the home they design. The characteristics of natural wood veneers are special and can never be duplicated as each piece of wood has its own design and elements which make them the ideal tool in creating beautiful and functional interiors in every home. 

Veneers have the ability to brighten up any home with their beautiful textures and charm and their attractive finish provides an ornamental overlay to surfaces like countertops, dining tables, furniture, and much more. Veneers are not only a good eco-friendly alternative to hardwood but they are sourced from around the world, are more affordable and can emphasize your living spaces in a cost-effective way. Here are some reasons why wood veneers should be your first choice.

Natural appeal at a lower cost

Wood veneers provide aesthetics just like hardwood but without the high cost. Being thin, veneers can easily be glued to engineered wood base like plywood to create any kind of look and feel. You can check the décor and theme of your home and use wood veneers to create a natural and aesthetic appeal in living spaces as well as other areas of the house in an extremely cost-effective way.

Flexibility in design

Each wood veneer sheet is unique and you can be sure that the veneer in your home will be completely different from another home. This gives you endless design possibilities to create your space unique by matching different types of grains, textures, and colors to create an overall ambiance that goes along with your style and décor preferences. Veneer sheets are also light in weight and can easily be installed without a lot of transport or labor, making them stress-free and affordable.(irrelevant)

Increased strength and durability

Apart from enhancing aesthetics, veneer sheets are durable and strong., and using them on engineered wood boards helps to increase their lifespan and strength. Fiberboards in particular become more resistant to damage, warping, fragmentation, and daily wear and tear when they are surfaced with wood veneer sheets.They are developed with high-quality bonding materials ensuring that the veneers are resistant to warping, shrinking, moisture and provide durability, flexibility as well as sustainability.


Wood veneers are naturally eco-friendly and as they are recyclable, they do not need to be disposed of after use. They can be crusted to make wood waste which can then be used to make particle boards as well as MDFs (Medium-density fiberboard) so you can decorate the interior of your home knowing that you are protecting the environment in some way.

Low wood consumption

Wood veneers require less amount of wood as only a thin layer is used on most furniture items. A tree log can only create a few pieces of hardwood for furniture whereas the same log can produce a number of wood veneer sheets that can be utilized as a surfacing material for many pieces of furniture.

Wrapping Up

Decorative veneers are produced by local manufacturers as well as a number of well-known brands. Their exceptional production capabilities enable interior designers and homeowners to come up with unique ideas to use their engineered veneers in. If you are looking to see which type of veneer would best suit your furniture, do a bit of research and check to see if your local or online store has a couple of veneers or you can even contact your supplier for top-quality veneer materials. Veneers have become quite popular and can be used on several types of furniture, both indoor and outdoor. They are not only durable and strong but can make your space look aesthetically pleasing and also add definition and character to your home

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