Why should I buy Magnetic Building Blocks for my child?

Magnetic building blocks also termed building blocks or toy blocks, are the best toys to boost your child’s development. These are the open-ended, creative and valuable solid shapes that offer playing and learning experience with freedom of thought and creativity. Magnetic building blocks for kids are powerful learning tools that can help your kids develop outstanding motor skills, enhance their hand-eye coordination, increase their cognitive flexibility, and improve their language skills.

Building blocks, also known as highly educational toys, are safe for your kids and carefully designed. These blocks are made from durable, non-toxic plastic materials or woods and are easy to clean. Their multicolor design is attractive for children to play with.

Magnetic building blocks provide a host of benefits for your child’s development. Let’s go through a few of the benefits of magnetic building blocks for your kids.

  1. Magnetic building blocks improves imagination

Block plays are open-ended construction toys to help children follow their ideas and improve the imagination process. They get your children thinking. Magnetic building blocks are the ultimate educational toys that come in various colours in the shape of squares and triangles. 

  • Enhance cognitive flexibility

Magnetic building blocks can help your child enhance his ability to shift his focus from one stimulus to another quickly. We call it cognitive flexibility and is extremely important for your kid’s success in future activities.

  • Building blocks for building social skills

Blocks are the primary learning materials encouraging cooperative play. Coordination with other children helps your kids improve their social skills.  Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids help children learn how to navigate different competitive situations with their friends in a healthy environment.

  • Divergent problem solving skills

Beyond enhancing creativity, magnetic building blocks allow children to practice creative problem-solving skills.  Blocks are engaging platforms for developing your kids’ reasoning and problem-solving skills. Your kids are highly motivated to create a solution as a natural consequence of their play.

  • Builds Physical & Motor Skills

Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids help in developing their hand-eye coordination. Simultaneous use of hand and eyes is possible with these Magnetic blocks. Block building play helps to fine-tune your kid’s motor skills, enhancing their design and representation skills with stability. These blocks are an excellent educational investment.

  1. Develops intellectual skills

Building blocks develop intellectual skills in variable areas, including math, spatial reasoning and literacy/language. There are researches showing a correlation of complex block play with higher achievement in schools.

  • Enhance overall language development

Playing with blocks can be an essential part of your kid’s daily routine to help support communication and language development with one-on-one interactions. Playing with blocks can improve the capability to learn new words, understand letters and print, and use imagination in play.

  • Help kids develop better engineering skills

Magnetic blocks help teach your kids some of the valuable lessons about engineering and architecture. These blocks help them test and explore their ideas. If you want your kids to develop an intuitive grasp of mechanical forces, including tension and compression, magnetic blocks play offers excellent learning opportunities.

  • STEM skills

Magnetic blocks are the perfect STEM resource for your kids. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the critical skills developed in your kids. These magnetic blocks not only build resilience but also leads to problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Experimentation is also a skill that can be developed by using magnetic building blocks.

  • Color recognition

Because magnetic blocks come in a wide variety of colors, these blocks can help your toddler learn the names of colors and can help teach your child to recognize different colors.

6.       Geometric learning

Magnetic blocks help facilitate the learning of geometric shapes for your children. This toy ensures a better understanding of different geometric shapes. Moving on from simple basic shapes, you can help them understand more complex shapes, giving them a head start for their primary school geometry.

Are you a smart parent?

A smart parent has to ensure that your kids have healthy physical and mental development. So are you planning to buy this fantastic educational toy for your kids? Wait, let me help you out with some of the major things to consider when purchasing magnetic blocks.

  • The durability of the magnetic blocks

Ensure that the magnetic blocks you buy for your kid won’t tear into pieces when your children throw these away during outburst moments or when they are very enthusiastic while playing.

  • Types of blocks

Among different blocks available in the market, only choose those flexible blocks with letters and numbers to help your child incorporate study with play.

  • Block material and size

The magnetic building blocks’ size and material also make your kids fun time more exciting and safe. Make sure the material of the blocks is hazard free and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals.

  • Age of your toddler

While purchasing the magnetic blocks toy set for your kids, always choose the suitable size depending upon their age. Different blocks are created for various age brackets.

  • Number of pieces of the magnetic blocks

Select the magnetic blocks set which has more than 80 pieces. The more the number of pieces available, the more ideas your kids can think of. Less the number of pieces lesser will be the creativity of your child. TOY CASTLE Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids includes 97 Pieces and is CE Certified as per British Toy Safety Standards.

In Conclusion

Learning through play is the most critical part of a kid’s life. It lays a foundation of one’s perspective towards learning, enhances creativity, increases problem-solving skills and explores more learning opportunities in a natural environment. Magnetic building blocks for kids help develop their own interests and help strengthen the child’s dynamic intelligence.

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