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Why SEO Agencies Should Offer Guaranteed Results

A lot has been said about companies offering “guaranteed results.” But before you start citing hundreds of articles stating that the algorithms used by search engines are hit or miss: this isn’t about guaranteed rankings! There are only two kinds of SEO agencies that offer guaranteed rankings, they can either be magicians or scammers.

But since no one can say how high your website can rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), SEO companies can still deliver guaranteed results. They can do this by using the latest SEO best practices and setting realistic targets which can lead to more highly-ranked webpages and improved website indexing through technical SEO tactics. So, the idea that you should stay away from SEO firms that offer guarantees is highly misleading, and it can lead to missed opportunities for your business.

Why SEO Agencies Should Offer Guarantees

Since one of the biggest obstacles for SEO firms is to convince their clients of the value of SEO for their business, setting realistic expectations can help make their minds more open. Since it’s difficult to present a verifiable return on investment, you might think that their services don’t offer enough value and end up scrapping your partnership with them when you need to save on costs. 

Most reputable SEO agencies won’t sacrifice their brands just to offer bogus claims, so your business might benefit from their service since most of them already have extensive experience in the field. Also, since only a few companies dare to offer Ardor SEO: guaranteed results nowadays, you can easily find one that offers the services that you think you need and those which already have proven experience in your industry. But you should remember that you still need to be wary of those who send spam emails and promise high rankings.

When Should SEO Firms Offer Guarantees?

Most SEO agencies that offer guarantees have a pay-for-performance model that can only be fit for certain clients. So, you need to find one that vets their clients before taking your money. SEO agencies can only offer guaranteed results if:

  1. You already have SEO-friendly products or services

Although your business can still thrive by having a wide audience on social media and other platforms, you may experience more growth by employing SEO strategies. If you already have an established product that a lot of people are buying online and searching for, you’re all set for SEO. Businesses offering products like clothing, food, sunglasses, and gadgets among others can have a huge potential for growth through SEO. 

But if you’re offering a new product or service, it may be more of an uphill battle. SEO can help your business grow, but it’s a lot more difficult since only a few people know or search about it. In this case, you need to find an agency that assures positive results but also has experience in digital marketing strategies.

  1. Your product fits the market perfectly

Aside from having an SEO-friendly product, you also need to have a product-market fit. This means that you already have customers who are buying your products or availing of your service through your website.

So, an SEO agency’s job is to reduce your customer acquisition costs by making use of traffic from organic search results. They aren’t responsible for streamlining your business. If your target audience hasn’t been exposed to your products or doesn’t see a need for them, even the best SEO strategies won’t convince them to buy.

  1. Your business must have a good brand reputation

The demand for your product/service doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see growth through SEO. If you can’t meet or exceed the expectations of your buyers, you might want to improve on that first before making your brand known to more people.

A finger touching the fifth star means that they’re giving an excellent rating.

Your rankings can be affected by the link reputation of the pages on your website. If you have a lot of negative reviews, it can be a lot harder for your website to have higher-quality links.

  1. You have some level of following online

Since it’s impossible for relatively unknown websites to rank higher on Google SERPs, paying for SEO services will not deliver your expected results. You need to reach out to your audience by starting marketing campaigns first to build brand awareness. 

If your customers constantly engage with your websites like leaving good reviews and other useful content, it’ll be a lot easier for Google’s algorithms to notice your site. In time, your rankings will increase naturally.

  1. You follow Google’s rules and have a positive outlook

You need to make sure that you haven’t violated the webmaster guidelines set by Google by visiting the Google Search Console. As long as you haven’t done shady link-building in the past few years, you’ll be fine. This is important as the search giant usually doesn’t hesitate to punish websites that engage in illicit SEO practices, and your website’s ranking might be affected negatively. Google might also refuse to rank your content in the future.

You should also check Google Trends to ensure that poor website traffic is caused by ineffective SEO practices that you’ve used in the past as well as technical errors. 

SEO Services That Can Give Great Results

A reputable agency that promises to deliver good outcomes for customers usually have these in their SEO service package: 

  • Website audit: This is important since it’s inevitable to find errors in your site link metadata issues, broken links, bad UI/UX, and other issues.
  • Keyword research: Not all keywords are made the same, so having professionals choose the best ones that can increase organic traffic to your website will ensure better results.
  • On-Page SEO: Content is king when it comes to SEO, so they need to be properly optimized for search engines.
  • Off-Page SEO: Link building is an important factor in your website’s success, so this also contributes to an SEO campaign’s success.
  • Technical SEO: User-experience is important since it can increase customer engagement. It’s also an important factor to increase rankings according to Google.
  • Progress tracking: You need to see the results of the various strategies used by the SEO agency to improve your website. You can make more informed decisions by having up-to-date reports and monitoring.


In the end, even though the progress that you’re seeing is a bit slow, you’re still better off by going for an SEO company that offers guaranteed results. Since they’re brave enough to put their brand reputation at stake to deliver the best results for their clients, you know that they’ll set achievable outcomes since overpromising can discourage their customers. If your business meets the criteria above, and you’re ready to start growing your business, you should reach out to an SEO firm to help achieve your goal.

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