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Why Rolfing is a More Effective Massage Technique?

30% of the adult population is affected by some form of chronic or extreme pain. As a person who has experienced severe or constant pain, you know how difficult it can be to deal with it day in and day out. Chronic pain, defined as lasting for more than 12 weeks, must be treated according to the underlying cause. These include anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen as well as ice, heat, and stretching for musculoskeletal problems.

It’s possible that those who suffer from chronic pain haven’t tried rolfing massage techniques yet. However, Rolfing, which was evolved in the 1960s, is making a comeback in the alternative medicine community.

What is Rolfing, and how does it work?

Having a basic understanding of Rolfing and how it differs from regular deep tissue massage will make you understand how this technique will help people suffering from chronic pain. Rolfing is a holistic and integrated method of manipulating the muscles and fascia to restore the body’s structural balance in movement and gravity. When this occurs, the body’s natural mechanisms take over and complete the task of correcting the imbalances.

If you have chronic pain, here are six points to note about Rolfing.

With chronic pain, you may wonder why it keeps coming back again and again. For both the doctor and the patient, this is a common concern. Unfortunately, the chances of rolfing massage techniques’ positive impact on treating a severe illness can be ruled out.

1. Chronic pain may benefit from Rolfing.

The non-medical, non-drug method of Rolfing can be effective in the treatment of chronic neuromuscular pain. Rolfing’s effectiveness has only been studied in a few cases. In two small studies conducted in 2014 and 2015, researchers discovered that Rolfing could reduce pain levels in people with fibromyalgia and lower back pain, at least for the short term.

2. Rolfing isn’t a short-term fix.

This will take time to recover from chronic pain, so a piece of advice is to be patient with the process. To keep and further the benefits of Rolfing, it’s likely that you’ll need to alter your way of life. It could be anything from ergonomics to footwear to pillows to yoga to nutrition.”

3. There are structural and functional aspects of chronic pain that Rolfing addresses.

You may benefit from Rolfing if you suffer from chronic stiffness, compression from an injury or surgical procedure, held postures that inhibit fluid movement, or repetitive motion.

4. Rolfing should not be painful.

Even though Rolfing can be extremely painful, doctors insist that it’s never meant to be a painful experience. Rolfing should never be more painful than the chronic pain you already have.”

5. Rolfing may uncover additional sources of pain.

A chronic pain sufferer is likely to spend the majority of their time focusing on their discomfort. However, you may uncover new sources of pain in your body with Rolfing. As part of your overall treatment plan, this information can be helpful.

6. Rolfing can only be performed by someone who has received extensive training in the technique. 

To get the most out of Rolfing for chronic pain, you need a trained and certified therapist. In addition, because Rolfing is so personal, it is recommended to find a Rolfer you feel comfortable with.

And here’s the best part: Rolfing can be tried with little or no risk, and there are no adverse effects. Furthermore, Rolfing technique online courses are available by massage CEU which is known to be the best since the last decade.

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