Why Research proposals are important in academic writing?

A research proposal is a 4000 to 5000 words document that is proposed to show a research project. It is generally used in science and academia. And sometimes it is proposed to request sponsorship for the project. Writing a dissertation proposal generally evaluates the cost and effect of the research project and gives soundness to the proposed project. The search proposal contains various key points.

The research proposal is a different type of writing that is written only for a specific purpose. The research proposal demonstrates the actions systematically and scientifically that will be taken on research projects. In other words, you can say it is a blueprint that the researcher will take during conducting the research study. The proposal is a tentative document and the researcher has all the rights to modify their plan due to the reading, discussion with online dissertation help, and the experiences gathered during research. Due to the availability of relaxation, it is a must for every researcher.

What is the purpose of the research proposal?

The purpose of the research paper is summarized below:

  • To propose a research project that will share its contribution in the field.
  • To articulate a detailed plan regarding a research project that includes methodologies and theoretical framework.
  • To corroborate that the research project is achievable within the deadline through available resources.
  • To demonstrate that you have enough experience and expertise in a related field.

Even if the completion of your research project is not dependent on the campaign then it is good to write one (Miner et al.,  2005). Writing a research proposal helps you to clarify your ideas and objectives. It will also help you by enabling you to think about each phase of the research so that you can easily go with the flow of the research project with having a clear and detailed plan. Moreover, it will help you to anticipate the problem that will occur during the process and enable you to think quickly about how to solve or avoid that problem.

What are the skills required for a research proposal?

Research proposal writing requires multiple skills. These skills are grouped into 3 parts that are:

  • Communication skills

The proposal demonstrates the ability to express one’s self in precise and concise language.

  • Critical thinking skills

A well-written research proposal shows evaluation, synthesis skills, evidence of advanced analysis, and as well creativity, and the ability of lateral thinking and combining vertical.

  • Hands-on related field and research skills

The proposal gives you the chance to display your knowledge and familiarity regarding new research trends.

Why does the professor assign the task of writing a research proposal?

Below is the reason why the professor assigns the task of research proposal writing:

  • To develop your critical thinking skills and design of the comprehensive study.
  • To enable students to conduct a comprehensive review of the literature to make sure the specific problem has not been answered or the problem has been answered incorrectly. In doing so students become familiar with the scholarship related to their research project.
  • To develop research and writing skills.
  • To make perfect on identifying what steps should be taken to achieve goals.
  • To cultivate a sense of curiosity with students so they can see themselves as active participants in the journey of conducting scholarly research.

It is necessary that the research proposal should contain all the important points required in completing a research project. Having enough information in the research proposal related to the research study will allow readers to determine the usefulness and validity of the research project. The only things that are not included in the research proposal are the result of the study and the analysis of the research study. A well-crafted research proposal is judged by its quality of writing. Therefore, it is important that the writing should be concise, compelling, clear, and coherent.

Importance of research proposal

Writing a research proposal is important before conducting every research study. A research study is based on the form of teamwork and it has others’ opinions in the form of writing. The reason behind writing a research proposal is to finalize the research plan after presentations and thorough discussion in front of the research committee board. It is also useful to submit it to the agency for applying for grants. After developing, it is used as a plan for conducting the research study.

As best (1983) study, no useful research can result in the absence of a well-written research proposal.

Research proposals are meant to show that the purpose of the study investigation is significant enough, the plan that will be going to be used in each study is feasible and suitable, and the results will be fruitful and will make their contribution in the field (dissertationproposal, 2022). In short, the purpose of writing a research proposal by researchers is to convince the audience towards the selected method to solve the problem.

Common mistakes to avoid while writing a research proposal

  • Failure on being concise, conduct research”all over the map” without having a clear sense.
  • Failure to cite others’ works in research proposals.
  • Failure in developing a persuasive and coherent argument in the research proposal.
  • Failure to stay focused on the related area of research and going off on unrelated areas of study.
  • Poor grammar and failure of imprecise and concise writing.
  • Too many details on the unrelated issues while fewer details on the major problem.
  • Failure on contextual boundaries of the research project such as time, place, people, etc.


Hence, the research proposal is the chance to demonstrate the importance of the research study to the companies who might want to fund your research project. Generally, it will display the quality of the research project as well as your ability in the proposed research.

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