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Why professional website translation is a must for multi-lingual websites



Other countries, other customs – and often other languages and other customers. If you want to enter into a foreign-language market with your company, you face a challenge that should not be underestimated. Addressing potential customers and business partners in a foreign language requires sensitivity.  If you hire Chinese Translation Agency, you can win new markets for yourself. The basic prerequisite for this in the 21st century is a multilingual website that leads to more traffic and finally to international sales.

Website translation

For many, the first thought leads to English-language markets. This is not particularly absurd, considering the number of English-speaking people worldwide. However, many companies should not stop here. After all, what about the customer whose mother tongue is not English? Who is already looking for information or products in a non-native language online? More than three billion internet shoppers do not speak English, more than half of online trading is done in a language other than English, and the probability of the user buying something online is four times higher if the website is written in their own language. Find out why professional website translation should be considered a must for multi lingual websites.

Translating online content – the investment is worthwhile

Admittedly, the translation of a website is complex and not done from now on. Nevertheless, every company should be aware that the translation can be worthwhile quickly. With a translated website, you invest in the long term and address customers and partners directly – this is how you generate trust that benefits both sides. It is important to invest in professional translation – and we do not say that, because we, as a translation agency, make our money from it. Finally, the website should be tailored to the target group and target market in each language. A free machine translation is nowhere near what a professional translator does. As is so often the case, if you want to make a turnover, you have to invest beforehand. Good and long-term planning is essential to ensure that the translation project goes smoothly. It is best to start with the organization three to six months before the website’s relaunch date.

Website translations: Preparatory work pays off

If you start on time, you don’t get under time pressure so quickly. Fewer errors happen and important steps are not overlooked. If a website is set up from scratch, the internationalisation of this should be considered directly in the conception – so that content and structure for the most important target markets are adapted in advance and less need to be localized in the process of translation. If you are faced with the task of implementing an existing page for a relaunch in another language, you should contact the translation agency about two to three months before the relaunch date so that all important steps can be taken to prepare. We have compiled here which are in detail:

Clarifying technical requirements

Even if it is not everyone’s favourite topic and not all project managers deal with the topic equally, the clarification of the technical prerequisites is crucial for the success of the website translation. Because the way data is exported and re-entered from the CMS has an impact on the time and cost of the entire project. The goal is to read the data in and out automatically and not manually – this ensures efficiency and prevents errors. It is therefore important to consult with the IT experts and clarify the following points:

Content management system: Most CMS can export all content to a translation-friendly format such as XML or XLIFF thanks to plug-in, connectors, API or proxy servers – so the texts to be translated can be easily and clearly provided and easily integrated and edited in CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools). For example, Typo3 import/export succeeds in just a few steps. In addition, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the CMS supports the desired target languages. After translation, the content can be imported again, avoiding errors when copying and pasting the texts. Tip: Before translation, it is important to run an export and import test run with the translation agency to check whether the technical implementation is working.

Online shop: If the page to be translated includes an online shop, it must be clarified whether product descriptions or only the main texts should be translated. In general, of course, product text translation is also recommended, but in individual cases these texts are already available in the target language or are often created by machine with rapidly changing assortments. In addition, payment methods, delivery options and opinions and assessments of customers must also be examined and, where appropriate, adapted to the target market for translation.

Layout View: An appealing and user-friendly layout is also important for the success of the page. This includes, for example, the interplay of text and image, but also the position of CTAs. Therefore, the translator should have the opportunity to see the text in the finished layout. Where is the text that is currently being translated? Ideally, this point should be taken into account when exporting the file. Here it is worth generating separate files for each web page.

Good to know:

The exported XML or XLIFF files are analyzed using CAT tools. The use of these tools has several advantages: they improve text consistency, guarantee the use of correct localterminology and thus reduce costs. In addition, word repetitions and recurring formulations are filtered out and not retranslated each time. Clients therefore only have to pay once for the translation of these passages and make sure that these passages are always formulated in the same way in the translation.

Complete original texts

Once the technical requirements have been clarified, the actual textual work can finally be used. However, in order for the texts to work optimally in the target language, the text to be translated must be checked in advance:

Does the text meet current SEO requirements or does it need to be improved again? For translation, we always recommend a keyword efficiency check in advance, in which keywords are checked for their relevance in the destination country. If the source text is written without taking SEO into account, SEO is also excluded from the translation. Keywords can also be researched and added for translation afterwards. It is important to clarify the exact requirements in advance – subsequent adaptations are expensive and should therefore be avoided.


Although Google is by far the most widely used search engine in many countries, this does not apply to all regions of the world. Yandex or Baidu are used primarily in China and Russia and are subject to their own rules for optimal findability on the net.

With a multilingual website, you can increase reach and visibility in organic search and open up new target markets.

Create a glossary and localization briefing

Each company has a repertoire of fixed terms, phrases or phrases that are not to be changed. This sets it apart from others. For this reason, the translator needs a glossary that is pre-delivered and maintained during the project. The glossary includes:

Company-specific terminology

Style presets such as



Parts of the company language

Explanation of terms that are often used incorrectly

No-go terms that you don’t want to use in your texts

Special abbreviations

In addition, an accompanying briefing should define and record other elements that are important for translation. In addition to information on tonality and speech, the following points should also be clarified here:

Currency and time zones

Spelling of dates, numbers, times, and phone numbers

Dimensions and weights

Company names

Job titles

Localization – much more than a translation

Especially when the market is a completely foreign, culturally different space, the translation must go much further beyond a translation into another language. Depending on the topic and target group, this can lead to the creation of new content and layout changes. After all, your website should be well received – no one should notice that it is a translation, but feel that the site comes from their own country.

Therefore, a website should not only be translated, it should be localized. The boundaries are fluid. A close examination of the pages to be translated and detailed information on how to deal with, for example, text and image elements are therefore a high priority for both the translation agency and the company.

What does localization mean?

The content is adapted to the cultural realities: this can range from a different formatting of date and time to a new color design due to a different connotation in the target culture. On the latter points, regional web agenciesin particular are the right partners.

It is not only the texts that need to be adapted to the target market for a successful translation. Visual materials such as images, graphics and video content should also be in line with the country’s customs – so the way we translate these elements should be defined in advance. If you create images, graphics and videos for your website, you should remember that contained text elements are easy to extract before making them. In addition, videos in the target language should be subtitled or re-set. In addition to the actual website, other documents usually have to be translated. Especially delivery notes, invoices or gtared terms and conditions are often forgotten. The translation of legal texts is particularly important, as they are often based on a different legal situation. The respective chambers often offer sample texts for such texts.

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The Most Important eCommerce KPIs That You Need to Focus On



The Most Important eCommerce KPIs That You Need to Focus On

Statistics show that the global ecommerce market is expected to total nearly $4.9 trillion in 2021.

What does this mean for your business? How are you currently measuring the success of your ecommerce? Where can you shift your focus in the future?

Key performance indicators can tell you how to make decisions for your business and show where you are thriving.

Keep reading to learn about the ecommerce KPIs that your business needs to focus on.

What Are Ecommerce KPIs?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are small summaries of areas within your business and the metrics within those areas. For example, gross profit is a KPI. Your gross profit tells you information about the sales of your business and the profit that it has before taxes. 

These indicators not only help with decisions but can determine investment opportunities or product expansions in the future if they are used properly and analyzed by the right people. 

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is an important KPI because it tells you how many customers that you are actually converting into sales or another step in the sales process. Website clicks, ad clicks, form submissions, and any other touchpoint response is an example of a conversion rate.

This measures taking a customer from a stranger to a buyer and tells you what percentage of people you are currently converting.

Customer Lifetime Value

This KPI is in reference to a customer’s value to a brand over the entire course of the relationship. This is not judged by one transaction but rather their lifetime of customer loyalty. It begins when they first make contact with your business, regardless of purchasing. 

Long-term support of a brand, regardless of how many sales you make, is beneficial to the brand. Word of mouth is still an extremely powerful way to gain new customers, and people that have a high customer lifetime value can provide this as a result of the relationship with your business. 


While this may seem like a simple indicator to be looking at, your inventory is extremely important to your entire business. Improper inventory management can lead to shortages of products or producing too many units of other products. 

Having an organized way to communicate inventory that is easy to digest is a key performance indicator that you cannot ignore within your business. Your clients and customers will be relying on you to know your inventory when they would like to place an order.

For more information on how to increase your ecommerce fulfillment for your orders, click here.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read about the ecommerce KPIs that your business needs to focus on, you can get started today. The ecommerce metrics will help you see where there is room to grow and what areas need additional attention on a daily or even hourly basis. By monitoring and measuring these indicators on a regular basis, those involved with the site can make recommendations for improvement based on real, actual data. Instead of making decisions for changes based on a gut feeling, KPIs can help lead to changes that immediately improve statistics like bounce rate, time on site, and so on.

Check out our blog for more informational articles like this one. 

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Is it a good idea to organize a virtual fundraiser?



Fundraising activities have long been a successful means of raising funds and gaining recognition for your charity’s mission. However, most of these in-person activities have been delayed or rescheduled because of Covid-19 and social distancing limitations. As the coronavirus epidemic a year ago, charity organizations and other charitable groups have adjusted and found new ways to raise funds. Moving your scheduled in-person fundraiser online by organizing an online charity fundraiser is one method to do this. There seem to be several options for conducting an online fundraising offsite due to the internet and advancements in online video technologies.

Factors why your foundation should conduct a virtual charity event:

It can be intimidating to organize a virtual fundraiser event if your organization has rarely done it before. Moreover, they’re relatively simple to organize, and they arrive with a slew of extra advantages that you won’t find with a regular in-person fundraiser. The following are some of the reasons why your nonprofit should organize virtual fundraising events:

Bring more revenue streams:

Because of the costs of delivering materials, producing t-shirts, publishing banners, and so on, the entry hurdle for advertisers at in-person activities can be relatively high. On the other side, virtual sponsorship can be quickly set up with a bit of monetary donation and the release of your foundation’s strength gain. Because employees and funds for public games are not required for virtual fundraising, smaller companies and organizations can support your cause.

Boost your donor involvement:

Whenever it relates to getting your contributors connected with your organization, virtual fundraisers give you many alternatives. Participants can engage in surveys, discussion forums, and discussions using network technologies, making it easier to access relevant election resources. Digital fundraisers, either through tweets or gift trackers, are terrific ways of engaging and converting potential funders into champions of your cause.

Recruit new sponsors:

Among the most important reasons to hold virtual fundraising is making your program more available to new donors. It allows people who would not have been eligible to follow in the past to do so now that they have access to the internet. Online fundraisers enable your followers from all around the world to participate in and contribute to your nonprofit’s event.

Cost savings:

You must consider costs while planning large-scale in-person fundraiser events. This might include everything from venue rental and food to transportation and utility expenditures. You can save your organization money and time by hosting a virtual fundraising event because you won’t have to pay for some of these things. However, you can concentrate on using your online fundraiser to gather donations for your charity.

What’s the distinction between a virtual and traditional fundraising event?

The far more apparent distinction among the two kinds of fundraisers is that a virtual fundraiser takes place online rather than in person. Instead of visiting fans in person and giving speeches in front of enormous crowds, everything is submitted electronically through streaming services, virtual bids, and video conversations. The purpose, though, stays the same. Your organization can still raise funds by allowing donors and followers to join your live stream, engage in your online event, and contribute to it. They allow your nonprofit, as well as your donors, more flexibility, according to some.


Charity organizations have had to adjust and find new ways to raise funds after the coronavirus epidemic. Online fundraisers offer a variety of benefits, including more revenue streams for your nonprofit. They can also help you recruit new sponsors and increase your donor involvement. A virtual fundraiser takes place online rather than in person. Donors and followers can join your live stream, engage in your online event, and contribute to it. The goal is to raise money for a nonprofit’s cause.

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Is Forex Trading Profitable? Understanding Two Main Aspects of Trading



Many people make money with forex trading. It is one of the safest ways to make money. However, the complex and lengthy answer is that trading in the foreign exchange market is extremely profitable but certain chances are that you will not achieve consistent high profit unless you have excellent discipline, mental stability and patience. Traders can achieve good returns for some time but consistent profits are much more difficult to achieve, probably because of the market’s tendency to fluctuate.

There are two general types of trading: Long-term and Short-term trading. The long-term trading options involve buying and selling a particular currency pair for a long period of time. There are several advantages of such trades. It gives more scope for learning as well as more opportunities to exercise patience Is Forex Trading Profitable. Moreover, the foreign exchange market keeps on changing and fluctuating; you need to keep up with it.

On the other hand, short-term trading involves buying and selling currencies in smaller quantities. This means that you earn a higher return within a shorter period of time. The lower reward ratio, however, makes forex trading less attractive than the longer-term trades. The short-term trade also has more chances of experiencing an immediate loss; hence, there is a corresponding higher risk factor.

The successful forex traders exhibit three characteristics: discipline, patience and consistency. A trader that has any of these characteristics is more likely to achieve consistent profits over time. This also means that traders have more opportunities to exercise more control over the trades, which translates to more chances for making bigger profits.

Discipline means that traders take advantage of every trading opportunity. A disciplined trader does not allow losses to turn into profits; instead, he or she allows gains to turn into profits. Consistency is likewise essential, as traders have to stick to their system – which means they have to remain disciplined at all times. This also means that traders have to follow their trading system to the letter or risk being kicked out of the system.

Having a good trading plan is the second characteristic needed by successful forex traders. Having a trading plan means that traders are consistently aware of current market conditions, trends and changes. This makes it easier for them to implement their trading plan and maximize trading opportunities. Moreover, having a trading plan makes it easier for traders to determine when it is best for them to take advantage of trading opportunities.

Patience is the third characteristic, which makes forex trading profitable for some but not for others. Some traders prefer to stay in open positions, regardless of market changes, until they generate small profits. On the other hand, some traders tend to get involved in risky trades right away, regardless of market changes. Either way, the key to succeeding in this business is having the ability to control your emotions. Always be aware that even if market trends indicate that it is time to sell, a trader cannot react emotionally to those signals, and he or she will end up losing more money.

These are the two main characteristics that make forex trading profitable for some but not for others. There is a difference between success and failure in this business. Some traders fail because they let their emotions get in the way, while some succeed because they are disciplined enough to stick to their trading system. The important thing traders need to know is what kind of trader they want to be. If they choose to get involved in fast-paced, high-risk trading, then they will definitely lose money.

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Quick ways to improve your eCommerce sales





The outcome of any business is to make better sales at the end of the day. Entrepreneurs (new or old) keep trying new things out to entice the audience with their sales pitch. It is not only to sell the product but to have a long-term association with the customer for an extended period.

Since the business world has gone virtual, entrepreneurs have more scope to present their products and brand. It has led to the boom of the eCommerce business. The public is more interested in contactless shopping and delivery – thanks to the pandemic and quarantines. People prefer to shop online, be it a local store’s website or a shopping website giant!

If you are new to this online business or stuck at a place where you don’t understand how to improve your visibility online, check these below points out. I’m sure you’ll find a solution.


Retargeting is a stratagem used by business owners to the customers who already have visited the site. It is also known as remarketing. The sole purpose here is to call back the general surfers to become potential customers.

Let’s say, a person is just window shopping through your website and they close the tab without checking out any product. You can remind them or offer them better prices to keep them involved in the purchase. It is easier to get an already known customer than trying to get new ones.

Communicate with the masses

Sure, social media is an interesting means of marketing. It will keep your brand’s buzz around. And, interaction with the general public would mean that you are an engaging brand. You can talk to the masses at once. 

However, emails make it more personal. It is more of one-to-one

conversation than just posting things and hope that people will relate. Create an extensive list of your potential and existing clients and send them emails with regular offers and sales. To gather more contacts, you can use email lookup tools like This AI-powered tool with an extensive database will answer your question about how to find email addresses.

Show them what you got

Did you know that 77% of online shoppers check online reviews before making any purchase? That shows the power of a good review of your brand. Collect testimonials and showcase them on your website.

After every purchase, ask your client to review their experience. Once you gather the numbers, you can flaunt them to show the efficiency of your brand. Try to showcase your diverse features like easy payment gateway, simple tracking, different payment options etc. It will create a sense of trust with the customers.

Customer Service 

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. And a happy customer would mean more business. Always remember to be courteous towards your clients when dealing with their issues. If they have any problem with your product, help them resolve the issue and make the process simple.

And you can take the extra step of giving them a coupon as a token for the inconvenience. Such simple gestures play a pivotal role in making an impression in the customer’s eyes. Offer them more than what meets the eye. While they’re at the checkout section, give them an additional 5% discount on the next purchase. It will make a good impact while the customer will come around the next time they need anything.


Hope you liked the tips and insights. Is there anything else you want us to add? Let us know.

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How to Use Technology to Make a Perfect Business Plan




Technologies are playing a vital role in almost all types of business development in different ways. The aspects and parameters of the technologies and efficiencies are of different types. Proceed with careful analysis and proceed to access guaranteed and fast accessibility resources from Digital Supermarket according to the interests and preference levels of the people. Approach through online quick and fast accessibility resources to best match with the interests and priorities levels of the people according to their needs. Business technologies and roles are of different types and it has a unique identity in almost every type of business plan that makes it attractive and more interesting oriented.

Choosing digital tools for your businesses can be fast and quick accessibility resources at the time of your needs and can approach through genuine resources to find the best and perfect possible solutions according to the needs and preferences levels of the people. Approach from online easy and quick accessibility resources and find the best and smart feature plans according to the priorities and personal interests of the people. Role of business technologies are of different types and almost every sort of technology and its impacts are of different types.

With quick and easy accessibility, there are lots of useful plans and interesting features that can be explored according to the priorities and the personal interests of the people. Cloud storage ideas are of different types and they show their impacts and positive inspirations to find the best and perfect possible solutions according to the needs and priorities levels of the people. Hundreds of digital tools are using in various business goals and to find the best and more compatible solutions with fast and more compatible features. Each and every type of business plan has some unique and fast result-oriented plans to avail the online and quick accessibility resources.

Business planning can be one by chasing the best and smart feature plans and to get satisfied to access the guaranteed and fast accessibility resources. Comparisons of hundreds of tools are more compatible and have a user-friendly interface to approach through easy and fast accessibility resources. Find & compare business technologies by choosing smart and quick accessibility of resources. Due to having more digital marketing trends, the choice of the technology and selection of the best business planning is playing a vital role to achieve progress to access guaranteed and fast accessibility parameters.

Selections of the best digital tools are greatly influence to find the best and perfect compatible feature plans. Show your confidence levels to access online and fast accessibility resources to get satisfied and to match with your personal interests to proceed with simple and quick accessibility resources, Show your personal interests, and try to show your business objectives to get the targeted plans. Getting smart choices and choosing the best and smart choices are greatly influenced in business planning to find the best and perfect panning to get advantages and to match with your priorities according to the future returns and expectations levels.

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