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Why professional website translation is a must for multi-lingual websites



Other countries, other customs – and often other languages and other customers. If you want to enter into a foreign-language market with your company, you face a challenge that should not be underestimated. Addressing potential customers and business partners in a foreign language requires sensitivity.  If you hire Chinese Translation Agency, you can win new markets for yourself. The basic prerequisite for this in the 21st century is a multilingual website that leads to more traffic and finally to international sales.

Website translation

For many, the first thought leads to English-language markets. This is not particularly absurd, considering the number of English-speaking people worldwide. However, many companies should not stop here. After all, what about the customer whose mother tongue is not English? Who is already looking for information or products in a non-native language online? More than three billion internet shoppers do not speak English, more than half of online trading is done in a language other than English, and the probability of the user buying something online is four times higher if the website is written in their own language. Find out why professional website translation should be considered a must for multi lingual websites.

Translating online content – the investment is worthwhile

Admittedly, the translation of a website is complex and not done from now on. Nevertheless, every company should be aware that the translation can be worthwhile quickly. With a translated website, you invest in the long term and address customers and partners directly – this is how you generate trust that benefits both sides. It is important to invest in professional translation – and we do not say that, because we, as a translation agency, make our money from it. Finally, the website should be tailored to the target group and target market in each language. A free machine translation is nowhere near what a professional translator does. As is so often the case, if you want to make a turnover, you have to invest beforehand. Good and long-term planning is essential to ensure that the translation project goes smoothly. It is best to start with the organization three to six months before the website’s relaunch date.

Website translations: Preparatory work pays off

If you start on time, you don’t get under time pressure so quickly. Fewer errors happen and important steps are not overlooked. If a website is set up from scratch, the internationalisation of this should be considered directly in the conception – so that content and structure for the most important target markets are adapted in advance and less need to be localized in the process of translation. If you are faced with the task of implementing an existing page for a relaunch in another language, you should contact the translation agency about two to three months before the relaunch date so that all important steps can be taken to prepare. We have compiled here which are in detail:

Clarifying technical requirements

Even if it is not everyone’s favourite topic and not all project managers deal with the topic equally, the clarification of the technical prerequisites is crucial for the success of the website translation. Because the way data is exported and re-entered from the CMS has an impact on the time and cost of the entire project. The goal is to read the data in and out automatically and not manually – this ensures efficiency and prevents errors. It is therefore important to consult with the IT experts and clarify the following points:

Content management system: Most CMS can export all content to a translation-friendly format such as XML or XLIFF thanks to plug-in, connectors, API or proxy servers – so the texts to be translated can be easily and clearly provided and easily integrated and edited in CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools). For example, Typo3 import/export succeeds in just a few steps. In addition, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the CMS supports the desired target languages. After translation, the content can be imported again, avoiding errors when copying and pasting the texts. Tip: Before translation, it is important to run an export and import test run with the translation agency to check whether the technical implementation is working.

Online shop: If the page to be translated includes an online shop, it must be clarified whether product descriptions or only the main texts should be translated. In general, of course, product text translation is also recommended, but in individual cases these texts are already available in the target language or are often created by machine with rapidly changing assortments. In addition, payment methods, delivery options and opinions and assessments of customers must also be examined and, where appropriate, adapted to the target market for translation.

Layout View: An appealing and user-friendly layout is also important for the success of the page. This includes, for example, the interplay of text and image, but also the position of CTAs. Therefore, the translator should have the opportunity to see the text in the finished layout. Where is the text that is currently being translated? Ideally, this point should be taken into account when exporting the file. Here it is worth generating separate files for each web page.

Good to know:

The exported XML or XLIFF files are analyzed using CAT tools. The use of these tools has several advantages: they improve text consistency, guarantee the use of correct localterminology and thus reduce costs. In addition, word repetitions and recurring formulations are filtered out and not retranslated each time. Clients therefore only have to pay once for the translation of these passages and make sure that these passages are always formulated in the same way in the translation.

Complete original texts

Once the technical requirements have been clarified, the actual textual work can finally be used. However, in order for the texts to work optimally in the target language, the text to be translated must be checked in advance:

Does the text meet current SEO requirements or does it need to be improved again? For translation, we always recommend a keyword efficiency check in advance, in which keywords are checked for their relevance in the destination country. If the source text is written without taking SEO into account, SEO is also excluded from the translation. Keywords can also be researched and added for translation afterwards. It is important to clarify the exact requirements in advance – subsequent adaptations are expensive and should therefore be avoided.


Although Google is by far the most widely used search engine in many countries, this does not apply to all regions of the world. Yandex or Baidu are used primarily in China and Russia and are subject to their own rules for optimal findability on the net.

With a multilingual website, you can increase reach and visibility in organic search and open up new target markets.

Create a glossary and localization briefing

Each company has a repertoire of fixed terms, phrases or phrases that are not to be changed. This sets it apart from others. For this reason, the translator needs a glossary that is pre-delivered and maintained during the project. The glossary includes:

Company-specific terminology

Style presets such as



Parts of the company language

Explanation of terms that are often used incorrectly

No-go terms that you don’t want to use in your texts

Special abbreviations

In addition, an accompanying briefing should define and record other elements that are important for translation. In addition to information on tonality and speech, the following points should also be clarified here:

Currency and time zones

Spelling of dates, numbers, times, and phone numbers

Dimensions and weights

Company names

Job titles

Localization – much more than a translation

Especially when the market is a completely foreign, culturally different space, the translation must go much further beyond a translation into another language. Depending on the topic and target group, this can lead to the creation of new content and layout changes. After all, your website should be well received – no one should notice that it is a translation, but feel that the site comes from their own country.

Therefore, a website should not only be translated, it should be localized. The boundaries are fluid. A close examination of the pages to be translated and detailed information on how to deal with, for example, text and image elements are therefore a high priority for both the translation agency and the company.

What does localization mean?

The content is adapted to the cultural realities: this can range from a different formatting of date and time to a new color design due to a different connotation in the target culture. On the latter points, regional web agenciesin particular are the right partners.

It is not only the texts that need to be adapted to the target market for a successful translation. Visual materials such as images, graphics and video content should also be in line with the country’s customs – so the way we translate these elements should be defined in advance. If you create images, graphics and videos for your website, you should remember that contained text elements are easy to extract before making them. In addition, videos in the target language should be subtitled or re-set. In addition to the actual website, other documents usually have to be translated. Especially delivery notes, invoices or gtared terms and conditions are often forgotten. The translation of legal texts is particularly important, as they are often based on a different legal situation. The respective chambers often offer sample texts for such texts.

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Best E-Commerce App for the Home Accessories & Textiles in UAE




People now prefer to buy products online. They have many choices, and they can avail different discounted offers. In the UAE, e-commerce businesses are expanding day by day. 

Mobile apps are the best source of getting more clients and profit as buyers spend 3 to 4 times longer in a mobile online shopping app than an Ecommerce website. Besides this, using mobile app E-commerce businesses can send instant notifications to their customers that also help in the positive rating of a brand. 

  • Al Saad Home app:

Al Saad home is a well-known e-commerce platform in UAE, and they are providing different home accessories and home textile products in the whole country. If you are also planning to buy some related products, you should download their app. It is the number one e-commerce app on the app store in the whole UAE. 

You can find the android and IOS app of Al Saad Home from respective play stores, and after installing their app, you can buy the best quality products from anywhere in UAE. Following are the main features of their app that make it the number one app of UAE.

  • Registration process:

It is the most annoying thing on any online shopping app, and different online businesses make it more complicated by the lengthy and hectic registration process. They also demand much personal information from the user. 

The primary factor behind the most popular home app is its simple registration process. You can register yourself within no time will save your energy and time also. 

  • Push notifications:

Al Saad Home focuses on client-centered push notifications. It helps them get more info about their favorite products and new offers on them. It is also essential for e-commerce app to send push notifications to their customers as they act as a reminder for them about discounts and the launching of new products. 

  • Great user experience:

You will get a great user experience after using the mobile app of Al Saad Home because it is specially designed in a way that visitors can get detailed info about each product they are offering. You will also get the best visual effects for better understanding, and you will be able to make a wise decision about the product after analyzing it deeply. 

  • Rating and feedback:

Ratings and feedback by the client are crucial for running a business successfully. If you are running an online business, this is the only way of its survival because it helps to make quick decisions. 

Al Saad home app is top in rating in UAE. It is run by following the feedback provided by the clients that help them to get better services to the customers. 

  • Filter the products:

It is quite a difficult task to find the desired product from a long list of items. But by using the Al Saad Home website, you will be facilitated by search and filter options. You can find the needed product in no time. Besides this, you will find categories also on their app so that you can check all the available options while staying at a specific product. 

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Saving Money on Art Supplies




When it comes to things like brushes, canvas, paint, paper etc, philosophy is to buy the excellent product you can afford. Artist quality brushes and paints will go a long way to making your experience of creating art a more thriving one. 

Anyway, here are some of the ways you can save money on art supplies:

Use coupon and promo codes

To save money on all your art supplies, from charcoals and paint thinner to pallets, feel free to cut out and download the discount promos provided by significant art supply stores and chains. 

Often these stores have offers that are very simple to find. Just type the stores name preceded by the word “promo codes” into any search engine, and you will be shocked at the results!

And to get even more advantages, subscribe to the stores newsletter, they will send you their new coupons and offers not accessible to the general public!

Be a regular buyer

If you are used to going to the same shop, do not worry to ask if there are any coupons for frequent customers.

Usually, this reduction takes the form of credit, which is a best deal if you know you will be coming back to it regularly.

Anyway, if your must-view art store does not have such deals, it might be a best idea to look for another one, as long as it also provides everything you need and is within your range of price.

Stretch your own canvas

As you know, primed and pre-stretched canvases are expensive. Despite everything, as most artists agree, the canvas is and forever will be the best medium!

So how you can reject exploring your budget?

Well, quite simply by stretching your canvas! It will provide you more surfaces to work with, and as artist, it is a remarkable way to experience a new side of your craft.

Another best idea for saving money is to reuse old canvases. Lots of artists throw away works they no longer like or sell, which is a definitely waste. 

Online buy

Smaller art supply shops tend to charge more due to less customer volume. Buying in bigger stores may therefore turn out to be an excellent idea. Plus, big brands generally have a more big selection of supplies accessible online.

Private sellers are also a remarkable way to buy online. Do not hesitate to browse the web and its classified advertisements or online auctions to buy – at an affordable cost.

Besides, you can also use this technique to sell materials that you no longer need. It will keep you some money, and you will dynamically participate in the circular economy.

Take care of your existing supplies

Well-maintained and perfect art supplies can last for years. For example, a best set of palette or brushes can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, many artists do not maintain them rightly, and this frivolity outcomes in the loss of hard-earned cash.

I advise you to clean all your equipment with water or soap carefully, or even turpentine after each use.

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Some of The Best Commercial Property Buying Tips



Are you planning to buy commercial property? Well if you are then here are some effective tips that can help you out. Commercial property is one such property where people always buy them for future use. Therefore, here are some tips and suggestions that would help you out in commercial property buying.

Getting the Best Deal

Firstly, make sure that you are getting the best deal. Many people think that they can get the best deal by just looking at the commercial property. However, this is not always true. Therefore, it is advised that you first estimate the value of the property before you buy it. You can calculate the amount of money that you can earn from the property through rentals and so on.

Special Offers and Discount

Secondly, look for any special offers or discounts offered on the property. This is the best time to buy it. There are so many offers on various properties going on at the same time. Therefore, you should take advantage of all these offers.

Search Online

Next, you should also use the internet. Go online and see what offers are available with your buying power. Also, you can go to the real estate agents and ask them about special deals that you can use.

If you do not have the budget to buy the property outright, you can use your credit card or a loan from the bank. In this way, you can buy the property cheaply. But, make sure that you pay it back in due course of time. Also, it would not be wise to use your house as collateral. This will lead to more disadvantages.

Last but not the least; when you buy commercial property you must be very careful. This is because many people want to buy the property. So, you should be very careful while dealing with the brokers. The brokers will also charge you some fees for their services. Do not be attracted by the brokers. Rather, choose some friends or relatives of yours who can guide you during the process of the deal.

Also, when you buy commercial property you should keep the property in your mind. Do not think about moving to another city or country. Keep the property in your mind and keep it close to your heart. By so doing, you will be able to get the best out of the deal.

Points to Consider

So, these are some of the most important tips that you must consider if you are looking for commercial property. Always remember that when you are buying the property, you should not think about yourself but about the profit that you will get after buying the property. Therefore, do not use your emotions when you are buying the property. Keep your mind clear and use your logical thinking.

If you do not pay attention to any single thing when you are buying the commercial property, then there is a big chance that you will end up in trouble. You will have to think about the maintenance costs as well. Therefore, the best way to stay away from all these complications is to look for an agency that will help you out. However, you have to make sure that the agency will help you professionally buy the commercial property. So, you will be able to use them whenever you need them.

Another thing that you have to take care of is to check out the property thoroughly before you purchase it. This is very important as this will help you figure out whether you are making a good deal or not. Moreover, you can also take advice from professionals. Therefore, when you are doing the deal, you have to trust the professionals who will help you in this regard.

When you are buying a commercial property, you will have to think about the rental rate of the area. You will be able to determine the best deal only when you know the market rates. It will be even better if you visit the area yourself and find the best rental rate. However, this is something that cannot be achieved by just visiting alone. You will have to hire the services of a good realtor so that you can get the best deal at the end of the day.

Finally, you should always keep a close watch on the competition around you. This is one of the most important of all the commercial property buying tips. No matter how much you are interested in a particular property, you have to remember that many other people are looking for the same thing. Therefore, you have to be very careful when you are dealing with the competition.

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Procedures and Requirements 

If you are searching for a quick cash for an unusual expenditure, but you are carrying a low credit record, and it might be tough to obtain the loan you want. If you are a decent credit score holder, you will get a plain path to get all types of loans. Otherwise, you will face challenging conditions to get that type of standard loan. There is also a solution for this kind of problem you are facing for having a low credit record. There is an alternative way which is called- no credit check loans; It doesn’t depend on your credit score. When you want a no-credit-check loan from a bank, your appeal will be analyzed based on your business, recent loans, and other credit status to sketch an image of your economic condition without verifying a heavy review of your credit score. Authors of Banks and lenders have to check your credit history to specify the worth of your credit and capacity to pay back any effective loan. In this way, they can evaluate the threat of giving you money if any threat exists. Those People who have lower credit scores normally receive loans with huger interest ratios, as banks watch them as a possible risk. Suppose you are searching for a suitable loan, then apply online for no credit check loans. It is pleasant and straightforward to start by filling in some formal information such as name, age, email, address, job status, etc. After this, you might have to answer the questions about why you are taking this loan as well as how much you want, and there is no need to show your credit graph. That is enough for opening a no-credit-check loan. 


The process of applying for no-credit-check loans is straightforward, and it is generally authorized very quickly permitting you a rapid permit to obtain a loan without facing any trouble with your credit record. Considering other loan choices and reserves, no-credit-check loans are a little bit costly. It is nothing if we compare it with the facilities of it. No-credit-check loans can get from banks or lenders that guarantee a simple procedure and quick delivery of reserves. Many of these banks expect entry to clients’ bank accounts and automatically evacuate the capital on the unpaid period. There usually have no liabilities for quick payments, and returning your installments on time assists create your credit record as your payment movement is noted to crucial credit departments. In this direction, you can promote your credit record, increasing your prospects of an even decent deal next time you pull a loan. Every bank will survey all of their account holders’ bank account to analyze their spending patterns, deposits and departures. Some of the banks survey summaries from alternative status that receive data of clients’ low credit totals. Those summaries can indicate aspects like whether you have earned a payable or ownership loan. An account can be disqualified by the bank authorities because of revealing many overdrafts. The bank that gives you A no-credit-check loan, will survey some of your economic data is a comfortable option than one that gives a loan without asking too many questions. There is also some disadvantage, but that’s not a big deal with comparing with the advantages. Before you take loan, you can evaluate other choices as well as understand how other loans can lay your finances at trouble. After doing this, you can realize which type of loan will match with your desires. When you receive the approval for getting a no credit check loan, you will be provided the conditions of that loan, which contain your APR, loan regulations, the total quantity paid, and load duration. You must make sure that you read them very carefully and that you are satisfied with the conditions. You have to be confident to return your loan on time to avoid delayed fees and a dismal credit record. Paying after the due period says you will spend more in interest and give more money on your loan. Make sure that you define the relation interest ratios to earn the most accessible loan possible. In no-credit-check loans, a credit score cannot affect on getting your loan, and it is a significant benefit for all of the people who have a low credit score. 

If you have some information about the loan procedure before you start searching for a loan, and it might help you to find a decent no-credit-check loans deal.

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Instagram live rooms: how to buy real followers with them?

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature called Instagram Live Rooms. This is a new way that people can use Live on Instagram.




Recently, Instagram announced a new feature called Instagram Live Rooms. This is a new way that people can use Live on Instagram. What’s even better is that users who pass live using this feature will be able to accommodate up to three guests.

Instagram Live Rooms: what it is and how to use it

Instagram Live Rooms will allow brands and creators to reach new audiences, engage with their community and transform them into customers.

Instagram Live Rooms in a nutshell

Buy Instagram followers Pakistan . The social media platform owned by Facebook was already offering live broadcasts at that time. However, this can only accommodate two people at a time. This means that live rooms immediately doubled the number of people who can join one live stream. 

In addition, those who are present at Live Rooms can earn money by selling viewers the digital badges the platform launched last year. Viewers can purchase these badges to support the people they watch. In return, the people who are broadcasting live will be able to spot them better each time they comment. In addition, creators have the option to offer additional recognition to badge holders. One way they can do this is by putting their names on the follower list. Badge holders can also receive unique hearts that they can use in the comment section during the live stream.

Moreover, Instagram said in a statement that this new feature is a very welcome update.

Creating live rooms on Instagram is quite simple. Below is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and go to Instagram story. There, swipe across until you see the live mode icon.

Step 2: When you are in Instagram Live mode, create the title you want for your Instagram Live Room. You can do this by tapping the “Left Aligned” icon on the left side of the screen. By adding a title, you keep viewers informed about the live theme of your room and what to expect.

Step 3: Tap the “Live” icon to start the live broadcast. However, it’s important to make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection. After the live stream starts, give viewers some time to join the stream. To do this, spend the first few minutes of your life chatting or greeting your audience.

Step 4: This is how you will add guests to your Instagram Live Room. Click the “Video” icon to send guest requests to join. In addition, you’ll also see people who asked to join your live stream.

Creative ways to use Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram suggested a number of potential ways in the press release that brands and content creators could benefit from the new Instagram Live Rooms. It has been found that this feature can be used to start a talk show, collaborate with other artists, conduct a jam session, and even participate in Q&A and tutorials with people you follow. But if you want, you can just hang out with viewers or friends.

That being said, here are some of the most creative ways to use Instagram Live Rooms:

Product presentations

The key to promoting and selling products online is visual content, especially videos.

The Wyzowl report found that 84 percent of people were influenced by a video they watched to buy a product or pay for a service.

 This could take the form of a “Get Ready With Me” session where the live streamer discusses the skincare products they are using. They can also do a tutorial on how they can use the products your brand sells.

Questions and answers and panel discussions

This new feature is perfect for Q&A, hosting panels, and even webinars, not just sending your audience to another hosting site. In fact, you can use Instagram live rooms to create recurring monthly chats to get to know your followers.

When Instagram launched Instagram Live Rooms, it announced a new live room every day. The live broadcast covered topics such as the #StopAsianHate fundraiser and discussion with creators from the LGBTQ + community.

Panel chats and Q&A provide opportunities for creators and brands to educate their community. They can also use them to take advantage of their guests’ audience as well as take off the pressure they may feel when they perform a live solo.

Live performances

Last year, live performances and virtual concerts were very popular. This is because people cannot leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic and music concerts have been halted. With Instagram Live Rooms, artists can broadcast live to share their talents with their followers. In this way, different creators will be able to increase their reach and involvement and create an intimate, yet virtual atmosphere with their viewers.

In addition, this step will add the level of inclusiveness. The reason is that viewers from all over the world can tune in to the artist’s live broadcast without having to pay for a ticket or anything else.

Feedback sessions with your audience

Instagram Live Rooms allow you to connect with your audience and customers in real time. So you can use this as an opportunity to ask them for their opinion on a product, service or performance if you are an artist. That way, you will be able to know the areas you need to improve or the things you can continue to do. Thanks to this, your recipients will feel that you value their suggestions.

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