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Why Pads Could Make a Comeback



Why Pads Could Make a Comeback

With more and more healthy and organic tampon options on the rise, as well as the invention – and mass popularization – of the menstrual cup, another feminine hygiene product could be getting a facelift: pads!

To really appreciate just how far “sanitary pads” (as they were first called) have come, you have to look at the history of the pad.

Rags to Riches

In the 1800s, women stuffed their undergarments with cloths are woven flannel or fabric – hence the phrase, “on the rag.” These cloths were washed, hung to dry, and reused when the time came once again. But as the century turned, so did the concern that the “rag” was unhygienic, and alternative means of menses management were considered. Door-to-door salesmen began peddling rubber period pants to the ladies of the houses, as well as the very first menstrual cups, which were made of aluminum.

Lister’s Towels patented the first disposable sanitary pad, designed to attach to “doily belts” made of silk and elastic. If you think adhesive wings on a maxi pad is too bulky, imagine having to strap on a doily belt under your slip.

It was the nurses in WWI who first discovered that cellulose bandages absorbed blood better than cloth bandages while caring for wounded soldiers. Kotex released the first high-absorbency cellulose pad in 1918, and by the 1930s it became widely mass-marketed as women stepped up to work the jobs while their husbands were off fighting in WWII.

The U.S. Toxic Shock Syndrome Outbreak

1980 saw a number of otherwise healthy young women suddenly becoming sick – in just one year, a total of 1,365. The common factor was a brand of tampon newly out on the market that boasted better absorption than any other brand out there: Rely by Proctor and Gamble. At that time, tampons were not subject to medical testing. Ultimately, the brand was pulled from the market, and tampons began to include warning labels instructing proper use to avoid TSS.

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare but life-threatening condition that arises from a bacterial infection inside the body. In this case, the breeding ground for bacteria was the synthetic Rely tampons. As it progresses, and it can progress rapidly, the condition causes sudden high fever, vomiting or diarrhea, seizures, headaches, and in severe cases renal failure and even death.

A Better Option

While tampons are convenient and discreet (and yes, you can swim in them), pads are the safer option. Not just in regards to the risk of TSS, though that is a factor, there is less chance of overnight leakage. Any woman who has ever woken up to her favorite sheets stained in the night knows how frustrating that is.

The lack of a need for insertion also makes pads a desirable alternative to tampons. Some women feel discomfort at having a foreign body inside them, and slippage can make tampon wearing uncomfortable. The environmental factor should also be considered – how many hundreds of thousands of tampons are flushed (always wrap your tampon and throw it away, by the way – never flush it) every year? How many plastic applicators are thrown away?

It stands to reason that as society’s preference for all-natural, all-organic products progresses over the years, our feminine hygiene products would need to meet that criteria as well. Very important as well is the need for sustainable or biodegradable products, made of 100 percent unbleached, unchlorinated – and even compostable cotton. Yes! You can compost your used natural, sustainable, organic pads!

Many more women are making the jump to “green” menstruation – no pink plastic footprint here.

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Where to Find Relay Track Pants




Where to Find Relay Track Pants

Track pants have always been simple, but the relay track pants of today maintain that inner sense of lean efficiency while managing to sport smart innovations catered to the needs of modern athletes. Whether you’re just looking to beat your current mile record or train for a triathlon, a good pair of relay track pants can improve your performance and your confidence. But while there are plenty of poorly designed track pants out on the market, you don’t have to look too far to find one that’s suited to your personal needs. But there are some essential features you should look for if you’re considering getting some track pants.

Moisture Resistance

If you’re pushing yourself hard in the gym, you’re going to sweat. That’s a good thing. The odor, discomfort, and potential rashes that arise as a result of it are significantly less good things. Most importantly, you want track pants made from a fabric that wicks off moisture so that sweat won’t even have a chance to linger. For that reason, polyester and nylon rank as the most popular choice for track pants fabric. They sluice off moisture and dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about your gym shorts developing a musty smell after just a day in the gym. It also means you can transition from the gym to the bar without breaking a sweat – or at least without being seen doing it.

Style Matched With Comfort

There’s a common misconception that sweatpants aren’t built to flatter. But there’s no reason track pants have to be slovenly, especially as casual is becoming increasingly more chic. A good pair of track pants show off your best features and continue to give you evidence as to why you need to keep working out. Trim but not overly tight fits are in right now. Because while track pants may be functionally best suited for the gym, an investment in a high-quality pair means that they can pull double duty when you’re out and about. Just make sure that comfort is a priority.

Feels Good in Any Situation

You don’t want your joggers to leave you at a loss just because you get stuck with them in an unexpected situation. To put it differently, if you got called to an emergency meeting from the gym, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable wearing the joggers you use now. If not, it might be time to reconsider your ensemble.

Look for activewear that primarily offers the level of support and comfort you need in the midst of a serious workout, and then you can make larger issues of comfort and convenience a secondary priority. A good pair of relay track pants will provide space to hold all of your essentials without being obtrusive. Fourlaps’ relay track pants come with a traditional side pocket as well as a zippered pocket for your wallet or other essentials and interior media pockets as well. It’s a sensible way to shift to and from the gym without having to rely too much on a backpack or gym bag.

The Best Relay Track Pants

If you want to seek out relay track pants, there’s no option quite like Fourlaps. Their unique sense of style perfectly blends form and function, and there’s plenty of pocket space for holding onto everything you need. Their rally track pants are proof that when manufacturers turn their attention to good design fundamentals and a focus on doing things the right way, you can find pants for your daily workout that can be worn well beyond the gym.

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The Best Custom Promotional Products




The Best Custom Promotional Products

In order to grow beyond a certain point, every company has to market itself. While traditional advertising has its place, one of the best ways to get your name out there is with custom promotional products.

Promotional products are nothing new. There have been products created as giveaways, loyalty rewards, and partnered products for over 100 years.

Promotional products allow you to get the name of your company in front of potential customers in large quantities. By giving out promotional materials, you  reward loyalty for the recipient, but you also get to market to all of the potential customers they will encounter. 

Custom Promotional Products Help Overcome Customer Fatigue

Promotional products throughout the 20th century remained pretty static. You put your logo on a regularly used product. You give that product away. People use that cooler, jacket, backpack, et cetera, and other people see them.

This usage keeps your logo and brand visible to the public and creates loyalty in the customer to whom you gave the item. This usage is classic, and definitely still has its place, but the brands at the front of public consciousness are doing more.

This is where custom promotional products shine. By working with your marketing company, you can create a custom product that speaks to your brand and your customer base.

While there is nothing wrong with a backpack or jacket as a promo item to give away, there are a couple of problems with them. 

Standard giveaway promotional items feel standard. While a classic windbreaker is functional, it is a fairly expensive marketing outlay for something that might not ever be used.

This is due to a bit of a paradox. Brands that are willing to pay for a quality jacket for a promotional item are obviously appealing to customers of a certain income level. Customers who can afford the kind of brand that is able to afford that marketing expense are not going to wear an unattractive item with a logo just because it is free.

How do you overcome this issue and make your materials appealing to your customers? What can you do to make sure your customer base will actually use the items you give out, so you can get the mileage of your marketing dollars?

The way to overcome this boredom with the same promotional products is by offering items that are unique enough that your customers will be excited about using them. This might be a custom makeup bag with a makeup purchase or a high-end gym duffel for a workout apparel brand.

Custom Promotional Products Help Overcome Customer Fatigue

In the past, customers would carry a promotional product with them for years, and the marketing effect was prolonged but limited to their immediate circle.

Marketing now is very different. Most purchasing decisions are made based on things seen on social media. In order to get the peer pressure effect given by promotional products in the past, you need materials that people will get excited enough about to share on social media. 

The power of custom promotional products lies in creating a potential viral moment. Creating a promotional product that can go to influencers and get them excited about your product might lead to viral demand for the promotional item, and the product that they represent. 

If you can partner with a great custom promotional product company, you can find the promotional product that will reach your customers where they are. 

In summary, the best custom promotional products will appeal to the particular niche of your customers, to get them excited about your brand, and cause them to share that excitement with others!

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7 Common myths about Franchise




Franchising is a wonderful opportunity for business owners, especially entrepreneurs who want to make it big. Stats reveal that in the next five years Indian franchise industry will grow by USD 140-150 billion. But there are many misconceptions surrounding Franchise. These misconceptions can be dangerous for those who accept everything as the truth without doing much research.

I don’t want you to go through the same. So, here’s a list of the 7 most widely believed misconceptions about Franchise.

1. You need to have experience with business

Nope. That’s a big fat myth! You don’t have to be an expert in the business, you just need to be dedicated to the franchise business model.

When franchisors look for franchisees, they don’t expect to look for someone with hard skills. What they look for is someone with the qualities of a leader with a solid work ethic and the required communication skills.

What’s more? You are also provided with the required resources like marketing materials, ongoing support, and a solid business plan – all of these are designed keeping your success in mind.

2. Franchising is too expensive

This one of the most common misconceptions that also acts as a barrier for many people to invest in Franchise. Just so you know, Franchise is not that expensive. The investment depends on your budget and your decision. You can start a franchise from as low as $10,000.

All that you have to pay is the one-time upfront franchise fee. Other than that, the other expenses are similar to the other businesses.

Also, Franchise comes with many added benefits like access to digital marketing professionals, on-staff consulting professionals, and others that you cannot enjoy with a start-up. With a start-up, you have to pay for hiring these professionals.

3. A famous franchise can help you achieve great success

While looking for a franchise, you should not go for name recognition. Instead, you should check the ROI, product quality, and success rate.

A famous franchise can help you for some time. But if their public relations are affected negatively, your business will suffer greatly.

Believing way too much in the buyer’s loyalty is a huge mistake. They can part ways as soon as they get better opportunities.

4. Franchisors just work for their fees and not for your success

There is no Franchise without their franchisees. Hence, franchisors want each of their franchisees to be successful. A failed franchise can not only be bad for their reputation but can also hamper future opportunities. The franchisors work their best to see all of their franchisees succeed.

5. Food Franchises are the only option when it comes to huge revenue

Food and fast-food franchises have ruled over this field for a long time. But not anymore. As people are getting aware of more opportunities, they are also shifting to other industries like clothing, FMCG products, etc.

If you look through the annual list of Entrepreneur Magazine’s best list of franchises, you can find a lot of different names there that belong to fitness, communications, hospitality, auto services and not just fast-food retails.

Thus, you can easily find opportunities in the kind of industry you are truly interested in.

6. You are sure to succeed with a Franchise

Owning a Franchise doesn’t offer an assurance of success. If any franchisors are offering this guarantee, they are definitely trying to fool you.

Franchisors definitely provide you with all the tools but the distance to the destination after that needs to be covered by you.

People who don’t can fail even after having these opportunities. But that doesn’t mean you should not invest in a Franchise. There are many successful franchises that help you achieve something bigger like Xtend-Barre Franchise.

7. I don’t have to be actively engaged with the Franchise

If you think you just need to invest financially and enjoy at your home waiting for the revenue to be transferred to your account, then you are wrong.

If all you needed to do was to invest and sit at home without offering any manual labor, there was no need for the franchisors to look for a franchisee. Even if some franchises offer you an absentee option, you still need to oversee the daily operations.

Choosing the right Franchise can help you a lot in your entrepreneurial journey. So, before you believe anything people have to say about franchising, take a peek into this article and then decide the truth-content in it.

All the best!

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What Do You Need to Start Your Own Business in the USA?



Do you want to establish your own business in the USA but aren’t sure where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

Let us simplify the processes for you.

In this post, we’ll list all the legal requirements for running your own business.

Registering Your Business Name

Once you have a concrete business idea, it’s time to find a unique name for your business that is also easy to remember. You may later want to scale your business, so keep that in mind while picking a name.

After deciding on a relevant name, be sure to do some research to ensure that nobody else has a similar name. Also, check if your chosen name is available on social media platforms and as a domain name. Maintaining an active online presence is important to attracting more customers and growing your business.

It is also recommended that you get a trademark after registering your business name. This way, other entrepreneurs won’t be able to copy it.

Requirements For Federal and State Filing

To get your business started, you need to form a legal entity. Only after it’s authorized can you start closing deals. For that, you need to decide which business structure best aligns with your operational needs, ownership arrangement, and other such factors.

Some entity types that you can choose from include:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Non-Profit Organization

Each of these entity types has a different set of requirements when it comes to documentation. Based on your choice, get the required documents and get them filed with the Secretary of the State (wherever you’d like to conduct your business).

In addition to this, you’re required to get your own Employer Identification Number (EIN). For taxation purposes, it’s necessary for you to have an EIN. Only after getting it can you open a separate bank account for your business, hire employees, and pay taxes.

Additional Requirements

It’s also a good idea to create contracts and legal agreements for everyone that you will be involved with, including partners, employees, and contract-based workers. Setting clear expectations is important to avoid disputes in the future.

Keeping your personal finances and assets separate from those of your business is also a healthy practice. So, you should open a separate account for business transactions. 

If your business is related to alcohol, medicines, or transportation, you may have to get special permits and licenses. Again, the requirements differ depending on the state that you are in. So, you should check with the local authorities which documents are required to set up your business.

Want more details about setting up your business?

Please check out this doc by GovDocFiling:

Starting Your Own Business: A Quick Guide to the Essential Requirements
Image Courtesy: GovDocFiling
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What Is The proper Flooring For A Public Building? 7 Arrangements For A Commercial Properties.




What Is The proper Flooring For A Public Building? 7 Arrangements For A Commercial Properties.

Not all flooring materials are considered to be best for public buildings. That is because flooring materials are not the same. Some are durable, while others break or get damaged easily, which is why many people take the time to look for the best flooring solutions for commercial property. There are many flooring solutions meant for public buildings, but only a few are affordable and long-lasting. Here is a list of 7 flooring solutions that are perfect for commercial property.

7 Flooring Solutions For Public Buildings.

1. Laminate

This type of flooring is considered to be the best for public buildings because it is durable and easy to clean compared to other flooring solutions. Another benefit of laminate flooring is that it is affordable and can last up to twenty years. Besides, being durable and easy to clean, laminate flooring has a natural look and is also easy to maintain. This type of flooring is usually found in public buildings such as schools and companies where there is a lot of movement.

2. Concrete Sealers.

Another type of flooring installed in public buildings is concrete sealers. This type of flooring solution is not only durable but also very easy to clean. Moreover, the concrete sealant protects the floor from abrasion and wear. This type of flooring is usually installed in industries and garages where there is a lot of dirt and oil.  Another benefit of concrete sealers is that they protect the floor against discoloration and tough stains. Concrete sealers are also easy to apply and will protect your surface for an extended period. Visit Milestone Industrial Flooring for more information about concreate floors.

3. Vinyl.

Vinyl has for a long time been used in a public building. That is because it is durable and available in a variety of styles and colors. Another reason why this flooring solution is recommended for public buildings is that it is affordable and easy to install. This type of flooring can be found in public buildings where a lot of foot traffic is experienced such as schools, gyms, and even nurseries. Moreover, vinyl flooring only requires little maintenance to last for an extended period.

4. Hardwood.

Hardwood is a natural floor material that is very durable and quite expensive. However, the material does come with aesthetic bonuses that cannot be found on other flooring solutions. Besides, being durable, this type of flooring is also easy to maintain and easy to install. Hardwood flooring is usually installed in commercial properties such as corporate offices, hairdressers, dentists, and estate agents.

5. Ceramic Tile.

Another type of flooring that is known to be durable and easy to clean is the ceramic tile. This flooring material is also stain-resistant, which is why it is installed in places with high traffic. Many commercial clients prefer having this type of floor installed because it is affordable and can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Furthermore, ceramic tile is easy to maintain and clean.

6. Epoxy Floor Coating.

This particular flooring solution is the most durable when compared to other flooring solutions mentioned above. Epoxy floor coating is not only waterproof but can also withstand other forms of abuse such as spills, stains, high traffic, abrasion, and even heavyweights. Moreover, this type of flooring solution has low porosity, which helps to protect the floor from harsh chemicals and other unwanted elements such as oil, dust, and debris.

7. Snap-Together Tiles.

This type of flooring solution is affordable and easy to install. Snap-together tiles are usually installed in industries because they are easy to clean and resistant to tough stains and chemicals. Another reason why this type of flooring is installed in commercial property is that it is easy to install and requires less maintenance work. Another factor you need to acknowledge about this particular floor is that it is also easy to replace in case it gets damaged.


There are many flooring solutions for commercial property available in the market, but not all of them are considered to be the best. Moreover, you also need to understand that some of these flooring materials are durable while others are quite expensive. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a flooring solution for a commercial property, make sure that you consider the primary factors which are durability, cost of the product, and maintenance.

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