Why Off-page SEO is the Future: an insight into backlinks and its secret

The whole purpose of SEO is to rank on the first pages of Google or Bing search engine, for some, it carries a more audacious bid which will be to rank on the first spot of search results. Regardless of the position of the ranking, the goal is to take a comfortable lead above your competitors and stand top of the market.

A good SEO strategy will offer all of this and even more, the more will represent the leads you convert, while your huge traffic is guaranteed. When it comes to SEO you will need a combination of tools to stand out and get the top spot. This way, your keywords alone will not perform the magic, while it is important, if it is the only thing you are doing, then you are lacking a major market.

Off-page SEO is the market I am talking about and in this article we will take it bit by bit until we have the entire morsel digested. I am sure you will love this journey, so let’s dive in right away.

What is Off-page SEO?

Just like the name implies, Off-page SEO has to do with the machinery you employ to better your website ranking, of the website. While online SEO has its focus on your keywords, the density, and then the content. When we look at Off-page SEO we are looking at other things you can do to improve your website visibility and boost your ranking.

It is Off-page because you are not carrying out these activities on your website, you are doing them without connecting to your website. However, these activities will, in turn, boost the ranking of your website, and give you the edge over the competitors. And this is an advantage you will love to explore.

What are these activities and how can they benefit your website? This will be the question bordering your mind at the minute and I have the answers, from Backlinks to guest blogging and press releases, the list can be endless but we will take it one after the other, and guide you through.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the heart and kidney of Off-page SEO, without Backlinks the entire concept of Off-page SEO suffers a major setback that can cripple it. Many have seen Backlinks as simply, the concept of link building, if this is how you have viewed it before, then you have lost a depth of the entire concept.

To explain it, using plain concepts; Backlinks should be seen as votes. Now, this is how it works if for instance, you buy a product from MacDonald’s that you love, the first thing you will do is to share it with family and friends. You are opening a market for the product and in another dimension, you are growing people’s trust in the product.

This is how Backlinks work, Google and Bing algorithms will always list websites with significant mentions and links from trusted websites above those without mentions. See backlinks as your social proof, they bestow a trust status on your website, and Google and Bing algorithms always want to show trusted websites to person’s who search on these engines.

Benefits of Backlinks

When you guest blog on a website with at least 21,000 daily readers, what happens is that your website is introduced to this large market and then Google takes this as a vote of confidence from the website of 21,000 that you have valuable content on your website. The more votes you have, the more your ranking.

Furthermore, like the MacDonald example above. With backlines, the site you are posting your guest post or blog is telling its list of users that; your website can be trusted. You get two things from this endeavor, traffic, and exposure, your page and website ranking also comes good.

About Reckonsoft

Reckonsoft is a leading digital marketing agency, with over 12years of proven expertise in helping brands to dominate their competitor’s ranking and take the stage as the leading website in a chosen keyword. We have demonstrated strong expertise over the years, with our industry know-how that has helped websites meet their SEO objectives with ease.

In a competitive atmosphere as search engines, trusting your SEO goals to a company that knows its salt like Reckonsoft, is an investment that will pay the highest rewards. So how do we achieve all of this?

We have over 50 slots from the leading PR/high-ranking websites like Observer.com, CTpost.com, Metrotimes, Riverfronttimes, Laweekly, and others. This way, getting your websites to rank on the first page of Google is made easy, furthermore, with over 400 websites under our control, getting seasoned backlinks for your website is made easy.

Our SEO and Backlink strategy explained:

When it comes to backlinks, it is not enough to have your website link posted by high-ranking websites. The algorithm of the search engines also checks for relevancy. Your content must be relevant to what the website is about, at Reckonsoft, we take the extra effort to place your websites on relevant links and get them ranked.

We also provide seasoned SEO strategies that work, some of our best keywords are: “best legal steroids” “best testosterone booster”, “best cbd oil” and others, perfectly ranked on the first pages of search engines. While these are very competitive keywords, our industry know-how gives our clients the advantage at all times, a reason we are trusted for our services.

You also get sponsored posts on high-ranking websites, as we target your audience with your keyword, ensuring you get both the traffic and the conversion you need to stay in business. We are a click away from offering these mouth-watering services for your website and push it to the highest heights. check us out on Reckonsoft.


When it comes to SEO, you are competing across a market, and you must make an audacious entry. The market is not sleeping or relenting, so also should your competition. A perfect Off-page SEO will give you this advantage and set your website apart, trusting professionals with this service is a goldmine that will pay the highest reward and this is where Reckonsoft comes in handy.

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