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Why Node.js Training?



Node.js is one of the most important skill sets you will require when building complex yet data-centric web applications. Node.jsis one of the most important skills to harvest, and you will be able to find a great Node.js course online because of its great importance. Node.js has become extremely popular and is being adopted in a variety of companies and industries. Whether you have an interest in learning more about JavaScript libraries or want to get better at your job, with Node.js training, you will gain a competitive edge in no time.

1.     Write JavaScript both ways

With the help of a Node.jscourse, you will be able to write JavaScript on the server and the client. This is one of the biggest advantages of Node.js and the primary reason to rely on this application. Node.js has revolutionized JavaScript because it was initially thought of for client-side application, yet now Node.jsis used in various applications. Node.js’ important implicationis that various teams can now work more efficiently and use various backend and frontend languages to build and develop programs. 

2.     It is extremely versatile

There is a common misconception that Node.js is used only for web development. However, this is not true because Node.js is extremely flexible and can be used in several projects. While it is mostly used for building web applications, it can also be incorporated as a very important tool for working in infrastructure or ops. The main reason why Node.js is so versatile is that it can be used to develop other tools. With the skills, you will be able to build support tools to help you perform your job in a much easier manner. This is one of the biggest reasons why Node.jshas been successfully adopted by some of the world’s biggest developers. 

3.     Build excellent web applications

A discussion about Node.js cannot be completed without mentioning web applications. Node.jsempowers you to build extremely powerful yet complex applications without having to indulge in writing complicated codes. This is possible because Node.js has an asynchronous driven architecture and because it uses the V8 JavaScript engine. The V8 is one of the fastest engines that provide results and no time at all and has been used for building various important products. This helps you create rigorous and well-tested applications without having to write complicated and complex code that requires and takes more time.  Get online Node.js training now to sharpen your skills and open yourself to various employment opportunities. This is a stellar way of getting ahead in your future.

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The Top Web Design Tips in 2021




EJM Web design London

The digital industry is booming at the moment, particularly with the pandemic, which has accelerated e-retail sales to new heights. Last year, online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales, compared with 15.8% the year prior. Now more than ever, having a sleek, professional website with a strong SEO campaign is critical to drive organic leads for your business. As a web design London company, EJM Web offers their top tips for ensuring that your website catches the eye of consumers.

1. Optimise for mobile and tablet

Did you know that mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide? Towards the end of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 50.81 percent of global website traffic! If you’re looking to improve your SEO, making sure your website is fully responsive is absolutely critical to help increase your conversions rate. EJM Web Design advises that you do proper testing on your website before launching. This includes checking page width, optimising image size and making sure all fonts are the same size and line up correctly.

EJM Web design London
EJM Web design London

2. Make Speed a Priority

Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year – that’s a huge amount and I’m sure you don’t want to be the site that falls within that statistic. There’s nothing worse than landing on a page, only to find that flicking between website pages takes 10 seconds each click. The best way to optimise is to use Google Page Speed Insights, which is a fantastic tool for speed testing. It will also highlight key areas for improvement, such as optimisation of image sizing and unnecessary CSS or scripts which may be running in the backend of the site. Speed is critical!

3. Keep things simple!

As a trusted London web design agency, one of the best things that you can do to create a beautiful website is to keep the noise to a minimum. That means not adding unnecessary words and sentences to fill space. Spread out the text across the page and keep content sections to a minimum. Break up the test with sleek images and animations. Remember to also keep the website menu uncluttered and mobile & tablet responsive. Many website designers fail to use proper navigation bars and end up leaving pages scattered all over the place. Don’t be that person!

4. Include a wide variety of call to actions

Call to actions are a great way to increase conversion rates on your website. Did you know that, on average, 90% of visitors that read your site title will also read your call to actions? Making sure that contact forms are easy to find and embedded sitewide is critical for driving leads. In addition, buttons containing phone numbers and business emails is a great way to encourage customer interaction with your website. From this data that you collect, you can then further drive leads by using platforms like Mail Chimp, provided they give you consent of course.

5. Don’t forget about SEO!

Many web designers in London forget about the importance of SEO for a website. If you break it down, you can have the best ship in the world, but if it has no fuel, how will it get anywhere? It’s the same with SEO. You need to constantly “fill it up” to make sure you are ranking in Google or Bing, and this entails are a variety of techniques. SEO is a complex game; it requires consistency and proficiency in a range of areas like off page marketing and on page optimisation techniques like H1 and H2 meta tag optimisation.

And that’s it – top tips for 2021 web design (and a bit of SEO!) EJM Web Design hopes that you found the content useful!

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How to use QuickBooks Online for Multiple Companies?



The accounting world is already aware of the functions and features that QuickBooks provide, this is why small and medium-sized businesses have been using the software for so long. It keeps business online accounting, bookkeeping, and financial activities in the loop. However, one thing most people wonder is, how to make multiple companies operate in a single QuickBooks software.

Can we have multiple companies in QB online? 

Will it be time-consuming to use it, or how to make the system login and logging off to a different account. QuickBooks offers two versions, one of which is the offline version in which it is accessed on the Desktop, with a local area network. Or either way, you can subscribe to the online version of the software.

Read more about: “QuickBooks Tool Hub

Switching Between Companies

We can seamlessly use QB online to track the expenses, and also entire accounting books for not just one but more than one business at the same time. This can be done easily through QB online and it is not something that the software can do. It can be done through methods to allow you to handle multiple businesses at the same time. 

This is sort of an advanced option, that can be implemented rightly with the right guidance. Doing it correctly can help you save costs and you need not have to have multiple subscriptions for each company. All information about different companies will be under one roof, visible to you, and accessible through a single account.

The process to switch between companies is simple and quick. 

From your current company file, you need to navigate to the main menu bar and then click on the tab that labels as file

  1. Once you click on it, you will notice several options seen on the screen, you can choose the one you want. 
  2. Now, click on the option that says ‘Open Preview Company’ 
  3. You will then be navigated to the other window and displayed with the list of companies that will be under your account. 
  4. Now, you need to only look for the specific company file that you would like to open 
  5. Once you spot it, click on it and then click on the button that displays ‘Open’.

Setting up Company in your Online Version

  • In the QB online, there will be multiple companies’ option which will display their subscription setup. 
  • In case you don’t seem to have an online QB account, you will be required to create one for yourself. 
  • Now, you will be entitled to select the country for your new company. Once you select the place, your QB online will be taking you to your region. 
  • Once you see you are on the right website of QB, then you will have to pick the version that you wish to use for the same. 
  • Now, you have options to either buy it now or see it through a free trial, depending upon the country that you pick.
  • Whichever country you pick, you will be taken to the sign-in page of that specific location.
  • Now, on the signing page, you can either choose your existing account or create a new one. If you are a user in QuickBooks, you will have to simply log in with your credentials, if not, create new ones. 
  • Do not forget that your accounts in the software are password-protected, you can control it through your safe password.

Adding Another Company

  • Adding a new company is as simple and easy and picking a subscribing plan for your new company. 
  • Choosing the Country; You will be required to access the site online and choose your country, this way you will be directed to the right version of your QB online. 
  • Pick the version: Once you are on the right site, you have to make a further decision on choosing the QB products, this depends on the subscription plan that you choose. You can decide by choosing plans from Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus.
  • Now, choosing the right product and deciding whether to buy it or making a free trial to check how it works is your call.
  • You have decided to buy now or continue using a free trial, if you choose to Buy now, you can also grab the discount.
  • Adding Company; Since you have accessed the Intuit account, you can add another company in a simple, effective manner. Select the option that says ‘Add another company’ located on your top screen.
  • You will be needing to pay monthly fees for each of your QB online that you have registered.


You can easily maintain multiple companies in your single QuickBooks Online account. Each of them will require an additional subscription and you can easily navigate to the list of products. If you wish to create a new company, you can move on by choosing the right version that you wish to use. Login with the current credentials and get a regular subscription for it, this will help you in totality.

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5 Steps of Product Photography Services




Product photography can help businesses convert customers and increase sales. It can help entrepreneurs showcase their products in the best possible light, drawing attention to their most impressive features and benefits. However, many businesses still wonder if professional product photography services are a worthwhile investment. They want to spend their money wisely on assets that will deliver good returns and don’t know if product photographs are a good investment.

Most professional services cost anywhere between $500 and $5,000 per day, based on the location and reputation of a photography studio. Businesses with a large inventory end up spending thousands of dollars just on product photography. It is easier to justify the expense when you understand just how much work and effort goes into it. Here’s a look at the most important steps in professional product photography services:

1. Consultation

Consultation is one of the most important aspects of professional product photography. An expert sits down with the client to understand their needs, priorities, and targets. An experienced photographer will ask the right questions, do some preliminary research, and look at the company’s brand. The purpose of a consultation is to ensure the client and photographer are on the same page and have the same goals.

Most photographers will also provide a tentative quote during the consultation so clients can form a budget for the project. You can discuss all of the expenses involved and make an informed decision.

2. Planning and Composition

Once the consultation is over, photographers will dive into research. They’ll look at all of the material provided by clients, study reference photographs, research competitors, and collect data on the client’s target audience. Most professionals seek information from small and big data sources to understand just what the client needs.

Once they have all of the information, they will start planning compositions and sketch out a few ideas. Photographers usually keep communication lines open and discuss ideas with clients during this process as clients know their brand and products better than anyone else. This research is an important aspect of professional product photography services, ensuring that the end product lives up to the client’s expectations.

3. Prop and Preparation

There are three approaches to product photography. You can choose product on white, creative in-studio, lifestyle, or a combination of all three. An ideal product portfolio will have all three types of images to give prospective customers all of the information they need. Product on white is a relatively straightforward approach and doesn’t require a lot of preparation or planning. The photographer just needs to work with lighting techs to ensure the photography environment is suitable before they get to work.

Creative in-studio images require relevant background elements and sometimes these elements need to be made from scratch. For example, if the client’s product is pancake batter, you will need pancake props to illustrate the batter’s purpose. Lifestyle product photography services also require some preparation. These often involve models and/or outdoor shooting locations. The studio needs to make all of the required arrangements before they can start principal photography.

4. Photography

Photography starts once everything is in place. It can take anywhere between an hour and few days based on the number of products and images. The expert will take shots from multiple angles, different lenses, and different lighting conditions. The goal is to capture a sufficient number of raw images and find the best composition.

A photographer can work alone or with a few technicians to help rearrange things between every shooting session. Most photographers will work for eight hours every day on large-scale projects, dividing their time between organizing the set, taking pictures, and looking at raw images to ensure everything is to their satisfaction.

5. Editing

Editing is the final and most important aspect of professional product photography services.An expert will carefully study all raw images, choose the best options, and then refine them using editing software like Photoshop. They will correct white balance, improve brightness and contrast, remove distracting elements and flaws, and make sure the image looks complete.

Editing is important because it improves raw images and makes them look more polished. Even inexperienced customers can tell the difference between raw images and polished, edited photographs. An experienced professional will spend a few hours carefully correcting and improving all images before considering them suitable for a public platform. Editing also ensures the images are ready for high-quality displays.

Once the editing is complete, the photographer will deliver all finished images to the client. Not all raw images make it to the finished portfolio. The studio will only deliver editing and refined pictures, keeping or disregarding raw photographs after the project is complete. Modern studios usually upload the images to a cloud server and provide access to clients. You can look at the photograph at any time, from any device, and download them onto any personal database. Some studios will keep the images on their database for a set number of weeks or months before removing them.

It is a good idea to transfer all pictures to your personal server to ensure you don’t lose track. Some studios will offer a physical storage option on request. For example, they may upload all images into a CD or USB drive and send them to the client. While this is an option, most clients usually find cloud servers quicker and more convenient. Delivery is a part of product photography services.Once it is done, you can use the images on all platforms and marketing campaigns. Clients have full usage rights to the images while the photographers retain creative rights.

As you can see, product photography services require a lot of time and effort. The visually appealing and descriptive images are a result of a long-hours of work and expertise. As long as you hire a good-quality professional photographer, you’ll reap great rewards. These polished images deliver great ROI for several years to come. There’s no need to replace them unless you want to revamp your brand or run a fresh campaign.

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A great website for buying and selling electronic devices



great website for buying and selling electronic devices


Good news for those who are looking for the best website to buy multiple electric products at low prices! We are going to look for a website here that is very popular and trustworthy for buying and selling. Nowadays buying and selling online has become a popular way. Everything you need can be easily collected via the Internet in a very short time, and old devices can be sold to others. Currently, there are some websites online where both buying and selling can be done simultaneously. We have been launching such a website for customers for a long time which will be especially helpful in your daily life.

About buy and sell our website

Our website is designed to help you sell any old electric device in your home.Or you can choose to buy multiple item devices through our website at a low price. Currently, many people are looking to buy used products. The device you don’t need may be needed by someone special. So you can sell your unused mobiles, laptops, tablets, notepads, and much more to our website for cash. For those who have a variety of old items, we suggest selling them on our website to raise an attractive amount. On the other hand, for those who need different types of old devices, we offer all the great devices with high-quality features at a much lower price.

Why buy and sell different types of products from our website?

We are first of all a reliable and trustworthy website for buying and selling online. You can collect all smartphone buyback from our website. All the devices you buy on our website are perfect and useful for later use. Also, those who sell different types of products on our website, their products are completely original and interesting. We do not allow any type of old damaged device on our website. Besides, all categories of buyback electronics items on our website are tested for usability. On our website, we offer some benefits to customers that build special trust in buying and selling. If customers somehow select the wrong category, we give them a chance to correct it. We also provide the facility to exchange the purchased product within 30 days if you do not like it. Our website helps you to input and output all kinds of devices for buying and selling. This is a great option to raise money through older devices. From now on is one of the most popular websites of your choice. Let your friends and close people know about the great functionality of this website. Because they can also benefit from the help of our website.


Hope you understand the importance of our website; consider it as the best website for buying and selling. From now on, without leaving the old device at home, collect it at cash price by selling it on our website. is always ready to make your life easier.

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E-liquid Packaging Boxes



E cigatret boxes

Custom Boxes World UK provides the customized child resistant packaging which is not only safe but also trendy at the same time. We have various designing options and we provide free design consultation along with free delivery across the country. Moreover, our reasonable prices make sure that you have to bear the lowest possible cost of packaging. Besides, our eco-friendly manufacturing material makes sure you play your role for a greener environment.

Vaping is turning into a craze with every passing day. One of the reasons why e-cigarettes are becoming so common is that they are considered to be a relatively safer alternative to smoking. Although more research still needs to be done in this regard. But since you can choose a nicotine free option in e-cigarettes and these devices do not involve combustion, it is believed that you won’t be inhaling the carcinogens as you do in smoking.

Moreover, vapers mostly believe that the e-cigarettes can be used to gradually wean off from nicotine addiction as you can slowly reduce the concentration of nicotine with time in e-cigarettes. Nicotine free e-cigs also provide a clever alternative to smoking in public places where nicotine is prohibited.

As more and more smokers turn into vapers rapidly, the e-cigarettes companies are coming up with wide range of options in e liquid boxes. These are being offered in a huge variety of flavours. Moreover, to stand on sound footing in the already competitive market, these companies are relying on highly professional custom packaging. Their e-liquid packages are innovatively designed to satisfy the aesthetic appeal. They are well aware of the fact that the users of e-cigarettes are style consciousness and their e-cigs represent their style statement. Hence, the e liquid boxespersonalized to represent a company’s specific character is being used as a brand ambassador for the company. It establishes brand identity as well as brand loyalty in the long run and is worth every penny.

Get the Safest and Yet Trendiest Child Resistant Packaging

Certain products are if such nature that they can be hazardous if ingested by kids. E-liquids are among those products. For the potentially hazardous products, the relevant regulatory authorities demand that the packaging should be child resistant. I.e. kids should not be able to have access to the product readily. The Custom Boxes World UK makes sure that all the health and safety standards are met.

We offer a variety of child resistant packaging. For example it may ask for a couple of operations to be performed simultaneously to open the box. It may, for instance, involve pressing a button on each side of the box simultaneously for it to open. Or it may include such features as a sliding tray inside the bix which cannot be easily taken out by the little ones. The options here are innumerable and the aim is to protect the little people around you.

Our CR packaging is such that although it cannot be easily operated by the kids but is simple enough for the seniors to open and close. No matter which mechanism you opt for under CR packaging, we make sure the purpose of safety is served in style. I.e. you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics while meeting the safety standards. Even the child resistant packaging can be aesthetically as pleasing as any other regular packaging. It can be customised completely and personalized to meet your specific requirements and yet be unique enough to attract attention.

We Provide Free Mock Ups

To show our commitment towards the highest standards and to stay above board with our customers, we provide free mock ups before they finally place a bulk order with us. We provide complementary flat or 3D samples for an idea about the final product. Moreover, the customer can also order a physical sample. It gives you a feel of how your custom e-liquid box will look like. You can actually put your product inside the physical box and see how well it fits. This will also provide you an idea of the quality of finishing. A sample allows you to make final changes to the box before placing an order. Essential oil packaging boxes are good for your business.

Contribute to a Better Ecosystem with Custom Boxes World UK

We believe in conscientious business rather than merely a profitable business. That is why we always use only such manufacturing material for our boxes which can be easily recycled or reused. All our stock is biodegradable. We also offer recycled stock in an effort to reduce carbon footprints on the planet and contribute towards a greener ecosystem. Our eco-friendly Kraft material is the favourite among those who want to do a greener business. It not only helps you play a role towards a better ecosystem but also established your goodwill among the customers who are increasingly becoming environment conscious. The learned customer today prefers to buy from those suppliers who give importance to environment.

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