Steering Wheel Shakes

Why my steering wheel shakes? Know about causes behind it

No doubt! Vehicles are made to rule the because these are designed in such way, so the driver can enjoy the smooth rides even on harsh road. But to maintain it for long time, vehicle requires timely maintenance. So, timely maintenance is must for any vehicle otherwise replacement of any part can be possible, which costs you even more.

After a certain period of time few common problems can be reported by most of the users. One of the common problems is Steering Wheel Shakes. It is the main component of any vehicle works as a connection between driver and the ride. Steering wheels performance can be an indicator to some serious cause, while driving it is necessary to measure it.

Sometimes, the steering wheel shakes and vibrate during starting of vehicle. Sometimes, during the driving- during slow driving, during fast driving. The problem can be reported of any time. So, before putting a red flag to your vehicle’s internal parts its very importance to examine behaviour of your it. Causes can be distinctive you just have measure it on right time before some serious damage.

We are going to elaborate, the few but very common cause for such cause and how to can examine it on time. So, any further delay let’s jump in…

Know more about common causes of Steering Wheel Shakes  

  • Vehicle’s tires are not balanced

It can be the most common or obvious cause behind this problem. If the vehicle’s tire is not aligned properly or out of balance it can lead to steering wheel jam or shakes. Such problem easily examined when the vehicle speed is slow and one can hear the sound of steering wheel. If any of tire is not balanced, this situation may occur. So, it is compulsory to check the tires alignment before sitting in your car of after parking of the car.

  • Vehicle’s engine jam

Engine problems manifested through shaking can be felt throughout the entire car, but it’s usually the steering wheel which will give you a heads-up before that happens. This cause can be at stoppage of the car and you hear a sound from the engine. This problem can not be optimized accurately, one has to pays attention to it carefully.

  • Vehicle’s brake rotor problem

Is your brake’s rotor started to wear out and even loosing the shape of it, it simply means that your rotor is out of round? Brake are one of the most important components of any vehicle. So, look into in this matter as soon as possible. As it can definitely lead to steering wheel shakes and even cause more damage.

  • Suspension components not aligned

Shaking of steering wheel can be reported due to suspension components are not aligned properly, it can be result of ball joint tie rod is became old now and requires newer one. It means that the suspension component can be become loose at any time. This one needs some extra consideration if you’re driving the same vehicle from long time.

  • Vehicle’s axle not functioning

If your vehicle has met with an accident recently and after that you are noticing Steering Wheel Shakes problem, then it’s definitely means that axle of the vehicle is not functioning due to some serious damage inside the components of the vehicle. Any broken driveshaft may result to random jerkiness of the steering wheel. If the steering wheel will jerk on its own then its an immediate red flag for your vehicle.

Final Words

If your vehicle facing any of the above-mentioned causes and you’re facing the same situation of Steering Wheel Shakes, then without any delay take your vehicle to the best mechanic (as per the brand, avoid local mechanic in such serious situations) and get it fixed as soon as possible, If you don’t want to face the same problem again and don’t want to waste your previous money like water.

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