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Why More and More Companies are Choosing Virtual Events

All of us are familiar with the jittering nerves and panic we face on the first day of our new jobs. A good employer knows how they can lower the anxiety of their new employees by providing fun and enjoyable onboarding experiences. 

Why Establish Best Onboarding Practices?

Onboarding is a term used when an employer provides its new employees with training, activities, and information to help them get settled in the new work environment and understand the culture. The best onboarding practice helps employees to: 

  • Understand their role in the workplace. 
  • Make connections with their colleagues. 
  • Understand the employer’s intentions.
  • Understand the culture of the company. 
  • Improve confidence and help in achieving success. 

Create Workplace Connections via Company Culture

Employers should create a friendly and encouraging environment for onboarding plans. The plan should be related to every level of the workforce — from senior-most employees to entry-level responsibilities. 

The employer should create a company culture where everyone has a strong connection to each other. This should be done by encouraging Team Building Experiences by introducing new activities to employees. Employers can also help new employees make bonds that offer them support and help the company grow by introducing them to as many staff as possible. 

The employer can arrange onboard activities outside of the working hours whose purpose is to build a stronger relationship between the employees. However, these activities should be fun for the staff, so they do not start resenting the company. Arranging small picnics and game nights can help employees establish meaningful, lasting connections that will aid in their performance and growth. 

How Can Virtual Events Help with Creating an Onboard Experience?

If your company’s workforce is working remotely and work-from-home, then creating a fun, and interactive virtual onboarding experience can be tough. First impressions are important, and virtual events help with giving new employees a great one without feeling nervous. Group calls are a good way for new employees to get to know each other and other senior staffers. Virtual Team team-building activities such as informative seminars on global days, group cooking classes, and different workshops such as aromatherapy and composting workshops are also great ways to get to know each other. By having fun with other employees, new hires get to know each other at a deeper level. 

How Can You Run Your Virtual Events for Onboarding?

If you, as an employer, want to run virtual events for your employees but are confused about where to start, then don’t worry. Confetti can help you in creating a fun virtual team-building experience for your staff. It is a unique platform for companies to find, book, and run virtual events. The platform offers everything you need to host a successful virtual event. Their dedicated coordinators will help plan your experiences free of charge. 

With Confetti, you can also arrange other virtual events based on different seasonal celebrations such as Black History Month or Employee Appreciation Day, to all-year-round and evergreen team-building experiences like Trivia, Escape Quest, and a wide variety of Cooking Classes.

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