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Why lottery players love the Irish Lotto



You must have heard by now why there’s a huge promotion regarding Irish Lotto and Lottoland. In fact, we should just come out and say that most people are fawning over the Irish Lotto rather than the UK Lotto. But why is that exactly? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to open up right here for you.

For the longest time, lotteries have always been a game about chance. No matter how many times you play it, your chances of winning are just as unpredictable as the next game you decide to play. However, many believe that the Irish lotto offers better chances and opportunities in walking away as winners with a good degree of compensation.


The Irish lottery was launched back in 1988, replacing the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. Ever since then, it has grown in popularity and reputation as it offers better value overall compared to other types of lottery, including the UK lotto.

The Irish lottery is held every Wednesdays and Saturdays and only uses 45 balls, which is for less than the UK lottery itself. This is one of the reasons why the Irish lotto offers us a better chance of winning. June 2008 witnessed 16 rollovers that resulted in the Irish lotto jackpot to reach a whopping €18,963,441. This cash prize was won by a group of 16 work colleagues from a Bennekerry quarry each person taking over €1.1 million with them. Imagine the good fortune that turned up for these lads that day

When it comes to the UK Lotto, it’s the biggest primary lottery game in the United Kingdom and is controlled by the National Lottery. The National Lottery is an organization that is aligned with the bigger European lottery Euromillions.

Overall, both these lotteries have various comparisons and similarities, but the Irish lotto edges out the UK lottery just a little more. And why is that you ask? Well, let’s find out together.

Here are some of the main reasons why should most people, the Irish lottery deserves more praise than the UK lottery:

Reasons why people love the Irish lotto and Lottoland

1.   Better odds of winning

As we said earlier, the Irish lottery offers players a better chance of winning than the UK lottery. This is because there are 4 fewer balls in the Irish lottery than the UK one, which gives us a one in 10.7 million chances to win the Irish jackpot. But that’s not all.

It turns out that it gets better as the odds of landing 5 numbers, including the bonus ball, offer better winning chances. While this may seem like a very slim figure, it’s worth noting that these are better odds compared to some of the other lotteries.

Because of that, the Irish lotto typically has more favorable odds for us when it comes to winning. Apart from this, it’s also known that the largest jackpots also contain the biggest odds, whereas those with smaller odds offer relatively smaller prizes.

For others, the best odds are the ones in the middle, which is what the Irish lotto offers and why it is usually better than the UK lottery.

2.   Irish lotteries are more realistic

When compared to the UK lottery or other lotteries, Irish lottery jackpots are inferior. But on the flip side, it’ll be less stressful for players whether they win the Irish lottery or not. But why is that exactly? It’s because most lottery winners typically end up losing their cash in a couple of months as it would be almost impossible to spend a massive sum of money. On the other hand, the Irish lottery enables winners to be more realistic with their spendings without wasting even a penny.

Despite the larger amount of money being more tempting, the chances are that you’ll be more realistic when it comes to winning a smaller jackpot (the largest UK Lotto jackpot being £66,100,000 compared to the largest Irish lotto jackpot, which was around €18.9 million). That’s because you’ll spend and invest your winnings more responsibly without mismanaging any one of your funds.

3.   The Irish lotto is simpler to play

Lastly, perhaps the biggest reason why the Irish lotto earns more favors than the UK Lotto is that the former is relatively more comfortable playing with. Generally, almost all major Lottery games would want players to pick an extra number any smaller, separate pool of numbers in order to win the jackpot prize.

But With the Irish lotto, you only have to choose 6 primary numbers ranging between 1 to 47. Logically speaking, this is a simpler concept to take in.

Realistically, if you’re looking to buy a car or a home and take care of all outstanding loans using your lottery winnings, you have to play with a certain kind of Lottery that gives you a much better chance of earning the jackpot. Yes, other major jackpots do offer whopping winning amounts, it’s never easier to score the winning numbers.

Additional reasons

There are other reasons as to why the Irish lotto wins out over the UK Lotto and one of them is the fact that when players can place their bets on the upcoming £3.7 million jackpot they’ll likely get a welcome bonus of approximately 30 elephants scratch cards. And this is the kind of combination between Irish lotto and Lottoland. Each of those scratch cards have a top price of £500 which is paid out immediately and can be withdrawn from an account.

Another reason is that 3.7 million pounds is obviously a lot of money and the fact that if we correctly bet on six numbers in spite of the odds being still a tad too high – though not as much as the UK Lotto – those are still pretty favorable odds.

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Money & Market

What is the future of crypto?




There is no denying to the fact that the cryptocurrecny has revolutionized the trading and payment transactions. There are various cryptocurrency future predictions and there is huge curiosity about it in the minds of people.

We can not understand the future of cryptocurrency until or unless we have some knowledge about it’s origin and history. After reading the history and trends of the demand of cryptocurrency, one can easily estimate about it’s future. And he can get satisfactory answer to the questions like is cryptocurrency really the future?

New evolving currencies:

If we look far back into the history, there was no concept of the currencies in the beginning and people used to rely on the barter system. And they used to exchange the things they have in abundance with the things which they needed from other people.

With the passage of time the concept of currencies in evolved in the form of coins of gold and silver. Further evolution led the way to the present currencies of coins, currency notes and debit cards. Also do you want to know what is Decentralized eCommerce?

In this modern era, the newly emerging digital currencies like cryptocurrency are not less than a revolution in the field of payment transactions and businesses. Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that you can use for payment transactions.

Decentralized mechanism:

The block chain technology has made the payment transactions via cryptocurrencies an unparalleled way of payment transfers. The reason behind which is the decentralized mechanism of payment transfer modes.

Here decentralization means that in the transactions of cryptocurrencies, there is no single person or firm controlling the transaction. Instead it is the users who have the collective control over it. In other words, the power is distributed among the participants instead of being in the hands of a specific group or firm.

Furthermore, another plus point is that there is no intervention of third parties like banks, government and other similar institutions. Hence, we can say that block chain is the base for existence of cryptocurrencies.

Transactions via cryptocurrency:

Day by day increasing usage and demand of cryptocurrencies has made it mandatory to accept these digital currencies as a mode of payment. The reason behind which is that credit cards payments are also widely accepted across the world, even though they are not legally accepted as legal tender. Then why cryptocurrencies can not be used as a mode of payment.

Furthermore, the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method can also be justified just because some of the US-based firms have readily started accepting the cryptpcurrencies as a payment mehtod.    

So, we can say that accpetance of cryptocurrencies as payment mode is  more likely to be accepted all across the world in future.


Volatility of the cryptocurrencies can be considered as a drawback. First thing that causes volatility is the fluctuation in the market of cryptocurrencies. And secondly, some of the decisions of institutions like Securities and exchange commission (SEC) and Financial conduct authority (FCA) also affect the behavior of traders towards the cryptocurrency.

What to expect in the future:

Researches and surveys have clearly revealed that all the major companies and firms are willingly accepting the block chain technology and they are trying to shift their transactions to this technology.

It means that one can expect the cryptocurrcnies to become the part of mainstream payment and transactions means in the near future.


In the light of above discussion, you can easily understand that owing to the fast growing technology, the shifting of business and payment transaction modes to crytpocurrency will go on increasing. It will definitely result in the growth of cryptocurrencies at an exponential rate. Also you can Control Your Funds On An eCommerce Platform.

If you have questions in your mind like is cryptocurrency the future of money, the answer is yes, future of crypto in the next 5 years will most probably be as a major and mainstream mode of payments.

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How To Download FRP Bypass App On Your Handset



The usage of smartphones is increasing constantly in modern days. Mobile manufacturers focus on advanced technology and release the smartphone with the latest features. The people purchase the new device with new features. Many people around the world prefer using the android device over others as Said by TechieRide

When it comes to mobile security, the Android operating system is very strict. If the user resets their handset to the factory setting, they need to enter the login ID for the google account used in the phone before. They ask for login credentials for security purposes. Sometimes the user forgets the login ID that they are locked out of the smartphone. 

If you forget your login credentials and don’t worry, you can use the frp bypass app. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection that prevents a thief from using the stolen Smartphone. It is the best app to bypass the FRP process without hassle. There are lots of apps available in the market but it is the most excellent app. Instead of going to the service center, you can install this app to fix the problem. 

Steps to download FRP bypass app

The latest version of app needs the manual installation. It is easy to install this app on your device like other APK apps in the market. If you need to download the FRP Bypass app on your smartphone, you can follow the below-given steps.

  • First of all, you should go to the android setting and click on the security setting option  
  • Scroll down to device administration and permit the unknown source  
  • Install this app from the unknown source 
  • save files in the download folder of the device 
  • Find the certain file and hit on it
  • Click on the install option and wait for few seconds to finish the installation process 
  • Now open the app on your device and start using it properly 

Reason to use FRP Bypass App  

Factory Reset Protection on the smartphone is enabled automatically if the goggle account is signed in to the device. Removing the Google account from the android device is the best way to get rid of this problem. There are lots of reasons for using the frp bypass app on your device. 

  • It is the best tool used to bypass the FRP from the android device. Millions of smartphone users prefer this app to bypass the FRP screen and login procedure.
  • This app is simple to use because all options available on the bypass app are visible on the home screen. It is mostly used to bypass FRP within a few steps. 
  • There are lots of options available to unlock the smartphone but this app works effectively. It is recommended by many people around the world to unlock the device. 

This app is 100% safe and free so you can download it from the app store. There is no official website for this bypass app. There is an anti-ban version so the user doesn’t have to worry about the account getting banned. 

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5 Important Tips to Reduce Burden of Home Loan EMIs




home loan

Lenders today have relaxed home loan eligibility requirements, and this helps you avail funds for home purchases without having to jump through hoops. What’s more, you can now access a range of digital provisions, and features like the online loan application make the process of getting a housing loan in India a lot easier. 

While it is true that it is easier to access funds today, you must remember your responsibility of repaying the loan on time. Many borrowers are quick to accept loan deals but end up struggling with repayment down the line. It is possible to address such problems with ease, and to get insight on this subject, take a look at these reliable ways to reduce your home loan EMI burden.

Pay a larger sum as your down payment

Although a higher LTV (loan to value ratio) offered by many lenders may attract you, as you get a larger loan amount, paying a large sum as a down payment brings down the burden of paying a high home loan EMI. After all, when the principal you borrow is low, repayment is easier. Paying a higher down payment also increases your chance of getting the loan sanctioned quickly and at a lower rate of interest. 

Communicate and negotiate with your lender

When you maintain a higher CIBIL score of more than 750 and have a high income with fewer existing debts, your home loan eligibility increases, and you can get lower interest rates from lenders. Use this information to discuss and get affordable loan terms, which make your home loan EMI easier to manage. 

Prepay the loan with excess funds

Home loans come with a long tenor, which adds a long-term liability to your list of financial responsibilities. Thus, you must plan prepayment. Partial prepayment can be a good idea to lower your future home loan EMI amount. Make sure you plan this during the loan’s initial term when the interest component of your home loan EMI is higher. Also, rather than using your emergency funds, use surplus income from investment payouts or bonuses for this. 

Share the EMI burden with a co-borrower

When you apply for a joint home loan with a co-applicant, you not only boost your home loan eligibility but also have a way to share the responsibility. Apply for a home loan with your spouse or family member to pay half of your home loan EMI each if possible. This only works if your co-applicant also has a stable income and a high credit score, so consider these aspects before proceeding. Remember, women today also get a lower rate of interest when taking a housing loan in India, which may further help you reduce your home loan EMI amount. 

Consider doing a balance transfer 

If you find your current lender charging you more interest than another, you can always refinance your loan. However, you should also consider the associated costs. If the interest rate benefit is more than the cost of the balance transfer, then go for it. Use the home loan EMI calculator to check the new amount in this case and plan your move using the home loan balance transfer calculator. 

With these tips, you can ensure your home loan EMI suits your pocket and ensure that you have a hassle-free repayment experience. To get lower interest rates right from the start, apply for the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Home Loan. Its interest rate starts at just 6.75% and it offers ample finance to buy your dream home. Moreover, you can apply with ease online by meeting simple criteria and furnish basic documents required for home loan processing to access the funds you need as quickly as 72 hours from approval. To get started on your journey toward being a homeowner, apply online by filling the quick and easy form.

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How Open Source Software is Revolutionizing Global Markets?



The use of open-source software is increasing globally. Most entrepreneurs, business owners, or startups are consuming their time by focusing on open-source PHP codes than starting from scratch. It’s true that open-source software is revolutionizing the entire market.

The open-source e-commerce software is a unified product of software developers with the same views. They work to develop a single software to fix all the issues under the Open Source philosophy. This philosophical system enables copyright owners to allow users to study, edit and distribute the software for all purposes.

The code of open source is conventionally stored in a general repository or made accessible to the public. Anyone can approach storage and use the code individually or contribute to the improvement of any project’s design and available functionality.

The open-source e-commerce software comes with a distribution/allocation license. The license consists of several terms that explain how developers can use, study, edit, and most of all, distribute the software. 

Besides, the OSS must include the content and methods used to change when source code is altered. However, it depends on the license’s terms; either the resulting software may or may not be made freely available. 

Impacts of Open Source Software on the product

The possible impact that currently in use Open Source Software is going to have on the product is another threat. That’s why one must understand if the community is continuously controlling not only the Open Source Software project but also its problems promptly. Furthermore, the company should implement the latest versions along with the deployment of patches that have been utilized. As it will have impacts on the quality of the product, the release capabilities, and customer trust if you are using outdated, unpatched, or unmaintained Open Source Software. 

Open-source scripts are available for each and every product in the market. The need for clone scripts increases throughout the development. While we search for clones of Amazon, CustomInk, UpWork, Instacart, Uber, Postmates, Task Rabbit, LetGo, or any platform that available today, its open-source scripts are also available in the market. People don’t want to spend hours developing their idea from scratch. They are choosing open-source PHP codes and scripts for their businesses by adding some additional features and customization.

Benefits of Open Source Software

Open Source Software is free: It is openly distributed, and the public can access it freely.

Flexible in nature: It is flexible enough that the e-commerce website builders can examine code’s function at any time and alter it according to their requirements.

Open Source Software is stable: The source code of open-source e-commerce is openly distributed to depend on it for far-reaching projects. 

Ingenuity: Open source software promotes creativity. E-Commerce website builders can utilize the preceding code to recuperate the software and come up with their innovations. 

Unlimited access: It comes up with a built-in community and provides plenty of learning tools for new e-commerce website builders.

How does Open Source Software get money?

Most of the time, open-source e-commerce software projects don’t begin with the purpose of getting money. Rather, they get initiation with the aim to provide solutions for multiple problems. Sometimes, the issues aren’t big or experienced by a great number of programmers. Other times they are minors, and only a handful of developers experienced them.

Whenever a project provides a solution for a significant problem, its demand grows. Then the scales and production activities of that project are set to increase its revenue. 

Moreover, these production activities are typically set up by the original project designer to provide corporation support to big firms using the software. It may also be a counterintuitive means a business would be willing to pay for software; otherwise, it is free. 


At a nominal cost of development, open-source software has democratized the software industry by fostering ingenuity. Also, one can grow ways with the help of Open Source Software.

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E-Commerce CRO Audit: What Is It And Why Do You Need It For Your Online Store?



Online stores have been tremendously flourishing in the post-covid world, but how many of you know if you’re doing it all right? Are you also a new online business owner fresh into the field? How familiar are you with the E-commerce CRO Audit and how it can benefit your online store? Before using a business technique it is definitely important that you are aware of its functioning and benefits. That is exactly what we are going to guide you through in this article. 

When you start an online store and are trying to understand the way business works for you, growth is of course one of your prime motives. It is not just the diligent hard work that matters but also how efficiently you use techniques to grow. This is also what will make your online business stand out from the rest. Let us dwell right into the topic and make sure you know everything necessary for your business growth.

What Is E-Commerce CRO Audit?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is one of the most important things that empower the growth of businesses no matter what industry they are under. A strategy that enhances the assurance of succeeding in your respective field can be achieved by conducting a well-formed CRO audit. For conducting this audit, it is required to gain the knowledge of how exactly visitors navigate to find your online store and how do they experience it. 

When you hire a conversion agency, they help you bring out all the possible ways to pinpoint bigger issues that exist on your website, which might be restricting traction. Performing this audit is essential because it helps you find the problem and eradicate or rectify the mistakes. Your online store might look satisfying from your eyes, but its growth completely depends on the customers viewing your site. If your store design or other functions do not satisfy your customers and fail in giving them a pleasant experience, your reach will eventually drop. 

Therefore, a conversion audit is done to sweep up your website thoroughly, without leaving anything to find blind spots. This will help you identify technical and/or usability issues that can be rectified from your end. Focusing on the end-to-end customer experience is the priority here and that is exactly what the e-commerce CRO audit delivers. 

Why Is It Necessary For Your Online Store?

It is quite evident from its definition of why this audit is necessary for your online business, but let us break it down here. If you need to follow the ecommerce conversion rate optimisation process, which yields splendid growth for your online business. Conducting the audit will obviously not give you an immediate rise in conversions, but it will help pinpoint any issues. 

Knowing your weak points in your business is necessary because you can focus more on those areas. The areas of latent problems have the potential to affect your sales, therefore, you can give your attention where it’s required to rectify the issue. Doing so will gradually bring up your sales as well as an increase in your audience interaction. When you conduct an e-commerce CRO audit, what is most focused is on the data of your business. 

The focus stays on all the data you have of your business because that is plain evidence of how your customers have found you, through which medium, and their experience. When we talk about customer experience here, it includes their journey to finding your website, how easily they could operate it, and how helpful they found it. All this can be acquired from the data containing information about your online store. 

The key here is to prioritise areas on which you need to work on. While conducting the audit, the conversion agency will collect the data required to understand what areas to focus on. This way you will be able to reorganise your work plan and can focus less on the areas that are already doing well. Once you start troubleshooting the problems, your online store will start running smoother and gaining more reach which will enhance sales. Whatever you find as a problem from the audit, can also be eliminated given that it’s not extremely necessary for the website. If this is diligently done, you will soon see an improved rise in conversion rates because of the improved customer experience. 

What Does The CRO Strategy Include?

While doing the audit, it is also important that you are aware and are ready with a solid CRO strategy for your brand. You need to be thorough and sure of the goal of your brand, be it big or small. The customers want to see what you have to offer; therefore, you should be ready to illustrate your plan of action for your store and what you have to put forward. 

This will let the users of your website know that you have something authentic to provide them and you are also easily accessible. This will help your brand to gain their trust. So what form can you put this out to your customer? The following are some of the ways;

  • E-Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogue
  • Brand Bible
  • Any downloadable material that explains your brand and products. 

You may use any of the adobe or any other option which you feel fits the kind of your business the best. It is essential to keep in mind that whatever option you choose, shouldn’t further burden your work or increase difficulty. These options should be able to easily direct your customers to you and make yourself more accessible and useful to them. 

Steps To Completing The Conversion Audit

To find out the main component that could be sabotaging your online business, the CRO audit should be well performed on the data you have. If you are unaware of how exactly the audit is done, the following are the few main steps explained in short;

Define Objectives

The first step is to clearly define your objectives. You need to be well aware of what exactly are your goals to achieve through this process. These objectives may include; increasing the average order value and reducing abandonment of your shopping cart. IT can also include improving the conversion rate to purchase. These are the most common objectives, but they could vary according to the type of your business. 

Define Target Audience

In the next step, you should be able to define your target audience. You need to be able to point out what kinds of people you are targeting with the nature of your products. What kind of people will be able to benefit from your products? This is important because according to this you will be able to point out the issues on your online store. 

Conduct Quantitative Research

Step three would be conducting quantitative research. Doing the e-commerce CRO audit requires a lot of advanced and professional research. This is where conversion agencies step in. This step is vital to find out the areas that need your most attention. Through this process you will also be introduced to two things as follows; optimisation areas and baseline metrics. They help in paving a way to guide the customers to reach the landing page of your website. 

Conduct Qualitative Research

Apart from quantitative research, qualitative research is also necessary to be done during the process. This includes collecting all the data collected from cataloging session recordings, user surveys, etc. Data you have gathered might show you where you are losing customers but qualitative research will show you why it happens. 

Test Hypotheses

After following these steps thoroughly, what is important is to develop test hypotheses. Doing this will help you identify patterns and trends developed from user behavior on your website. This way, you will know where it happens and why it happens and how often it happens. Studying this will help you eliminate the problem and work on your drawbacks. 

You are now well informed about the e-commerce CRO audit and you know how it works and how it can help you. But one of the main tasks you need to focus on initially is on finding the right conversion agency for the task. Your online business, be it big or small, is something you are giving your everything to grow. Therefore, to Shopify CRO the right way you need a reliable agency to do the work for you. Click here to check out one of our top recommendations when it comes to handling CRO auditing for online business owners. Choose wisely and watch your online business grow to its deserved glory! 

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