Why lottery players love the Irish Lotto

You must have heard by now why there’s a huge promotion regarding Irish Lotto and Lottoland. In fact, we should just come out and say that most people are fawning over the Irish Lotto rather than the UK Lotto. But why is that exactly? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to open up right here for you.

For the longest time, lotteries have always been a game about chance. No matter how many times you play it, your chances of winning are just as unpredictable as the next game you decide to play. However, many believe that the Irish lotto offers better chances and opportunities in walking away as winners with a good degree of compensation.


The Irish lottery was launched back in 1988, replacing the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. Ever since then, it has grown in popularity and reputation as it offers better value overall compared to other types of lottery, including the UK lotto.

The Irish lottery is held every Wednesdays and Saturdays and only uses 45 balls, which is for less than the UK lottery itself. This is one of the reasons why the Irish lotto offers us a better chance of winning. June 2008 witnessed 16 rollovers that resulted in the Irish lotto jackpot to reach a whopping €18,963,441. This cash prize was won by a group of 16 work colleagues from a Bennekerry quarry each person taking over €1.1 million with them. Imagine the good fortune that turned up for these lads that day

When it comes to the UK Lotto, it’s the biggest primary lottery game in the United Kingdom and is controlled by the National Lottery. The National Lottery is an organization that is aligned with the bigger European lottery Euromillions.

Overall, both these lotteries have various comparisons and similarities, but the Irish lotto edges out the UK lottery just a little more. And why is that you ask? Well, let’s find out together.

Here are some of the main reasons why should most people, the Irish lottery deserves more praise than the UK lottery:

Reasons why people love the Irish lotto and Lottoland

1.   Better odds of winning

As we said earlier, the Irish lottery offers players a better chance of winning than the UK lottery. This is because there are 4 fewer balls in the Irish lottery than the UK one, which gives us a one in 10.7 million chances to win the Irish jackpot. But that’s not all.

It turns out that it gets better as the odds of landing 5 numbers, including the bonus ball, offer better winning chances. While this may seem like a very slim figure, it’s worth noting that these are better odds compared to some of the other lotteries.

Because of that, the Irish lotto typically has more favorable odds for us when it comes to winning. Apart from this, it’s also known that the largest jackpots also contain the biggest odds, whereas those with smaller odds offer relatively smaller prizes.

For others, the best odds are the ones in the middle, which is what the Irish lotto offers and why it is usually better than the UK lottery.

2.   Irish lotteries are more realistic

When compared to the UK lottery or other lotteries, Irish lottery jackpots are inferior. But on the flip side, it’ll be less stressful for players whether they win the Irish lottery or not. But why is that exactly? It’s because most lottery winners typically end up losing their cash in a couple of months as it would be almost impossible to spend a massive sum of money. On the other hand, the Irish lottery enables winners to be more realistic with their spendings without wasting even a penny.

Despite the larger amount of money being more tempting, the chances are that you’ll be more realistic when it comes to winning a smaller jackpot (the largest UK Lotto jackpot being £66,100,000 compared to the largest Irish lotto jackpot, which was around €18.9 million). That’s because you’ll spend and invest your winnings more responsibly without mismanaging any one of your funds.

3.   The Irish lotto is simpler to play

Lastly, perhaps the biggest reason why the Irish lotto earns more favors than the UK Lotto is that the former is relatively more comfortable playing with. Generally, almost all major Lottery games would want players to pick an extra number any smaller, separate pool of numbers in order to win the jackpot prize.

But With the Irish lotto, you only have to choose 6 primary numbers ranging between 1 to 47. Logically speaking, this is a simpler concept to take in.

Realistically, if you’re looking to buy a car or a home and take care of all outstanding loans using your lottery winnings, you have to play with a certain kind of Lottery that gives you a much better chance of earning the jackpot. Yes, other major jackpots do offer whopping winning amounts, it’s never easier to score the winning numbers.

Additional reasons

There are other reasons as to why the Irish lotto wins out over the UK Lotto and one of them is the fact that when players can place their bets on the upcoming £3.7 million jackpot they’ll likely get a welcome bonus of approximately 30 elephants scratch cards. And this is the kind of combination between Irish lotto and Lottoland. Each of those scratch cards have a top price of £500 which is paid out immediately and can be withdrawn from an account.

Another reason is that 3.7 million pounds is obviously a lot of money and the fact that if we correctly bet on six numbers in spite of the odds being still a tad too high – though not as much as the UK Lotto – those are still pretty favorable odds.

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