Why is PDF so hard to use?

Why is PDF so hard to use? I believe that many users have experienced the fear of being dominated by files in PDF format, not spending money on online pdf Editor free is to install some troublesome plug- ins on the browser. Registration, login and form filling are just routine operations. A little carelessness will make the computer slump. It is indeed a nightmare for many computer novices.

Why is there a PDF?

I believe that most of you have come into contact with the highly respected format PDF, and when you want to edit a PDF file, you have to give Adobe that money. So, our topic comes, why does PDF exist? It is cumbersome to edit, and the conversion to and from other formats is not smooth. However, it also looks no different from a file like Word. What’s up with Print to PDF? To answer these questions, we’d better first figure out what a PDF is.


founding background

The PDF format was created by Adobe in 1993 out of a need for file portability at the time. Portability here doesn’t mean the portability of just storing files on a floppy disk and taking them anywhere freely. It was created with the idea that a PDF file would look the same no matter what computer it was opened on.

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The premise is that a document reader that supports PDF format is installed on the computer. As a counter example, if you have opened Word files on different computers, you will know that if a certain font used in the file is not installed on the current computer, the file will look different after opening than the creator thought. PDF was designed to solve this problem. PDF contains all the data needed to display the document in a single file, including fonts. If there are images in the PDF, the PDF also supports vector graphics.

The reason for the popularity of PDF

When PDF first became popular, the problem that documents could not be loaded correctly and stably was much more serious than it is now. Part of the reason was that there were so many word processing and desktop publishing applications at the time. The consistency of PDF is officially its biggest selling point in the mass market.

And the IRS released electronic tax returns in PDF format in the mid-1990s so that all taxpayers could read and print the forms correctly. Even today, if you need to print a hard copy of an electronic document and you need to print exactly as it appears on the item, PDF is still the best option. So there is the Print to PDF function mentioned earlier.

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So, do you understand the meaning of PDF’s existence?

Why use Adobe editing and have to pay?

When Adobe first brought PDF to market, other companies had to pay Adobe for support.

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By 2008, PDF was published as an open standard. But as you know, having open standards doesn’t mean creating or editing PDFs will be easy.

Why are people willing to pay to use Adobe?

For example, Word can convert documents to PDF and vice versa. However, the converted documents often cannot perfectly replicate the appearance of PDF files. We can also understand why Adobe publishes PDF as an open standard. Although any software written by anyone can support the PDF format, Adobe supports PDF, but it is fifteen years earlier than others. At the same time, Adobe is also the developer of the PDF format. This series of huge advantages is enough to allow the software to charge a service fee. The money received from the software also compensated somewhat for the patent fee that was lost after the PDF was published.

Is there a free solution?

LibreOffice Draw

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t one solution. One of them is LibreOffice Draw, which is part of the LibreOffice Draw suite of open-source office software, but many people choose to spend $13 to $15 a month to use the official Adobe-provided software. Although sometimes the experience is not good, it works fine in most cases. This also makes the PDF fee not cheap, but still popular when important historical and legal documents are digitized. After all, people don’t want to sign an electronic contract because the file format used can’t load perfectly every time. The respective documents looked different, which eventually led to disputes. That’s why student loans now only use PDFs.

The unexpected best PDF solution was born

Of course, you can’t just ask questions and not solve them. Is there no more perfect way to deal with PDFs? As mentioned earlier, there are many tools and plug-ins that can be downloaded on the Internet to support editing PDFs. These tools are uneven in function and have many limitations , some of which cannot exceed Adobe . If you really want to find a solution that offers you many advantages of registration-free, free to use, secure and confidential, and full-featured, would you consider it? Now, AbcdPDF, a PDF dedicated to the end of the world The savior of the puzzle has appeared.

They brought Abcd PDF online platform, a multi-functional platform that aggregates a variety of free online tools. You can use the Online pdf editor to perfectly achieve the purpose of online PDF editing, deletion, and addition . You only need to open the website to easily Easily handle any PDF content to help you work or study efficiently.


Why is PDF so hard to use? This topic discusses the motivation and development history of PDF creation. I believe you already know more about PDF. Now you can use the Online pdf editor free and more online tools for free by visiting Abcd.com , which will undoubtedly be the best choice for people in the future.

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