Why Is Artificial Grass Becoming More Popular?

The Artificial Lawn Company has a wide range of artificial grass for sale, at affordable prices. Artificial grass has several benefits that make it an increasingly popular choice over natural grass. While natural grass requires a lot of maintenance, artificial grass does not. This means it is ideal for people who choose not to spend a lot of effort on their lawn or are unable to maintain their back garden, such as the elderly.

Why change from having a natural lawn to artificial grass?

Natural grass changes with the weather – in winter it can be patchy and thin, and in summer it can grow and need tending to regularly. Due to the weather’s impact on natural grass, artificial grass popularity and sales are expected to increase.

Although in lockdown, people spent more time in their gardens, they needed to tend to them a lot to ensure that the state of their gardens did not decline. Now, post-lockdown, people struggle to find the time and energy to do so. This makes the grass a popular choice. 

You can place furniture on the artificial grass without it discoloring over time, which is ideal for families who may have a table and chairs outside, or a trampoline. 
Artificial grass, including options provided by Astro Sports Pitch Contractors Ireland, can be used in front and back gardens belonging to residents, parks, playgrounds, nurseries, schools, and displays for retail, as well as other areas.

Where can artificial grass be placed?

Artificial grass can be used in front and back gardens belonging to residents, parks, playgrounds, nurseries, schools, and displays for retail, as well as other areas. This makes it very versatile, which many people like.

Nurseries and schools are ideal and expected places for artificial turf to be found. While natural grass gets muddy and slippery in the rain, which causes accidents, This grass doesn’t, and by having artificial grass, there are no muddy footprints for teachers to clean when children come back into the classroom!

As mentioned before, furniture and equipment can be placed on top of artificial turf, and this is ideal for school playgrounds, which usually have sports equipment and climbing frames for children to play on. In having this grass, the equipment won’t damage the turf under it, due to its durability, making it an optimal choice for schools.

Artificial grass can also be fitted into residential gardens. This allows gardens to look green and fresh all year round! In recognition of rising living costs, having this grass means that you save on electricity and water bills by not needing to maintain your garden by watering and mowing like you would have to do if you had a natural lawn. This is an incentive for many families to have these grass gardens.

You can also have artificial grass fitted on roof gardens, terraces, and sports pitches, which are good due to high durability and low maintenance requirements, as well as on pedigree lawns, where dogs are trained and exercised.


Different types of grass have differences in durability and appearance. Nylon thatch looks like natural grass due to its varying thickness and density, polypropylene is more durable, but is the least attractive, and polyethylene grass looks very attractive, however, it is the least durable. Depending on where you want to fit the grass, and how often it will be walked on, the correct type of grass can be chosen. 

High-quality artificial grass can last for between 10 and 15 years, with some lasting for up to 25, although most manufacturers advise that it lasts for around 8 years. Artificial grass has a lot of benefits, which can be researched here, along with other things you should know about it. This can inform your decision as to whether artificial grass is ideal for you.

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