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Why is Antonio Serravalle Getting Famous in the Indy Lights Racing Series?

Life is really better when you dream of achieving what you deserve in life. A 20-years-old talent Antonio Serravalle changed the entire scenario of the IndyLight Racing Series with his out-of-the-box racing skills that shocked the world for so long. 

Ranging from Italy to worldwide racing, Antonio grabbed the audience and soon became the talk of the town as an IndyLight racer. Antonio is a Canadian speed icon who constantly won countless races and is now dreaming about competing in the F1 racing series to show his talent to the world. 

However, his impressive personality currently has no bigger exposure; the game seems on due to his non-stop racing finishes at the top 4 & 5.

The Powerful Attempt That Gone Successful As an Indy Light Racer

Well, Antonio did attempt to make it happen when he was just 4 years old; later, he started raising his passion for cars. As he grows up, Antonio plans to grow his racing skills and start participating in the several racing competitions that made him travel from Italy worldwide. He got fame so early and won millions of hearts as he soon became the IndyLight racer who is faster in getting more points. Antonio never gave up on his dream to become an F1 racing driver and is still up to hard work and track training to pave his successful path toward the top category. 

The Mentorship of CRG to Fuel up Antonio’s Racing Passion

It was so hard to choose among countless famous racing teams and management. Still, Antonio chose to drive for the CRG factory racing team under the supervision of Dino Chiesa who fueled up his passion and racing skills to participate in the F1 formula racing series. It was a race where Antonio won the race in the 60 mini category and finished the line. 

Antonio showcased in the Pserra Racing Series his best at Indy Lights presented by Cooper Tires. He just drove faster and also came up on the forward six positions by showing his driving skills and make it to another top-ten.

The Racer Always Drive To Finish It before Time

Well, the passion goes on and Antonio’s is on the verge of diving into the F1 Formula. He has a supporting family as his father always encouraged him to turn his dream into a successful reality. Antonio’s main objective of life is to step up and choose the most possible ways to succeed as he continues to work with hunger to win. 

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