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Why is 2021 Chevrolet Spark Best in Small Car Segment?

Most people opt for a small car, especially for daily commuting in a city where traffic might be a little bit congested. However, this car needs to have enough power to not feel underwhelmed when driving as well as look aesthetically pleasing and is affordable.

The 2021 Chevrolet will tick all these boxes and is the reason why it is considered by people to be one of the best small cars in the category. Before you get one when reaching Spruce Pine Chevrolet dealer, know about the engine, looks, and pricing.


The four-cylinder engine delivers power through its frontwheels and also consists of manual 5-speed or automatic as both are available. Most people choose the auto gear option as this car’s system handles power remarkably without creating loud engine noise.

Around town, it moves smoothly due to its responsive nature. Though you need to wait a bit to get it up to high speed, especially when on a highway, it still has the capacity to offer you to keep up with other vehicles on road.

What you need to keep in mind is that it is ideal for everyday transportation like going to an office for work, commuting to fetch groceries, etc. It is not ideal for a long ride for a weekend trip or so.

However, Spark is amazing when it comes to driving in a congested area. Due to its small stature, even in a slow-moving area due to traffic, people can drive easily through its stability and lateral movements. Also, having a small wheelbase allows a driver of Spark to maneuver easily even if space available is not much. In addition, such driving won’t compromise the ride quality Chevy promises to owners of spark.

The suspension system is great and only harsh bumps on roads can be felt. If you are looking to have a test drive before purchasing it, then go ahead and talk to the Chevrolet Spruce Pine dealership.

Designing of vehicle

Be it the exterior or interior Spark offers an attractive look that fetches people’s attention. The exterior portion is made sporty and the interior matches that. The front bumper, grille, headlights, etc. suits this car’s dimension making it one of the best small cars to drive around in town.

The interior comes finished with good enough materials that don’t make it look cheap at all. The clean and clear is the concept Chevy followed for this car’scabin. Seats are comfortable enough and ensure that people can ride without any issues to their destination.

Affordable cost

This small car’s base model starts from just $14,599, while the top-tier trim’sprice is 17,995. If you have no problem spend $18k approximately, then top-tier 2LT is the ultimate option; or 1LT is the value of money at $16,497.

Hence, there is no doubt that this is the best small car you can buy as it is reasonably priced and offers a powerful engine and comfortable interior for swift rides. So, hurry and get your preferred version today!

Lolitta Dozier

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