Why Go For a Local Addiction Recovery Center

Why Go For a Local Addiction Recovery Center

Deciding whether or not to travel or stay local for addiction treatment is very important. Many factors contribute to a successful recovery. For many people, alcohol and drug treatment centers offer more benefits than traveling while for others, getting away from possible triggers is the best recovery strategy. Well, here are different reasons to go to a local addiction recovery center.

  • Cost-Effective

Going to a local addiction recovery center is usually less expensive than going farther away. This helps your treatment in the long run. It is easier also when using your insurance to make payment. If your insurance pays for your treatment, it does not cover other expenses that might arise. See here for Legacy Healing Fort Myers.

  • No Travel Expenses

When you decide to go to a local addiction recovery center, traveling expenses are usually not an issue. This gives you enough time to focus on your recovery rather than worry about the cost of relocating to a new city. Attending rehab in another city means the cost of plane tickets, fuel cost and possibly hotel fees must all be accounted for in your budget.

  • Choices

With a local addiction recovery center, you can freely choose between the inpatient or outpatient treatment plan. Leaving your locality only gives you the option of inpatient rehab unless you want to start the stress of looking for a new home.

  • Close to Loved Ones

Another benefit of staying local for your addiction recovery is to stay close to family and loved ones. Many centers offer family therapy and this will be easier if the center is in your locality. It is important to stay close to your already established support network. Support from family and friends is very helpful in treating addiction.

  • Better Aftercare Plan

An added advantage of choosing a local center is the fact that your chosen center will already be familiar with the area and its addiction treatment resources. Resources like a sober living home, support groups or a halfway home will be made available easily.

  • Drug Triggers

The most important goal of rehab is to make sure you are not addicted to these drugs anymore. Local recovery centers excel in effectively helping you cope with drug triggers better than centers that are far away. They are allowed to develop skills to avoid and refuse the temptation of triggers.

  • Maintain Employment

Picking a local addiction recovery allows you to maintain your employment especially if you decide to go with the outpatient plan. Although you are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you might not want to leave work. The FMLA protects you from getting fired but the leave is usually unpaid.

  • Returning Home Easily

Attending a center far away makes it hard to return home again. Transition is usually easier to return to their lives with better coping mechanisms. Unlike going to distant centers that will separate you from your vicinity which will make fitting in much harder. Hence, you won’t leave everything behind, only just those things that are harmful to you.

  • More Comfortable

General comfort is an important factor for quick addiction recovery. Staying close to home makes you feel more relaxed because you are familiar with the area, people, and other aspects of the location. Unlike flying to a different location and being thrown off by the foreigners of the rehab center there.

With all the benefits of attending a local addiction recovery center, there are negatives too. They include triggers, an unhealthy network of friends and family, and also temptations to drop out. You need to decide if a local center is what you need or a fresh start in a new location.

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