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Why do You Need Trust Services for Your Business?

Are you fed up working for your boss and do you have great ideas for becoming an entrepreneur? As a business owner, all the profit of your business is yours and you can fully decide for yourself. You can even go one step further: start your business in a country that offers unlimited opportunities. 

Have you ever thought of setting up a business abroad? An enticing candidate is the Netherlands. It is a small country with Amsterdam as its capital and is located in the middle of Western Europe. The set-up of a Dutch limited liability company, a BV, is easy with the support of a company formation specialist or trust office. You can be identified online and registration of your business with the trade register solely takes a day.

Most kinds of businesses can be fully operated remotely from outside the Netherlands. For some business activities, it is better to have a Dutch presence, also called ‘substance’. Hiring a director is an option. Most often the support of a Dutch trust office is cheaper.

A trust company can provide a so-called ‘nominee director’ who will keep your Dutch business in good standing while you focus on commercial activities. The trust Office will act as the caretaker of your business, their main goal is supporting your business in the broadest sense.

A Dutch resident director will speed up the issue of the VAT number and make that your business can benefit from the many tax treaties the Netherlands has. Trust offices also offer packages of corporate services including virtual office, accounting, tax compliance and legal and secretarial support.   

 If you use a director of a trust office in the Netherlands there are more advantages than solely cost efficiency. Trust company have good knowledge of all accounting and tax deadlines, local regulations, and all tax benefits your company can enjoy. In case of any questions, you can directly get into contact with a team of legal, financial, tax, and payroll experts. Any incoming Dutch post will be summarized for you in English translations. How good is that?

Currently, the Dutch economy offers a diversified economy with many opportunities. There is a lack of labor that your business can fulfill by means of outsourcing. Next thereto the Netherlands and its surrounding countries offer a large number of wealthy clients. If your business does well you can even make a request for a Dutch visa and fully relocate. Note that Amsterdam is a great city to live and work in. The Netherlands has an excellent reputation with ex-pats of which many of them never leave. Do you know that your children can study in the Netherlands at minimal tuition fees?

There are benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, such as:

  • You will be able to run your business independently. 
  • If you can set up a business, it will provide an opportunity to make a fortune.
  • Maybe you can even turn your hobby into your business.

There are some rules you must follow to be a successful entrepreneur.  You have to know yourself.  Before your business is started you need to know the market or do market research on the product they want to launch.  Preferrable, you start in a growing market with good margins.  You have to admit your mistakes, be diligent and hardworking and have to be a real problem solver.

If you want to start your business in the Netherlands it is highly recommended to get in touch with a company formation specialist or corporate services provider to get advice on the local regulations. In the Netherlands, there are trust offices that can also provide your business with director services. This makes the start of your business even easier. It is time to start your Dutch business right now.

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