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Why do you need to drink mineralized water?



The human body depends on both food and water to receive its nutrients. Other than the major food groups of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, it also needs vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning. When we cook food, we eliminate heat-sensitive contaminants through the process of cooking. But when it comes to water, even if we take the trouble of boiling and drinking the water, we cannot be assured of drinking 100% safe and clean water.

Thankfully, technology has kept pace with water pollution and came up with a variety of water purifiers for the Indian market. Before we understand filtration, let us understand the role played by TDS.

What is TDS?

TDS is the Total Dissolved Solids present in your water that includes the bicarbonates and sulfates of Sodium, Magnesium, and Calcium in the main. The Total Dissolved Solids quotient of your water supply is a very important factor in determining if you need a water purification system at your home and if you do, which one to choose. A TDS meter is a home-essential that you can use to check the TDS of the water supply of your home and so, you should get it right away.

If we go by the recommendations of the Bureau of Indian Standards, a TDS level in the range of 50 – 300 ppm is ideal for drinking and doesn’t need you to invest in high-end purifiers like RO purifiers. However, we do recommend that you get yourself a UV purifier to nearly eliminate contaminants like bacteria and viruses. 

TDS in the range of 50-300 ppm is considered ideal to be consumed because it has all the naturally occurring mineral substances in quantities that you can benefit from. In fact, water is considered a better source of these minerals than food because they would be 

Let’s look at the benefits of a few of these minerals

Calcium: You probably already know that Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Lesser-known benefits of Calcium include being a factor for healthy muscles, heart, nerves, nails, and hair. If you are a vegan, please consider taking a Calcium supplement under a physician’s guidance. Calcium deficiency can cause weakness in the muscles and fatigue. Over the years, you may even develop osteoporosis and dental ailments. In children, Calcium deficiency can result in stunted growth as well.

Magnesium: Magnesium is needed by the human body for supporting heart health, muscle, and nerve functions. In chronic cases of deficiency, one may develop high blood pressure, heart disease, and osteoarthritis. However, moderate the consumption of supplements if you happen to use laxatives.

Sodium: The right amount of Sodium intake helps maintain the right balance of fluids in your body, transmits nerve impulses, and helps in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. However, beware of excessive Sodium, which can sneak into your diet through snacks and your table salt-shaker. Moderation is key.

When you consume clean water whose TDS is in the optimal range (50-300 ppm), you can obtain the naturally occurring ions of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Copper, etc. even if you don’t go for a water purifier.

The demineralization dilemma

But if your TDS exceeds 500 ppm, you should immediately invest in an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purification system. RO purifiers remove approximately 95% of the TDS in water, dispensing nearly 100% pure water. However, along with the harmful contaminants, the essential minerals of the water are also eliminated. This water is demineralized water. In any case, check if you need a RO water purifier before you take a decision.

What’s the solution?

Thankfully, technology has once again kept pace with the challenge and offers a couple of solutions. Let’s check them out without further ado:

TDS Controller

RO water purifiers from reputed brands like HUL’s Pureit have variants that offer TDS controllers. A TDS controller is the component of an RO purifier unit which is operated by a valve. 

The water that enters a purifier with a TDS controller is divided into two halves: one half passes through the semipermeable membrane which eliminates around 95% of the TDS. The other half is typically passed through a UV purifier to retain just the minerals and eliminate pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

A TDS controller offers you the flexibility where you can shut off the controller when you need 100% pure water. This may be useful if you relocate to a place with an impossibly high TDS  where you can’t afford to allow even some of it to seep through into your glass of water.

Being a cost-effective solution, a TDS controller is ideal if your water does not have residues of heavy metals like Arsenic, Aluminium, Lead, and Mercury. Since UV purifier does not eliminate heavy metal residues, the output of your purifier unit may contain them. 

Check the entire range of RO water purifiers from Pureit RO.

Mineralization Cartridge

As an alternative to TDS controller, you can opt for a RO purification system that comes with a mineralization cartridge like that of Copper and Silver. A mineralizer works on the concepts of electrolysis and ionization. Silver has antibacterial properties and helps in killing germs and protecting water from algae. Copper ions have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties that protect the body not only against a range of ailments but also against deadly diseases like cancer.

The water that passes through an RO purifier with a mineralization cartridge is purified to produce nearly distilled water quality water. There is no partial purification and there is no danger from TDS or heavy metal residues.

Mineralization cartridges are slightly more expensive to purchase and replace, but on the whole, they are a better alternative.

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Baking Essentials to Invest In




The past year has seen the majority of us pick up new hobbies to occupy our time. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic saw governments around the world implement social isolation and social distancing measures, encouraging us to stay home and prohibiting us from engaging with our usual social activities. Among the list of hobbies to hit an all time high of popularity has been baking. In fact, at times of peak interest in this activity, many local stores have experienced shortages of basic baking ingredients, such as flour, baking soda and yeast. If you’ve stuck with this activity and are taking it seriously, here are a few essentials that will make the process easier and your end results all the more impressive!

Rolling Pins

A huge number of cake, pie and pastry recipes call for a rolling pin. These can be purchased from countless retailers and it’s a good idea to have at least one on hand. There are now patterned rolling pins available too, if you’re looking for an extra special, decorative finish to your baking.

A Mixer

Mixers tend to be amongst the more costly pieces of baking equipment, but if you’re invested in this pastime, they’re more than worth the money. It will minimise the physical effort involved in baking, allowing you to carry out other steps of the process while the batter or dough is mixing. It is also ideal for people with arthritis or other conditions that can make stirring manually difficult or impossible.

Dredgers and Shakers

Many cakes call for dusted sugar on top. It’s difficult to get an even finish by hand, but this is where dredgers and shakers come into play. These pieces of equipment sift and evenly sprinkle powdered sugar over the top of your sponges.

A Palette Knife

If you want to create smooth edges on iced cakes (particularly tiered cakes), palette knives are an essential. They can also come in useful for scraping bowls and cutting butter into flour. Browse a variety to find the one that best suits your needs!

Pastry Brushes

Are you looking into making pastries? Well, if you are, a pastry brush is going to prove essential. This will allow you to evenly spread egg bastes across the top of your pastry, giving it a shiny and crisp finish.

Silicone Molds

Silicone baking molds have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. Available in many shapes and sizes, they can make the process of baking shaped cakes and breads a whole lot easier, while making cleaning up more simple and straightforward too! Made from non-stick materials, they can be rinsed out and reused time and time again. They are also available in all sorts of designs, so you can make edible treats unique to your own or your loved ones interests – whether that’s DIY, landmarks, pets or anything else. For a variety of different molds, take a look at Shapem.

Of course, there are countless other baking tools and accessories that could prove endlessly useful for your baking ventures. But some of the options outlined above are well loved and much used by bakers worldwide!

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What Does Swordfish Taste Like?



Does swordfish taste good, there are a few things that might be standing in your way. Although this fish is usually associated with a particular geographic area, it can also be found all around the world. It is considered a very healthy fish to eat, but do be wary of the negative press that has been placed on it due to its high cholesterol content, which can lead to heart disease.

The fishy taste in its juice comes from the lemon that the swordfish is known for having. Lemon helps with the flavor by giving it a sweet taste. This is especially present when the lemon is squeezed directly from the lemon extract. When it is prepared in a dish with other ingredients, you will find a more intense lemon flavor that gives it a unique and distinctive taste. In many cases, fresh fish is added to the juice to make it even more sour, but this does not affect the overall quality of the flavor.

How to cook Salmon ?

There are other ways that the lemon and orange juice can work together. One way is to use it in an orange sauce. You can add it to salmon that has been cooked in the olive oil, or you can add it to sliced tomatoes that have been chopped into small pieces. A lot of people like this flavor paired with plain yogurt. It has a distinct tartness to it and has a distinct lemony texture.

The tartness of the flavor is great when paired with salmon. Salmon that has been lightly sauteed can have the same tart taste as if you had it on a piece of bread or some tortilla. If you have cooked fillet instead of sushi, a grilled salmon makes a great meal too. Use fresh salmon and some orange slices to dip into the orange juice, and then cook it thoroughly on the griddle. It will have that good crispiness to it, and it will be very rich in flavor and nutrition. You can serve it chilled, as a salad dressing, or you can eat it right off the grill.

How to Create a barbecue sandwich?

Another combination that can be great for those who love grilling food, and for those who want a greasy taste in their seafood, are barbecue and seafood. You can create a barbeque barbecue sandwich by taking a piece of bread with some melted butter on it and putting half a cup of barbecue sauce on one side, and half a cup of sweet and sour on the other. Put the bread on the grill for about two minutes to cook the bread, and then put the other half of the recipe onto the grill. This will cook the barbecue sauce, while cooking up the sweet and sour with the seafood.

For something that will go great on a hot day, you can make a grilled steak. To do this, you should use a steak that has been cut into thin strips, or one that has been precooked. When you are grilling the steak, you can add ingredients such as fresh lemon juice, soy sauce, or even sweet onion salt, to give it a really sweet taste. When you serve it, you should add a sweet and sour sauce, as well as chopped fresh herbs and onions on top.

Best vitamin in grilled fish

One of the things that people sometimes do not think of when it comes to their grilled fish, is vitamin b12. This particular vitamin is very important for maintaining health of the human body, as well as to ensure that we can fight off infections. The problem is that many of the fish that are used to make steaks and other seafood dishes often contain higher levels of mercury, which can cause harm to an individual’s health. Many people do not realize that a single serving of fish that is grilled has about forty percent more mercury than a serving of cooked meat. This is why you should make sure that you have a vitamin or twelve supplements handy whenever you are preparing grilled fish.

As you can see, there are a number of different foods that can be prepared quickly and easily at home, such as swordfish. If you are looking to cut down on your health, or to simply enjoy a good meal, you should make sure that you are including this type of food in your diet. In addition to eating the fish that you prepare, you should also eat some of the other seafood dishes that are available, such as crab cakes, scallops, and oysters.

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How To Make Castor Sugar?




Castor sugar is frequently picked as a trade-off between customary granulated and powdered sugar in cake flour, just as some useful benefits of powdered sugar (common sense) with marginally more pleasantness to the tongue than standard sugar. gives. You may have frequently perused that castor sugar is utilized “for cakes and rolls” and in American “cakes and treats”. As you got to know what is castor sugar, you can easily make your own homemade castor sugar.

In the event that you make a ton of cakes where you need to combine margarine and sugar as one, you will consider it much better than granulated sugar. It functions admirably for mering pleasantness, also, where it is more generally and immediately fused than granulated, without the corn starch that is available in powdered sugar. In spite of the fact that you ought to likely try not to substitute ordinary sugar for superfine, you can typically choose customary superfine in most sweet plans. Nonetheless, to make the coating of icing, adhere to the confectioner or icing sugar (they are exactly the same thing). 

Castor Sugar Substitute: Make It Yourself 

You can make yourself caster sugar. Caster or superfine sugar can be made effectively with a customary electric espresso processor. A food processor can likewise work, and it will make sense that it would be more qualified for bigger work, however, an espresso processor delivers fine sugar rapidly and equitably. Likewise, the issue with a food processor is that except if you have a smaller than normal processor, you should do a huge add-up to cover the sharp edge well. A blender will likewise function admirably. What you are going for is finely granulated sugar that is without still streaming and dry, somewhere close to customary granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Food processors can take a lot of 1 to 2 minutes, however, in an espresso processor, it ought to likely take not exactly a moment and should be possible rapidly for 30 seconds. 

A particularly regular electric espresso processor turns out extraordinary for making superfine (caster) sugar from granulated sugar. Go for around 1/2 to 2/3 cup at a time. Your processor might have the option to granulate more. Shake the sugar for around 30 seconds and feel it with your fingers 

To check whether it is sufficiently ok. You need something somewhere between standard sugar and powdered sugar. It should in any case be the rash, not the powder. 

Nonetheless, most sources would suggest food processors. The explanation I don’t care for utilizing a food processor is on the grounds that the sharp edges of the food processor are not productive for crushing, but rather for cutting. In the event that you have a piece connection, it might work better. Be that as it may, the pound is lopsided and when you can create an eminent sugar, some of it will transform into a powder. It is likewise a piece of the work to deliver huge amounts all at once. So I suggest a little mug of espresso processor, and to pound your sugar in clumps, so you can get a significantly more surface. Definitely, in any case, trial and utilize the strategy that turns out best for you. An espresso processor, you will discover, is significantly more valuable than an espresso processor. For instance, it is extraordinary for pounding flavors. 

Presently, crushing granulated sugar consistently isn’t the manner by which superfine or caster sugar is made in the sugar business, and for a similar explanation, aside from less interest, you will pay a premium for it, in the event that you can discover it by any means. Huh. In supermarkets, it will be more costly than both earthy-colored sugar and confectioner’s sugar. It can cost up to twice so much, per pound as normal granulated sugar. 

To make superfine sugar, they utilize an alternate interaction that outcomes in better gems. However, for cooking purposes, you can do very well with your own ground-up rendition. Your hand-crafted form will look somewhat dull contrasted with the locally acquired adaptation, as you have unsettled the gem. 

Shouldn’t Something Be Said About Natively Constructed Powder (Confectioner’s Sugar)? 

You can change granulated sugar over powdered sugar similarly. Be that as it may, common supermarket confectioner’s sugar is 10x (multiple times better) and harder to acquire at home. You will have a blended mix of excellence. Be that as it may, in the event that you produce a powder, it will function admirably after all other options have been exhausted. For this, routinely add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch to some granulated sugar and try to add the cornstarch to the sugar prior to crushing the sugar.

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Yummy Cakes To Send On Various Occasions

We all wish to send cake online on special occasions to our loved ones. Are you looking for online cake delivery for your brother’s graduation



Yummy Cakes

We all wish to send cake online on special occasions to our loved ones. Are you looking for online cake delivery for your brother’s graduation? Or are you going to celebrate your mother’s birthday with an online happy birthday cake? If yes then you can easily find several online bakeries with their delicious and assorted cakes that are prepared by the expert bakers and delivered at your doorsteps.

If it is your beloved wife’s or your children’s special day then you can have some online cake delivery of their favorite flavors like birthday, Christmas, Easter and birthday party flavors to wish them. For other occasions like Mother’s Day and Christmas, one can also order cakes in Chandigarh with their favorite flavor with their loved one’s name written on the cupcakes, which are wrapped beautifully.

There are so many types of cakes, which you can find on their website including birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, housewarming and so on. So you can choose from the different varieties like red velvet, chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, ferns and petals and carrot cake. All these flavors will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Black forest cake:-

What is Black Forest Cake? This light and airy cake with its smooth and creamy texture is the perfect dessert for a summer afternoon tea party. Black Forest cake or Black Forest bundt cake is actually a Chocolate Frosted Strawberry Cake with a rich juicy cherry filling made from the German pastry called Schwerkraft. In case you are wondering what Schwerkraft means, it’s pronounced as “craft” in German. And the Black Forest is a type of cherry-flavored sponge.

You can send cakes to Delhi, this delicious confection to your loved one as a gift. You can also go through the website to know about their latest cake designs, which will surely add a smile to their face.

Marble cake:-

What is Marble Cake? It may sound like an oxymoron at first but it really isn’t. In fact, there are several variations on what is actually considered to be a marble cake. These different names for the same dessert are due to differences in the manufacturing process and ingredients used. In all cases, a marble cake will consist of a rich, dark cake base, layers of sugar frosting with numerous decorative topping, and perhaps some dainty flowers as a top layer.

Chiffon cake:-

A chiffon cake looks like a delicate and decadent cake when it is formed with layers of fondant flowers. Although some layers may be edible, most are not. Chiffon cakes are also handmade by skilled craftsmen, so you can expect a unique and quality product. If you are looking for a delicacy with a luxurious texture, a chiffon cake makes a fantastic choice.

Butter cake:-

What is butter cake? It is a moist cake in which at least one of its main ingredients is butter. Butter cake has been baked with simple ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and other leavening aids like baking soda or baking powder.

Unbaked flourless cake:-

A new invention of the desert world, what is unbaked flourless cake has taken the market by storm. Invented in 2021, this product is an excellent alternative to a traditionally baked and rolled cake. The term “unbaked” actually refers to the baking process that is used to create this special dessert. It is usually prepared with a short baking time and requires less than two hours in the oven. This remarkable dessert can be made in many different styles, each one quite different from the other, and offers a flavor that is difficult to describe.

These delicious cakes come packed in cute boxes, which make your delivery very memorable. So you can go through the entire collection of cake send  online, which will help you to save your time and money. Make sure to order cakes online. Your loved ones will love the treat.

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Beginner in the Baking Business: Bakery Equipment 101



Being in the baking business is a great opportunity for anyone with a love and talent for making baked goods. Simply said, bread has always been a staple food, and even though it may undergo considerable changes with the recipes and ingredients due to the various health trends that come and go, it’s not likely it will lose its status any time soon.  

Moreover, you’ve also got plenty of other delicacies to give a go if you don’t want to simply limit your options on bread, choosing from the various types of pizzas, pastries, cookies, and cakes your customers could enjoy. Still, given that it takes more than love and talent to succeed in the competitive baking industry, your primary focus as an entrepreneur should be on putting together an efficient and up-to-date bakery machine collection to meet your needs.

This is simply crucial regardless of whether you’re planning on opening a big or small bakery as it’s one of the first steps to take when starting up a business. If you have no clue where to begin with the quest for the perfect machinery when venturing into the business, here are some ideas.

The Dough Essentials

Considering dough is the basis for practically any baked item, it’s one of the important aspects to have in mind when going shopping for the required bakery machines. The following are some that would certainly come in handy:

A Mixer

Unless you plan on spending all your effort into mixing it with your bare hands, which can be very physically draining and time-consuming to say the least, you’re going to need the help of a commercial mixer. Luckily, there’s a wide range of practical dough mixers equipped with various features you can pick from for your baking needs.

Not only do they differ in sizes and shapes suitable for the variety of volumes of dough you wish to produce, but there are also two different types of mixers to choose from: the planetary, and the spiral. Depending on what your focus would be as a baker, whether it’s having more options of doughs as well as mixing it up with other ingredients, or simply a variety of breads and bagels, you can base your decision on this very matter.

The distinction is obvious in the attachments created for these types – while you get all the tools with the planetary type specialised for pastries, cookies, and pizzas among other baked goods, in addition to those made for slicing vegetables, making batter, chopping meat, and grating cheese, the spiral doesn’t offer any of this as its meant for airier and artisanal bread doughs. What you can be sure of is both of them are a type of bakery machine created to improve production quality.

A Divider

If consistency and uniformity are what you’re after for your products, then you have to invest in a quality divider. Created to assist a baker with the dividing, cutting and rounding of the dough with ease at the push of a button, it’s the piece of equipment that would greatly benefit your business as it reduces manual labour.

You’re also going to love it for the durable machine it is, as it offers you the utmost service without requiring much maintenance over the years. Even if you aren’t up for this kind of investment for the time being, especially if you’re starting on a smaller scale, it’s advisable to think of your business in the long run and whether or not you plan on expanding your production in the future.

If so, then the right time to buy a divider is now. As there’s a vast array of models of dividers, you can be sure you’re making the right decision when you take certain features into account, such as the fit, the dough moisture levels, the ease of cleanliness, the weight and scaling accuracy, the consistency, and the speed.

A Sheeter

As a high-performance piece of bakery equipment same as the divider, the sheeter is designed to knead and flatten the dough and it’s much more time-efficient than you having to do so yourself with a rolling pin manually. Since the results are consistent every time, you get the same kind of products with the same kind of quality over and over again which isn’t to be expected when you’d do the kneading by hand.

Not to mention, it’s also one of the steps to take to make working and living with arthritis and joint weakness easier. Furthermore, besides being the ideal machinery for baked goods like breads and pizzas, it’s perfect if you’re interested into attracting a wider clientele by broadening your production with pastries – particularly those that are more complex to be made manually as in the case with light and flaky croissants.

A Proofer

Fermentation is a process required for the dough, which is exactly what the proofer is created to do – make for the ideal warm and humid conditions that are key for the rising dough before baking. Such a useful bakery machine is in the form of a cabinet, and since it differs in size, you can choose the right one for your business based on your capacity requirements as well as the type of dough you intend to use it for and its specific temperature needs.

Now, if apart from getting consistency from proofing you’d also benefit from cabinets that serve for holding the ready products hot and perfect for serving, then you’d certainly do the right choice if you opt for investing in holding/proofing cabinets. As you’d have the chance to use both operations in one single piece of equipment, besides saving up precious time, you’d get to save up on space too. In addition to considering the size, it’s recommended that you take the door type and configuration into account, along with the controls, the style and the capacity of the model of the cabinet when shopping.

Oven as the Baking Essential

Not less important than the dough bakery machinery, the oven also has a say in the quality of your baked goods. Basically, it comes down to convection and modular ovens, both of which offer their own benefits. For one, the convection is an affordable type, which is perfect especially when you’re trying to get a hold of your budget with the investments. It’s also one famous for the outstanding heat distribution handy for the repeatable results you’re after as a successful baker.

The counterpart is known for offering a great deal of flexibility when it comes to getting a custom design in terms of space and capacity and it’s ideal if you plan on expanding the business in the future. In terms of how you want your oven to work, you’ve got the electricity and gas options of the two. Include handy features in your decision-making process, and you’d be able to say you’ve chosen wisely.

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