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Why Do You Need a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

Handling a long-term disability claim all by yourself might be troublesome for you when you are already struggling with your health. Moreover, the cases might become burdensome and time-consuming for you.

An experienced long-term disability lawyer can ease your problem in such a situation. In this article, you will get detailed guidelines about a long-term disability lawyer and why you need one.

Reasons You Need a Long Term Disability Lawyer

There are several reasons you will find why you need a long-term disability lawyer. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

Analyzing Your Policy

One of the most important things about any long-term disability claim is that you must need to understand your disability policy at very firsthand. Generally, long-term disability insurance policies are different. Even two or more LTD policies under one insurance company might be different. So, you need to understand your policy very clearly. 

A long-term disability lawyer can analyze the entire policy for you, assist you in your journey to get the service, etc. The lawyer will check out your claims and compare the policy to find out whether you are eligible for long-term disability or not. If yes, the lawyer will direct you to submit all the necessary documents to the insurance company.

Navigating Complex Law

There might be many laws applicable to your claim, and each claim or law contains so many specific terms and conditions. For example, in the case of an employer, the federal law ERISA can get applied to a long-term disability claim.

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act which is quite complex. Sometimes, this act becomes highly favourable for insurance companies. As a result, claimants find it difficult to navigate.

However, a long-term disability lawyer can skillfully navigate such complex cases and make them advantageous for the claimants.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When you are handling your long-term disability claim all by yourself, there is a high risk of making mistakes that can often lead you to face a claim denial. Common mistakes include not understanding the policy clearly, using incorrect language in the form and ignorance about the actual meaning of disability in a long-term disability claim.

In that case, a lawyer can best help you out. He can make you understand the correct meaning of disability and what your policy demands.

Furthermore, you should never depend upon your insurance policy to gather the necessary evidence. It is wise to collect all the proofs with the help of your disability attorney.

Gathering Evidence for Your Claim

People often think that for a long-term disability claim, only some medical documents are enough to show as evidence, and the insurance company collects them on their own. No, that’s totally wrong. 

In order to make your disability claim strong and bold, you need to submit some additional documents along with medical records, and you have to do it on your own. 

In this connection, a long-term disability lawyer helps you advise what other additional documents are necessary for your claim, such as a doctor’s report, statements from colleagues and friends, documents of evaluations from experts, etc.

Holding The Insurance Company Accountable to The Terms of Your Policy

In every state, an insurance company must follow some specific rules and regulations in case of handling a long-term disability claim, such as how long it can take at best to approve your claim. If the company does not follow the rules, it might become accountable to state law. 

But, most people do not know about these rules and regulations. As a result, the insurance companies often do not bother to maintain the legal rules. Only a disability lawyer can alert you about these rules and send a reminder to the company so that they can review and approve your claim quickly.


Finally, these are the most common reasons you need a long-term disability lawyer by your side. Disability cases usually are complicated and time-consuming. Handling such cases alone is quite impossible for a non-legal person.

So, to get the quick approval and best outcome out of your claim, we suggest you hire a professional long-term disability lawyer for your case.

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