The Five Biggest Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Why Do People Become Chain Smokers So Quickly?

Cigarette smoking is still one of the main causes of cancer in the UK and across the globe. Smoking badly affects your health. It also affects the health of those around you. Although there are a number of articles and blogs that have been written about the negative impacts of cigarettes, individuals still smoke. 

For A Healthy Lifestyle Switch To Vapes!

A person who has been a lifelong smoker will always tell you that it didn’t affect their health. Smoking gradually shows its consequences. Continuous smoking can potentially damage your lungs. Furthermore, secondhand smoke( Smoke that a person exhales and that comes out from the lit end of a cigarette) that a non-smoker inadvertently inhales can jeopardy their health. 


You can switch to vaping if you want to get rid of cigarettes. Vaping conveniently helps you overcome smoking. Generally, ex-smokers opt for a disposable vape device when they plan to quit smoking.  Crystal bars, IVG Bar, Aroma king, and Lost Mary are the famous and trending disposable vape among the vapor community.


What Is Chain Smoking?

Chain smoking basically means smoking one cigarette after another. It’s the worst kind f ciagrette habit. A chain smoker usually smokes 25 or more cigarettes a day. Sometimes smokers don’t even wait and light their new cigarette with the stub of their previous cigarette. A chain smoker is someone who successively smokes cigarettes without any stress or anxiety!


Why Do People Chain Smoke? 

There could be many reasons why people turn into chain smokers, and a few of them are given below:


  • Overcoming Stress And Anxiety!

When a person fails to overcome their anxiety and depression, they start looking for an escape. They start indulging themselves in unethical activities like drinking and smoking. 


When a person feels sad, everything around them becomes horrid and vile. Such a person can easily involve in abnormal things. People start smoking out of stress; They assume it provides them tranquillity. 


  • Satisfying Nicotine Craving

Cigarette contains tobacco, arsenic, formaldehyde and 4000 additional awful chemicals, including nicotine. When tobacco combusts, it burns nicotine as well. As soon as nicotine enters your body, it reaches your brain through the bloodstream instantly. 


When nicotine reaches your brain, it affects the brain receptors with a chemical called dopamine. The dopamine makes an anxious and stressed person calm and happy. 


If you smoke to get relax your nerves, then it would be better for you to switch to vaping. Vapes do not combust tobacco, and their e-juices do carry some amount of nicotine. A disposable vape device carries nicotine in its e-liquid. It’s an excellent smoking alternative that effectively weaves off your nicotine addiction. 


  • Friends Influence:

Adolescents start smoking when they find a terrible group of people who are always drinking and smoking. There is a saying that “a man is known by the company he keeps”. When a person goes in bad company, it influences their personality. So if you have friends offering you a puff from their cigarette, you must leave the whole group!



A chain smoker is someone who has no control over their smoking and inhales 25 or more cigarettes a day. Chain smoking is the worst. It ruins the life of a smoker by damaging their lungs and hearts. If you are a chain smoker, you should switch to vaping. It will effectively help you overcome your nicotine addiction and make you smoke-free!

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