Why do cars look alike?

More recently, cars from different automakers have had individual designs so that they can be easily distinguished even from a distance. Now the trend is that cars of different automakers are becoming so similar to each other so much that sometimes, and especially when viewed from the side, it is generally difficult to understand what kind of car it is and what model. At first glance, it seems that the designers just ran out of ideas, but there are other reasons.

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Safety requirements

Over the past two decades, cars have become much safer and there is hardly a sane person who would deny it. However, the safety requirements and especially the safety of pedestrians very significantly limit the freedom of designers, since much of what was previously acceptable in the design of cars is now completely unacceptable.


Many cars of different automakers have long been assembled from a huge number of absolutely identical parts, which is called globalization, and thanks to which cars are becoming more affordable, but at the same time similar to each other, since this again limits the freedom of designers.

Economy and environmental friendliness

Modern cars must be economical and environmentally friendly. Of course, the main role in this is played by the design of the internal combustion engine and its exhaust system, but aerodynamics also plays an important role, because the lower the drag coefficient of a car, the lower its fuel consumption and, accordingly, less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. What affects aerodynamics? The correct answer is the shape of the car body, the design!

Social media

In the Internet age, many automakers have entire departments that study the reactions of social media users to the design of a particular car, including competitors’ cars and simply drawings by independent designers. As a result, it gives an idea of ​​what most people like and what the design of cars should be in the near future. Yes, sometimes designers do not follow the lead of the majority, for which they are often criticized, but, in general, the opinion of the majority still influences the design of future cars.

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