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Why do Baristas use Gooseneck kettles with thermometers?

Pour-over coffee brewing is one of the favorite coffee-making methods, A Gooseneck kettles with thermometer is a piece of coffee equipment that makes brewing pour-over coffee more precise and consistent. The odd spout shape of gooseneck kettles may look hard to use, but the opposite is true. The spout is carefully designed to give you complete control over the speed and strength of your pour.

The steady flow rate enables you to pour relatively small amounts of water onto a bed of coffee grounds which is important for brew methods such as a Chemex or various other pour-overs. Furthermore, Gooseneck kettles are a great choice for tea drinkers.

If you drink quality specialty coffee and you want to extract the best possible brew, then a pour-over kettle is certainly necessary. The thermometer enables you to control the optimal water temperature (195-205°F) which allows you to extract the best out of your coffee.

Kettle Types:

  • Stovetop – simple, stove powered, budget-friendly
  • The electric – convenient, outlet powered, slightly more expensive
  • Variable Temp – empowering, holds the defined temperature, most expensive

What To Look For In A Great Gooseneck Kettle?

  • Material And Design: The enemy here is rust, so try to avoid options built with inferior metals. Those cheap unknown brand kettles you may see on Amazon for very low price points often suffer from quick wear and tear. AVOID.
  • Capacity: Based on your need but we always recommend considering
  • Comfort. Yes, Comfort: Keep in mind that you may be holding this kettle over your brewer and out away from your body for minutes at a time
  • Flow Rate: Some gooseneck kettles pour slower than others, and some are more responsive to subtle shifts. Although a relatively quick pourer may take some practice to get used to, its purpose is wasted if it can’t pour evenly. Obviously, you want a gooseneck kettle that doesn’t pour too fast, but speed is the lesser issue in comparison to consistency.

In a summary, Gooseneck kettles with thermometer is a very important piece for coffee makers, it is designed especially for use for pour-over coffee preparation!

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