Why Commercial Carpeting is Worth the Investment

The benefits of installing commercial carpeting at your business are numerous. It can improve the look and feel of a space, create a more comfortable work environment for employees, increase productivity, and even positively affect health care costs. There are plenty of commercial carpet options. In this article, we will go over each benefit in detail so you can see how choosing to install commercial carpeting is worth the investment!

Commercial Carpet is Made From a Thicker, Denser Fiber

Commercial carpet is made from a thicker, denser fiber than residential carpet. This means that commercial carpet is more durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic in locations where it is frequently walked on. It also lasts longer because the fibers are tightly woven together, making it less likely to fray or unravel over time. Commercial carpets are designed to be stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for businesses like restaurants, offices, retail stores, hospitals/health care clinics. Anywhere there could be spills! They come with warranties of up to 15 years with some brands.

It Is More Durable and Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Commercial carpets aren’t called “commercial” for no reason – they are designed to be walked on frequently and withstand heavy foot traffic. This means that they can last longer than residential carpets because the fibers aren’t as tightly woven together, thus making them more durable. Commercial carpeting is also made of sturdier material which makes it less likely to mat down over time. It doesn’t have a plush pile – instead, it has a low profile, so dirt doesn’t get trapped between strands as high-pile rugs do.

Commercial Carpet Gives Businesses More Color Options for Their Spaces

Commercial carpet comes in various colors and styles, so you can choose the one that is best suited for your business. Colors range from muted neutrals to bold, bright jewel tones – there are countless options to choose from! If you’re looking for something more low-key, commercial carpets come in shades of grays, browns, tans/beiges, blues (like navy), greens (like hunter green or olive), reds (like cranberry), and various neutral hues. Commercial carpet also has patterns like herringbone weave which adds an upscale look without being too flashy.

It Can Improve Productivity

Studies show that having plants around increases productivity because employees take fewer breaks throughout the workday while spending less time at their desks. Commercial carpet is an excellent choice for your office because it creates a more comfortable work environment by adding softness underfoot, which reduces fatigue over time. Workers are less likely to get up and take breaks if they’re walking on plush, cushioning commercial carpet – especially in the winter!

It Can Improve Employee Health Care Costs

Studies show that having plants around increases productivity because employees take fewer breaks throughout the workday while spending less time at their desks. Employees who sit or stand on hard surfaces like tile or concrete can experience pressure sores (bed sores), whereas those working from home will appreciate the comfort of cushioned flooring while sitting all day long. If you have already implemented ergonomic seating features in your workplace, installing a commercial carpet will complete the comfort package and reduce employee health care costs!

Suppose you want to make your office space feel more aesthetically pleasing, healthier for employees and visitors, less expensive in the long run, and better equipped for higher productivity rates. In that case, commercial carpeting is worth investing in. For these reasons alone, it would be wise of any company that cares about their office’s appearance or wants a functional work environment to invest in installing this kind of flooring.

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