Why Chocoholics Should Try A Flourless Chocolate Cake

When some people see flourless chocolate cake on the menu they tend to raise an eyebrow. Flourless cakes are often classified as healthy and sadly the word healthy in the culinary world has become synonymous to tasteless and even boring. But this is not always true. And if you have tasted a perfectly-made flourless cake, then you’ll know that it’s anything but boring. And quite frankly, if you’re a dessert or chocolate lover who continues to refuse to order cake of the flourless kind, then you are seriously missing out. Many people who have tried flourless chocolate cakes swear that it’s the best thing to happen to both chocolates and cakes.

Flourless chocolate cakes obviously don’t contain flour. So compared to a regular cake, you are definitely getting more chocolate if you order flourless. Flourless cakes are not cakey. So if you love the fluff, this is definitely not for you. Flourless cakes have a more fudgy texture. Some cakes contain egg whites to make them more airy. Shots of espresso are also often added to make the flavor of the chocolate more intense. Some pastry chefs also use brown sugar instead of white to add hints of caramel and toffee to the cake. Needless to say, high quality chocolate is needed to create the best-tasting flourless cake. So the excellent ones are often found at certified chcolatiers.

Chocolate is a lot like wine. There are great ones but there are bad ones as well. The flavor of the chocolate depends on many factors. These include the region where the cocoa beans were grown, the type of beans used, fermentation of the beans, how the beans were roasted, and many more. So if you want to have the best flourless chocolate cake, then you need to go to a place that knows their chocolates.

It doesn’t matter how good the pastry chef is. If he or she is using inferior chocolate then that would definitely affect the quality of the final product. Good chocolates have earthy and fruity notes and have the bittersweet taste the chocoholics crave for. The best flourless chocolate cakes are those made with rich, dark, and pure chocolate. Look for shops that use 73% cocoa for their recipe. Some shops would add sprinkles of powdered dark chocolate on the top. Some will even add whipped cream.

But are flourless chocolate cakes really the healthier alternative that many are touting them to be? Well if you’re one of those who believe that carbs are evil then the answer is yes. A

flourless cake obviously doesn’t contain flour. It also does not contain any kind of gluten. So it’s perfect for those who have celiac disease or are gluten-intolerant. But most still contain sugar. If you want to have a truly healthy cake, then you can go for a sugar-free option. You can now easily find cakes sweetened with sugar alternatives such as xylitol or stevia. You can ask your favorite chocolate or pastry shop if they have sugar-free options.

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