Why Bansko Is A Great Holiday Destination

Bansko is renowned for having modern and unmatched ski resort regions. It is a perfect choice for holiday bookings because of the several sightseeing features. Bansko is located near the river Glazane in Pirin’s northeastern foot, 6km from Razlog, and160km away from Sofia.

Surrounding Bansko are luxurious hotels and resorts, making it an ideal holiday or tourist destination for skiing. If you love exploring history, the area has several (at least 120 sites) historical monuments –the town is rich in historical sites. For instance, you can view the ancient remains at the Staroto Gradshite site in Bansko.

You can visit the National Park, Pirin, for natural and cultural sightseeing in the south region. The park has caves, waterfalls, lakes, and indigenous trees. You can also visit shops that feature various artistic designs and smiths creations.

Places that might interest you while in Bansko

There are several places to visit if you are unsure about your stay in Bansko. While the list may not be exhaustive, ensure you visit the following regions:

1. Pirin

It is one of the most impressive mountains in Bansko and a World Heritage site. It is perfect for hiking and mountaineering tourists. Winter seasons might be risky; it will help if you assess the possible danger before trying skiing and mountaineering. If you are into nature and humankind, Pirin Park is a go-to place as it has a variety of animal species and unique plants.

2. Baikushev’s pine (Baikushevata mura)

It is a captivating sight 8km away from Bansko. It is among the world’s oldest trees (it’s been in existence for close to 1300 years). The tree is dated back to 1897 during Ottoman’s era. It was discovered by Baikushev, who fenced it with the Municipality taking care of it.

3. The Nameless Town

This landmark is an archeological site situated 4km from Bansko. This site is associated with the Thracian-city fortress discovery. Archeologists associate the Nameless Town with many findings, including old age coins and objects between the 4th century and the 18th century. After several excavations, archeologists link the place with early Christian Basilica and Thracians. Since its name was unknown, most people refer to it as the Nameless Town or Thracian Nameless Town.

4. Dobrinishite

The place is famous for being a balneological resort and the 17 mineral springs. The springs’ water has been known to have medicinal value, especially for deadly skin conditions, excretory organs, and neurological problems. As a result, a medical center has been constructed in this area, allowing the community to benefit from prescribed ‘water’ drawn from the springs. The place is renowned for the Mother of God church’s Dormition established in 1684, the Ottoman’s destruction, and other cultural activities.

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