Who makes Atturo Tires

Who makes Atturo Tires

Tires give a grip to the augmentation of speed just as hindering the speed. It is ring-shaped which is around the rims to provide traction, friction. Tires will in general assimilate the shock of vibrations from the road.

Tires are made to handle the vehicles, by giving support, absorbing shocks, and helping the car to stop when brakes are applied. To support their tires they are made of rubber compound filled with compressed air. Inner tube used to maintain air pressure but it can’t handle the pressure so the carcass was made to protect the inner tube.

In the particular topic, we discuss what do tires provide? As discussed, earlier tires have many functions to perform so you are going to learn about them.

Functions of tire

The function which is provided by the tires are discussed earlier but we are going to see them in details:

  • Shock absorbs.
  • Handle weight.
  • Friction 
  • Maintain the direction.

Shock absorbs 

Moving over the rough surface requires the vehicles to move smoothly to avoid damage to the vehicles. It is only possible when your tires can absorb shocks. 

Due to them, the shape of tires is changed and the car moves flexibly up and down. The car suspension helps them and you can enjoy a smooth ride on a surface.

Handle weight

The basic purpose of the tire is to handle the weight. If the vehicles are overloaded then the weight of the tire causes the tire to burst. Air pressure plays an important role that helps the tires to maintain the balance of the vehicle by handling the weight.

That’s why the driver usually focuses on the air pressure of the tires. They want their tires to be properly inflated. The flat tire causes a lot of damage to the vehicles.


Tread helps the tires to maintain the friction between the vehicles and the surface. Tread is the component of the tire. They help them to apply a brake.

No matter if your vehicle has a high performance, if the friction between the tire is weak it becomes very difficult to stop a vehicle. Therefore, a tire with high quality is a considerable factor.

Maintain direction

The direction of the vehicle is maintained with the help of tires. when you are moving the steering wheel, you are moving a tire with the help of it.

The direction is also disturbed if there is any problem with the wheel and it causes a lot of damage to the vehicle as well as the persons.

Tires making brand company’s

The brands that are associated in making tires are listed below:

  • General
  • Firestone
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Yokohama
  • Atturo
  • Michelin

Atturo Company:

In 2009, a company for tires was introduced named ‘Atturo’. It is a private organization.  Atturo appeared in Shanghai at the China International Tire expo in 2009. In 2009, Atturo was dispatched as a spending plan shone brand making tires for light trucks, hybrids, and SUVs. They planned to provide top-caliber unique and best tires to the SUV and light truck section at very moderate and inexpensive rates. They have seen the chance and made a brand on partner-ship with all the best producers. Other companies did not think in this way; they only want to sell products at the cheapest rate, being careless towards the quality.

Atturo tires cost a little more than that but they provide the best quality and valuable product. They will not scam you for the product that is new or they are rare sorts of people that produce a size. They provide amazing sizes in their presentation focusoilfilter tire range. This was the primary accomplishment of the company.

Atturo provides rare sizes of tires:

                     Atturo’s name is included in one of the main brands that have access outside of the OE providers with special sizes. The primary achievement they got was trailed by threatening Trail Blade M/T. They assisted open with increasing the cutting-edge rough terrain classification along with an energetic plan enlivened by Quartermaster blades.

The tire that was introduced was a mudslinging champ being the most forceful product available in the market. The Trail Blade M/T with an unmistakable two folded shoulder track proceeded to assure numerous successes in a very petite rough terrain hustling. The Trail Blade asserted many successes in desert dashing and crossed the world in overland endeavors. The company proceeded along with the development of Trail Blade. The Trail Blade was arranged with sharp edge roused tracks to the market enhancing cross breed Trail Blade X/T, workhouse Trail Blade A/T, and at last hardcore Trail blade Boss.

Types of Atturo Tires:

There are three series of Atturo tires. Following is the series:

  • Trail Blade Series: These are terrain tires.
  • AZ series: These are performance tires. These tires provide good performance.
  • Specialty tires: These are segment-specific tires.

Manufacturers of Atturo tires:

Numerous brands are manufacturing tires on this planet, however less by and large tire manufacturers so it’s anything but an astonishing thing to know from where tires are coming. There is another explicitly, ‘Who makes Atturo tires?’

 Federal Corporation in Taiwan Atturo tires are fabricated. It is an organization of the United States that is settled in Illinois.  Atturo introduced the AZ800 model of ultra-superiors tires, however, it has extended to bring to the table no less than ten diverse tire contributions, including a few more limit-going romping models. They have made their name worldwide just because of good quality.


Tires are a significant part of vehicles. They provide various functionality and there are various tire making company all over the world and they are making the best of their  ability but no one able to give the full warranty that by using their product damage will never occur that’s why they give the warranty so you came to know when your tires are able for replacement.

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