Who Are Pressure Washer’s Ideal Customer?

The last time you called a pressure washing crew to wash your home, you were itching to join in on the fun they call work. And let’s face it- pressure washing not only looks incredibly fun, but when done by a pressure washing professional, it looks effortless.

However, the more you look, the more you notice that pressure washing is a challenging and taxing job. Your two-story home suddenly has too many corners and windows, and you slowly start changing your perspective.

Is your house something that pressure washing crews enjoy cleaning?

Are you an ideal customer of a pressure washing company?

The service wasn’t cheap, but you also didn’t blow half of your paycheck on it, but still, you wonder, are houses worth the hassle for the cost?nIf you want to learn more about how pressure washing companies work and who their ideal customer is, stick around for a while. We’ll show you the ins and outs of the pressure washing industry.

What are Pressure Washing Company Services?

As the name says, companies offer pressure washing services to residential and commercial customers (more about that later). But for those who don’t know, pressure washing companies are not just one or two guys with a commercial pressure washer doing cleaning projects nobody else wants.

Most companies actually have an array of services they provide, like pressure washing, but also soft washing, concrete washing, window washing, and many more.

 All these services have a slightly different process, but the biggest benefit is their customers can choose individual surfaces to fit their requirements.

  • Washing Equipment

Don’t be surprised when you see the pressure washers these companies use. Some are even the size of a smaller car. It’s no wonder because the best pressure washing companies invest a lot of their money into having high-grade washing equipment.

Their business relies on how fast they can get the job done, and having a powerful machine that won’t break that easily means their projects don’t get interrupted.

  • Skilled Technicians

Similarly, pressure washing companies will not put equipment worth tens of thousands into amateur hands. They take good care of training all their technicians and teaching them all safety protocols related to the job.

Pressure Washing Company’s Ideal Type of Customer

When it comes to different customers, pressure washing companies are not limited in that sense. A dirty surface is a dirty surface, whether it’s on residential property or commercial property. Still, both residential and commercial clients benefit the company, but also some flaws.

Residential Customers

Some would say that residential properties are easy to clean for a pressure washing professional. However, residential properties hold way more responsibilities than commercial properties.

For example, while commercial properties are made of sturdy materials, many houses have materials like a brick (which is incredibly expensive), stucco, and wood, so the pressure washer crew has to take extra care while on the job.

Also, some windows can crack under the pressure of the jet, there are hard-to-reach areas to clean, and all sorts of hidden dangers while washing someone else’s house. House washing projects also pay a lot less than commercial properties.

Furthermore, there are those homeowners who constantly nitpick while the crew is working, increasing the risk of the washers losing their focus.

However, house washing is incredibly fun for a professional pressure washer. There are no two houses alike, so every project is special. Also, pressure washing houses is an excellent way of getting to know your community. Ask around your community-chances are most of your friends and neighbors call the same guy to wash their home’s exterior.

There’s also the ”pride” aspect. For a pressure washer technician, there’s no better reward than seeing their city clean and shining and knowing they had everything to do about it.

Commercial Customers

Commercial properties are mostly large halls, storage, malls and parking lots. If you have a business building that needs washing, commercial pressure washing services are the thing for you.

Between these two, commercial customers bring a lot more money to a pressure washing company than residential. But there’s also a lot more job to do. So one commercial washing project can last the same as two or three house washing projects, and when you compare, the earnings level out.

The ’Real’ Ideal Customer

The truth is, no matter if the customer is calling about residential or commercial property, people who own and work at pressure washing companies don’t really make a difference. Their customers are those who have a dirty roof, or a dirty parking lot, wherever it is.

Pressure washing crews mostly consist of people who love doing their job. Even with so many dangers on the job, they still manage to have fun. That’s because good results are what matters to them, regardless of where they achieve them.

However, if you were to ask pressure washing professionals, they would answer that the ideal customer is the one that respects their experience and expertise. The perfect customer also has excellent communication skills and is always willing to recommend their services to everyone they know.

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