Which Sports Teams Have The Highest Win Percentage?

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While it is true that it is taking part in a sport that counts the most, sport is infinitely more fun when you win. This is why the most successful sporting teams and franchises in the world tend to have the largest fanbase. People want to support a winning team and experience the highs of seeing their heroes lifting a trophy aloft. Success breeds popularity which creates yet more success. 

While most fans have an affinity to a team, usually based on their geographical proximity to the team or club or because family members have always supported them, others select a side based on their historical results. While fans of the latter are often referred to as glory hunters, you can see the appeal of pledging your allegiance to a highly successful group. Successful teams garner interest from those who frequent the best sports betting sites, too. They look for teams who are the most likely to win their fixtures. The following three teams have the highest win percentages in their chosen sport.

Bayern Munch – Soccer

Bayern Munich is an association football team (soccer) that plays in the German Bundesliga. They were formed in 1900 and are not only one of the best soccer teams in Germany but also globally. 

Munich has won the Bundesliga title a record 31 times and the DFB-Portal Cup 20 times. The Bavarian outfit also has ten European competition honors, including winning the coveted UEFA Champions League / European Cup on six occasions.

Bayern Munich is still a force in world soccer. In the 21st century alone, they have won more than 68% of their fixture across a sample of more than 700 games. The team is currently at the top of the 2021-22 Bundesliga table and is enjoying a ten-point cushion over long-running rivals Borussia Dortmund.

The only teams that can get close to matching Munich’s 68% win percentage are Spanish clubs Real Madrid (66.3%) and FC Barcelona (65.8%).

Green Bay Packers – American Football (NFL)

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The Green Bay Packers are historically the NFL’s most successful team in regards to their winning percentage. Packers fans have seen their beloved team win 782 of their 1,401 fixtures for a winning rate of 57.2%. What is most impressive is the Packers have played the second-most games of any NFL franchise; only the Chicago Bears (1,435) have played more.

Packers won 11 NFL championships before the AFL-NFL merger and have four Super Bowl titles. They have topped the NFC North division 12 times, including a spell where they only didn’t finish first twice from 2011-2021.

The Dallas Cowboys have the second-highest win percentage at 57.1%, but they have played almost 500 games fewer than the Packers.

San Antonio Spurs – Basketball (NBA)

When it comes to basketball, no team in the NBA has a higher win percentage than the San Antonio Spurs. Indeed, the Spurs are the only franchise with a win percentage of more than 60%, 61.1% to be exact. They have emerged victoriously from 22,47 of their 3,676 fixtures since they first took to the court in the 1976-77 season.

The Spurs enjoyed their most fruitful seasons in the 1990s and early 2000s but have not been the same force since. However, they do have five NBA championships to brag about, with only four other teams winning more.

Los Angeles Lakers are one of those teams. They have played in 32 NBA Finals, 11 more than any other team, and have won 17 of them – which ties them with the Boston Celtics. The Lakers have a win percentage of 59.4%, placing them second in the NBA. However, they have played more than 5,800 games, some 1,200 more than the Spurs, making their winning record much more impressive.

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