Which other countries can you visit if you have a valid Canadian visa?/what are the travel advantages of a Canada PR?

Canada is one of the most, affluent, and developed and peace loving places in the world. So, there are so many privileges once you have a PR visa or citizenship of this country. A Canada visa is like a huge bounty including many gifts such as visa free travel. 

There are a large number of countries which ensure visa free entry once you have a Canada PR visa in order to ensure that their ties with Canada are strong.

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Travel advantages of a Canada citizenship

Most of the countries in Central America such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama apart from Mexico provide you with a free visa travel if you are the PR holder of Canada. However you can stay for different times in these countries with a Canadian PR.  Mexico however allows the longest time of 6 months for stay on a Canada PR visa, out of all these countries. You can also enjoy a vacation in Bahamas with a Canada PR card, for 1 month without getting any other visa.  Moreover, a Canada PR provides you with the simple access route to Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Dominican Republic apart from Jamaica. So, all these islands become freely accessible and they don’t ask for a travel visa from the Canada PR holder.

What if you have Canadian PR ?

Indian citizens(nationals) even if they have the PR of Canada can’t travel to US without having a visitor visa. US has allowed visa free travel to citizens (nationals) of certain countries such as Australia, who are also PR holders of Canada. This allowance for travelling without a visa has given as per the visa waiver program implemented by US. However, when travelling to US as a Canadian PR holder, without a temporary visa, you cant study, neither get a job. It’s better that you just stick to the purpose of, excursion or business whichever was specified while the time you took an electronic system for travel authorization(ESTA) for moving to Canada as per the visa waiver program.

A Canadian citizen can have visa free access to many countries such as Antigua and Barbuda(6 months visa free stay). So, this is comfortable for anybody they don’t need to take a visa.

An eVisa can be generated, for Canadians travelling to India because they can be in this country for 2 months. And the most beneficial part is, you can get this eVisa 2 times in a year. The maximum privilege has been given to the Canada citizens by the Australian government. An ETA is just required for travel here which is processed so easily. ETA is given for a year, in which the candidate can come to the country for 90 days, any number of times. After every visit of 3 months, a Canadian citizen has to leave the country and come here again on a new ETA. So, a Canada passport is really extremely useful.

There are also several benefits of getting a Canadian PR. You don’t need to avail a new visa for going to different countries and your PR card will allow you to travel:

So, all the best for your endeavors in enjoying visa free travel with a Canada PR visa.

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