Which Online Course is Best for UPSC?

The IAS exam is widely regarded as the most challenging competitive exam in India. A couple of years ago, this exam did not have the same level of toughness that it now has. 

This increase in the difficulty level of this exam requires students to prepare in a completely different manner. Today, UPSC Online Course has become a raging trend. Such online coaching for this exam gives students access to all the information at their fingertips. 

All they need is internet access and their laptop. Such an online medium of preparation also helps students save the time they spent commuting to and fro from their coaching centers. 

Benefits of Online Coaching for UPSC

Before discussing the benefits of a UPSC Online Course a word of caution needs to be mentioned. Today, there is endless information available online. This point is essential to keep in mind when you choose a particular course for yourself. 

The preparation for this exam should be focused on the syllabus. To pick the best online course for yourself, you must choose one that has already earned millions of students’ trust. 


Online IAS preparation enables students to self-study. Since there is no one to supervise how you are preparing, conducting good preparation for the exam is entirely on your shoulders. It makes the students become more disciplined and focus on their studies. They can assess their areas of strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly in the best possible manner.

Ample study resources 

UPSC Online Course offers students access to a plethora of study materials. The online courses provide a great package of study materials. You don’t have to worry about securing relevant study materials from here and there. 

The coaching institutes themselves create these study resources. In their preparation, the institutes also take the help of subject matter experts. Thus, you are sure to benefit from the high-quality learning resources in an online course. 


Many online courses for UPSC are available completely free of cost. Some of them demand a very nominal course fee. Moreover, many trusted online platforms are giving free learning materials to students to prepare for this exam. 

You also get an option to choose and select only what you really want. You can choose one depending upon your study requirement. Thus, an online course is highly economical as compared to the offline one.

Personal mentorship 

Today, there is no shortage of online courses for IAS. But it does not mean that you can choose anyone. You should select a UPSC Online Course only after a careful study of all the available courses. 

Nowadays, these courses provide outstanding tutoring videos and also the option of personal mentorship. This personalized mentorship proves to be very useful when you want to clear your doubts. 

There is no denying the fact that the UPSC syllabus is both enormous and complex. Amid your preparation, you will undoubtedly need the help of a mentor. But this mentorship is only provided by a few select online courses. So go in for those which provide a 24/7 doubt-clearing platform.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you can gain a lot from the test series that online courses offer. These will strengthen your conceptual understanding and will move you closer to your goal of clearing this exam. 

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