Which Mechanical Keyboard to Buy According to Your Office Style

Nowadays, office space is a necessary space for every enterprise, and due to the different enterprise concepts and industries, there are also various office environment styles. As an essential office item, computers also have a variety of design styles. Purchasing an appropriate mechanical keyboard according to different office styles will make the office environment more coordinated. Don’t know which mechanical keyboard to buy according to your office style? Let me give you some tips!

Today’s popular office design styles can be roughly divided into modern style, industrial style, and creative style. Which mechanical keyboard to buy according to these four office styles?I will give a detailed introduction below.

Modern style office: Chocolate mechanical keyboard

The modern style office pursues fashion and trend and pays great attention to the perfect combination of the room space’s layout and use. Modern style office’s decoration tends to use smooth lines to make the office simple and atmospheric and use green plants to increase the space’s vitality. Modern office decoration design is generally suitable for a group office. The colors of the modern office are mainly based on white and gray.

Which mechanical keyboard to buy according to modern style office?I recommend this chocolate dot mechanical keyboard.

This dot mechanical keyboard is designed by 3 different types of chocolate, including black chocolate, milky chocolate, and white chocolate. It brings you satisfaction with chocolates more than visual enjoyment while working. This dot mechanical keyboard’s color matches the modern style office’s white and gray style perfectly, making the office look stylish and generous. Imagine that you are sitting in a modern style office with your fingers tapping on this chocolate dot mechanical keyboard as if you are enjoying the comfort of this city. Your work will no longer be monotonous.

Industrial style office: Black gold mechanical keyboard

The biggest feature of the industrial style office is the bare ceiling. The pipelines on the ceiling are painted in off white. Rich materials such as wood, concrete, steel, and glass are used to interpret the diversified office environment. The industrial style office’s floor often retains the unmodified floor, which is in line with the industrial style’s rough and uninhibited nature. Industrial style office is the favorites of new energy vehicles, technology, and artificial intelligence enterprises.

Which mechanical keyboard to buy according to industrial style office?I recommend this black gold dot mechanical keyboard.

This black gold dot mechanical keyboard emphasizes metal and mechanical style, well-matched with industrial style office’s rough and uninhibited nature. This black gold dot mechanical keyboard has a LED monochrome backlight with 4 levels of adjustable brightness. Its full N-key rollover saves you from all sorts of awkward mistakes. When you are in an industrial style office with a cool black gold dot mechanical keyboard, it seems that you are a successful man, dominating your career with a promising future. Don’t know which mechanical keyboard to buy? Black gold dot mechanical keyboard will be a good choice.

Creative style office: Lipstick mechanical keyboard

Nowadays, office design also tends to be open and entertaining while satisfying comfort and function. The creative style office will be interspersed with some irregular, functional areas during the decoration to reduce the office’s seriousness and create a relaxed atmosphere. Besides, the emergence of more functional areas can also reduce the pressure on employees. Creative style offices are mostly suitable for enterprises such as art, books, cultural media, and brand companies.

Which mechanical keyboard to buy according to creative style office?I recommend this lipstick mechanical keyboard.

This dot mechanical keyboard has 79 completely different keys, and with lipstick as the theme, which is really creative! Creative style office can well integrate with the dot keyboard design and lipstick color to create a relaxed and energetic working atmosphere for employees. It can also help employees to think actively and keep the inspiration flowing. 

Which Mechanical Keyboard to Buy According to Your Office Style?Different office styles should choose different keyboards. The right keyboard will make the office environment more harmonious. I highly recommend the Lofree dot keyboard, which includes Black Gold dot mechanical keyboard, Bloom dot mechanical keyboard, Milk Tea dot mechanical keyboard, Knight dot mechanical keyboard, Mid-summer dot mechanical keyboard, and other different keyboards to meet different office styles. Now you will know Which mechanical keyboard to buy. With a beautiful appearance and good performance, you can definitely find a suitable Lofree dot keyboard for your office style.

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