Which MBA Program is Right For You? – A Quick Guide

As privatization is increasing in India, the demand for skilled professionals is also increasing.

As we all know business professionals play an important role in running any business. To encash this opportunity, people are running for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. In the last decade, we have seen that the demand for MBA Programs has increased a lot.

There are 4 types of MBA courses available in India.

  • Full-time MBA
  • Part-Time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Distance or Online MBA

Before we dive into explaining which MBA program is best, let’s first understand the different types of MBA programs available for you.

Full-Time MBA Program

The full-time MBA program is the most popular. To complete a full-time MBA, you have to attend regular classes in a business school or university for 2 years.

This type of MBA is popular among most fresh graduates.

Part-Time MBA Program

As it is clear from the name, a part-time MBA course is a course that you can do part-time while doing a business or with a job.

Classes for part-time MBA are arranged on Saturday and Sunday.

Most part-time MBA programs are offered by top business schools.

Executive MBA Program

An Executive MBA is a specially designed program for experienced working professionals.

Those who are already doing jobs and have good experience in business management can enhance their skills more by doing an Executive MBA.

To have an Executive MBA, you must have good work experience.

Distance Education MBA or Online MBA

Distance Education MBA is the most popular MBA program in today’s era.

Distance MBA or getting an MBA online is the most popular among working professionals who want to take their career to a new height.

Because you can do a distance education program along with your job in your free time, therefore its popularity is increasing day by day.

Distance Education MBA provides you the facility to fall on your favorite timings.

The distance education MBA program fees are much lower than the fees of the rest of the MBA programs and this program is also widely accepted in the corporate world.

Most working professionals undertake a distance education program for promotion.

After doing a distance education program, not only do you get a promotion, but you can walk on the ladder of your success faster.

IGNOU MBA is one of the finest examples of a distance MBA program.

Which MBA program is better?

Selecting an MBA depends on the needs of an individual.

If you are a graduate and are working and want to continue your higher education then Distance MBA or Online MBA is a good option for you.

On the other hand, if you have just graduated and want to continue your higher studies then you can go for the full-time MBA program.

A part-time MBA program is better for those who are either doing another course or want to do a higher education program part-time.

An educational MBA is better for those who have been in a managerial post in a job for many years and want to improve their skills.


The selection of an MBA program is more related to your needs.

No MBA course fits all.

You need to assess your requirements and have to decide accordingly.

You will learn the same thing in all types of MBA courses i.e. managing business. Now you can pick an MBA program based on your experience and need.

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