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Which Countries Are Visa Waiver for New Zealand?

Which countries are visa-free to New Zealand? It depends on your nationality, so if you are a citizen of a GCC country, you can visit New Zealand for a maximum of three months without a visa. You’ll need to show immigration officials that you plan to spend more time in New Zealand. There are 111 countries on the list – see below for details. The other countries you need a visa for include Senegal, Honduras, and others.

111 countries

A New Zealand passport can get you into 111 countries without a visa. Other countries require an eVisa or a visa on arrival. A New Zealand passport is the 7th most powerful passport in the world, but it doesn’t mean you can just go anywhere in the world without a visa. To be considered visa-free, you need to have a valid passport that is good for at least three months after your planned departure date. You also need travel insurance.

If you are NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR VISA WAIVER, you can enter the Schengen area visa-free for up to three months. If you wish to stay in a member state for longer, you will need to obtain a national long-stay ‘D’ visa or residence permit. A Schengen national may not need a residence permit before traveling, but it will be required if you intend to work or study in a country that requires a visa.

60 countries

In a bid to attract more tourists and workers, New Zealand has opened its borders to travelers from 60 countries that do not require a visa. These countries include Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United States, and much of Europe. The first flights arrived at 5.30 am local time on Monday, and music blared as family members were reunited. This announcement has generated considerable controversy, but it has been welcomed by New Zealanders.

The New Zealand government has implemented a plan to allow citizens of 60 nations to enter the country without a visa. People who hold an e-Visa will not need a visa if they are staying for three months or less, as long as they are British nationals. Those who need a visa for medical reasons must apply for a full visa, and those who have been in the country for more than 60 years are eligible.


You can visit Senegal without a Visa if you have a passport issued by this country. You can also get an e-Tourist Visa, which will allow you to enter the country for up to 60 days without a visa. This visa will cost you $75 USD and you can get it at the Lalai border crossing, Meuang mom, Pakxan border crossing, or Phoudou border crossing. You can also apply for a visa on arrival in Beirut International airport, Nouakchott-Oumtounsy airport, and the Phoudou border crossing.

For a New Zealand passport holder, it is possible to enter the United Kingdom without a Visa as long as it is valid for up to six months. Although this is not an absolute rule, you can expect questions at the border about your reason for traveling to the UK. Moreover, future border checks in the UK may require that you get a Visa. Visa-free countries in Africa include Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Togo.


Traveling to Honduras without a Visa is easy if you have a passport from Honduras. The Honduran ETA is valid for two years and allows you to make multiple entries. To apply for the visa, you must complete the online application form and submit the relevant documents. Once you’ve submitted all the necessary information, iVisa will process the application.

As a citizen of Australia, you don’t need a visa to visit New Zealand. If you’re a citizen of any other country, however, you must obtain a visa from the embassy prior to travel. Applicants who qualify for an eTA will be given an e-visa, which they can show to the embassy upon arrival. You’ll need to have a valid passport to enter the country and at least three months of validity to leave. It’s also a good idea to buy travel insurance when you travel to other countries.


If you’re a resident of New Zealand, you can travel to many countries without a visa. Panama is one of these countries. You can enter Panama with any passport. In 2012, Panama launched a program known as the Friendly Nations Visa, which allows citizens of fifty different countries to enter the country visa-free. To get this visa, you must demonstrate economic and professional ties to Panama. After three to five years in Panama, you can even apply for citizenship and become a Panamanian citizen.


In addition to the NEW ZEALAND VISA HELP DESK, Panama is also a popular tourist destination for New Zealanders. This nation’s friendly atmosphere will make your trip to Panama a pleasant experience. Panama is located in Central America and borders Costa Rica and Colombia. The country has a land mass of 75,417 square kilometers, making it the fourth-largest in Central America. The country has a humid, tropical maritime climate with long rainy seasons from May to January and short dry seasons from February to May.

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