Which are the best online learning platforms?

Along with other amenities, advancement of technology has also brought revolutionary changes in the modes of teaching or learning as well. One of these changes is that the mode of teaching in various fields has been shifted from traditional methods to online learning.

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This shift to online modes of learning has solved many problems which would not be possible otherwise. For example, nowadays students can join online learning courses whenever they want in order to clear all the concepts regarding that subject. 

Here is the list of online learning platforms that are top ranked and you can choose one of these platforms which seems best to you. And you can learn math, English and so much..


If you are looking for a trustworthy platform where you can continue your professional or academic courses without being enrolled in any college or university, you can go for this option. Upon the completion of degree or course you are enrolled in, you can get specific certifications and degrees.

Formal activities like quizzes and assignments make the courses offered through this platform look professional. Moreover, it is noteworthy that this platform is affiliated with more than a hundred universities and offers more than 3000 courses. So, it can be considered as a preferable option when you are looking for a dependable online learning platform.


Udemy also comes under the list of credible online learning platforms. The specialty of this platform is that it provides an unparalleled wide range of courses. It offers more than 100000 courses falling under different categories. You can choose the one you are interested in.

It is necessary to mention here that courses offered by this platform are available under different languages which make this platform a more comfortable and practical option.

 Furthermore, this platform offers you certificates upon the completion of these courses. The courses are available in the form of video lectures and the length of videos may go from thirty minutes up to five hours. You can access these videos whenever you want until you get complete understanding of a certain subject.


MasterClass is another online learning platform especially focused on personality development and grooming. The most special thing of this platform is that it provides you an opportunity to proper guidance and coaching from professional experts and celebrities. This feature may take your skills up to another level.

Another considerable thing is that the courses are available at very low prices. For example, you can get access to the video lectures at fifteen to twenty dollars per month. These videos are available under nine different categories.

Hence, MasterClass is a preferable option for those seeking personality development and similar other qualities.

AJT Online Learning:

It is also among the top notch platforms providing online learning. There are more than twenty thousand classes available that you can benefit from. These courses are basically focused towards development of skill set.

It must b kept in mind that the courses available under this platform does not provide you accreditation, certification or degrees when you complete them. The reason behind which is that the sole purpose of these courses is to develop skills in the individuals joining these courses.

Availability of the downloading option for the courses makes these courses more comfortable an effective at the same time. Before joining the courses, you can enjoy the free 2 months trial.


If you are new to online learning and unaware of the online learning advantages and disadvantages, then this article will provide you complete guidance regarding the selection of online learning platforms.

The online learning platforms examples mentioned in this article are among trustworthy and famous ones. Joining the one you feel suitable for you will certainly help you in the development and upgradation of your skills.

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