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Which App is Better : Acorns vs Stash vs Robinhood



Should you choose Stash, Acorns or Robinhood? They’re not all the same. Learn if you can actually make money with investing apps. Investing is the best way to grow your money and retire stress-free. But who has a thousand bucks lying around to start?

That’s why many beginners use Acorns vs Stash vs Robinhood. These micro-investing apps allow anyone to start, even if you just have a few dollars. Each one works a little differently. Acorns automatically invests your spare change, while Stash guides you through the process of building a portfolio. Robinhood lets you trade completely commission-free. Are they worth the hype? Read on to see how they compare and which one is best for you.


Each app is targeted toward a different type of investor.

Acorns is best for hands-off investors. Acorns automatically chooses your investments and manages your portfolio for you. It’s best for “set it and forget it” long-term investing.

Stash is best for beginners who want to learn. Stash guides you through the steps and helps you choose investments suited for your goals. You manage your own portfolio but still have some hand holding.

Robinhood is best for experienced active traders. Robinhood is completely DIY investing. There’s no guidance at all, so you manage everything yourself.


Robinhood offers the most customization : Robinhood allows you to select your own individual stocks, funds, and options. You can even invest in gold and cryptocurrency. This lets users completely hand pick their investment mix.

Stash has a mix of custom and ready-made portfolios: Stash lets you choose your own individual stocks or you can invest in their curated themed portfolios. You can select portfolios based on industry or causes you support.

For example, you can invest in their “Clean and Green” mix. That fund is comprised of clean energy sources like wind and solar.

Acorns chooses everything for you: You can only select one of five pre-built portfolios based on your risk tolerance, ranging from conservative to aggressive.


Acorns, Stash, and Robinhood all use industry standard 256-bit encryption to protect your personal and financial data. You can trust that your data is safe with them.

All three are members of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). The SIPC protects your securities up to $500,000 per account type if the platform goes out of business.

But the SIPC will NOT protect you from losing money through investing. Any cryptocurrency investments through Robinhood are also not protected by SIPC.


If you’re looking for a way to invest right from your mobile device, Robinhood, Acorns, and Stash all have something to offer. While they all offer investment accounts, the features and service you get with each of them varies.

Take your time to weigh the options based on what will fit your lifestyle the best.

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Did Hiring for Small Businesses Change in 2020?




So much changed in 2020 when it comes to how we live, work, and play because of the terrible virus that subsequently has taken over the entire world. We had to quickly adapt to what was happening and those people who didn’t were left to suffer and possibly lose everything. It’s harsh, but it’s the reality we’ve been faced with recently.

In the business world, things have moved online and we’re having to work remotely for just about everything. Small business owners have to run things from afar and fresh graduates are getting their first taste of employment from inside their own home. Again, it’s harsh but it’s our reality.

One thing I was especially interested in hearing about was how small business owners are posting job ads, recruiting candidates, and completing the hiring process.

So I hit the virtual streets and talked with some business owners to find out if and how they hired in 2021.

(1) “I tested out hiring some freelancers.”

Donny Gamble is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Retirement Investments. Here’s what he said about hiring, ever since the pandemic has hit us all.

“It was interesting to go about hiring in 2020. I didn’t know what to do honestly, as I usually hire local candidates who I meet from schools, collaborative spaces, and more. But, with everything that was going on and the need to keep things moving forward, I tested out hiring some freelancers.

I did everything online and used some helpful platforms like Upwork to help me find relevant candidates in my price point and find people who can help.

It was a good experience and is something I’ll definitely do moving forward.”

(2) “I continued to hire local candidates, but the process was definitely different.”

Jeff Parke is a Fitness Professional and the founder of Top Fitness Mag. He regularly hires for a variety of positions and had to pivot in 2020.

“I have always hired locally and so I didn’t know what to do when we were all in lock. In the end, I continued to hire local candidates, but the process was definitely different.

I did everything remote, only met with them when absolutely necessary, and adapted new tools to help us work (rather than just do everything in person). It definitely changes my mindset about hiring in the future, but we’ll see if it stays like this or if I go back to what I used to do.”

(3) “Remote hiring can be a tougher process, but the payoff can be extremely positive if done correctly.”

Jim Sullivan is an experienced HR professional and the founder of a U.S.-based recruiting service, JCSI. We wanted to get insight from someone who works in HR, so Jim’s insight was interesting to hear on the topic.

“I think everyone has had to change how they approach hiring and how they review candidates, but it shouldn’t dictate the type of person you hire and the work they can do. I recommend that small businesses and entrepreneurs’ approach in the same way, but just move everything online (or as much as they can).

Remote hiring can be a tougher process, but the payoff can be extremely positive if done correctly. In fact, remote hiring can open the door to new processes, tougher questions, more detailed applications, and more. There are a ton of benefits to it, but it’s just something most of us are not familiar with.

Do what you’re comfortable with, chat with other professionals who have experience hiring online, and make sure you’re happy with every step of the process.”

Thank you to these professionals for their insight into hiring in 2020 and beyond.

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All about the Case Interview – Types of case interview formats!




What are the types of case interview formats?

The case interviews take a very similar format but it does not mean that they will describe all your life’s experiences and knowledge. The time management of the case interview is various consultancies where they are used.

One of the best things in a case interview in this situation is not only the mental and sociological tests included but the interviewers can ask out of topics questions also. So, you will have to keep ready for any type of questions and tests that can be asked due to your case interviews. 

There are different types of formats of the case interview. The format of the case interview depends on the firm that you are interviewing with. It also depends on the specific round. You should keep in mind that you have to try the same thinking process applies to all interview types, regardless of formats. 

Here are some of the case interview formats that you may also suffer from.

The interviewer-Led case interview format

It is a highly structured format so we have to keep it in the first place. In this format the interviewer controls and tests the focus, sequence, tempo, and other abilities of the problem-solving process of the candidate. This format may be consisting of many phases. 

You will to ready to answer all of the questions asked by the interviewer one by one. Some problem solving, analytical, and leadership skills will be tested due to this type of case interview format. 

Candidate-Led Case interview format

In this case interview format, the candidate can be asked to drive the case from start to finish. You may be asked many types of open questions about yourself and your abilities. 

The objective of this type of case interview is to test the priorities, thinking’s, and decisions about how a candidate can handle the entire beginning to end problems and he/she will get rid of them. The thing is to test how the candidate will deal with the problems from start to finish. 

Group case interview format

In this type of case interview, the interviewer will test the candidate’s team-leading and role in a team to work with others. In this type of format of the case interview, you will be asked a simple question about how you will lead the team in various types of adverse situations. 

You will be tested about how you can perform better and be the best in your team? And if you are leading the team then how you can test the abilities of all members? You may be asked for different types of conditions that would have to suffer a team member and team leader. 

The written Case interview format

In written case format the interviewer tests the candidates writing and other computer-working things that are also essential for a candidate. It is a data management and other analysis components test in which the interviewer may test your planning and using of the data to grow the company.

Presentation only case interview format

After the written case of the format, you also may be tested about your presenting skills. In this type of case interview format, you may be asked that how you will satisfy a client with your performing data. And what are the analysis from your data to grow the significant product or company? 

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5 Best Ways on How to Prepare for a Personal Loan




A personal loan may be a long-term commitment. Like any other commitments, preparations are also ideal before taking on a personal loan. Being prepared for your personal loan may benefit you from the application processing to the completion of your repayments.

To avoid complications with your personal loan, it is best to know how to be well-prepared before you even apply. Continue reading to learn more about how to get ready for your application!

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Check Your Finances

Checking your finances before your personal loan application is the responsible thing to do. You should make sure that you are financially capable to repay the debt that you are about to have. Your finances should not only be sufficient for today but for the entire loan term. Make sure that you have enough finances for all your bills, lifestyle expenditures, and the personal loan that you’re about to take.

Gather the Application Requirements

Requirements for a personal loan are usually not difficult to acquire. They may vary from one lender to another though. When you are already eyeing a potential lender, you should ask for their requirements so that you can gather and prepare all of them before submitting your application. Having complete requirements for your application processing may make the transaction quicker.

Check Your Credit Record

Your credit record is essential for your personal loan. Your credit history will most likely have an impact on your loan terms and conditions. It is best to check your credit record before your application to give yourself some time to make your record look as best as you can.

Fix Persisting Payment Issues

After checking your credit record, make sure that there are no payment issues on it. Having payment issues on your credit history may cause negative impact to your application. If you do find payment issues on your record, make it a priority to fix all these issues before your personal loan application to avoid complications.

Shop for Best Deals

When you prepare for your personal loan, it is ideal for you to make sure that you have taken the best deal available for you. Before submitting that application, do consider all the available options that you have around you. If you think that you have chosen the right one for you, then go for it! If not, then choose the one that would treat you better.

Preparing for a personal loan may be simple but it is a task that you should do cautiously and responsibly. Make sure that all of your documents are legit and issue-free. When you apply for your personal loan, be honest to your lender and even to yourself. Shop Wisely!

Discover all debt consolidation plans in Singapore.

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How To Sell OSRS Gold To Desire




The first puzzle that comes to your creativity when you determine to market Runescape gold is how to do it. Selling OSRS gold, in usual, is easy, but it is more comfortable if you are selling with a trusted corporation.

Also, the quantity of Runescape gold you are selling shouldn’t be too inadequate, otherwise, you won’t earn that much actual money.

Every association has its own customs when it comes to buying gold from the athletes. Some may pay in a running time after obtaining your gold, others pay immediately. In general, you and the gold customer should be able to converse easily on their website or the in-game conservation.

Normally, you will be invited first what type of RuneScape gold are you purposing to sell, OSRS gold. After that, you’ll be reviewing your chosen payment organisation and where you’re going to appear in-game to trade the gold. Normally, payment will be sent spontaneously, but seldom it takes time.

 Privacy Concerns

When it gets to buy RS gold, your security and privacy should be the most significant thing for you. Your record is the most important thing in this case and even more costly than trading 1 or 2 Billion OSRS gold.

The adulthood of Runescape players are constantly asking one when it comes to selling gold; is it forbidden to sell Runescape gold? The response is no, it’s only opposite the game rules, but that doesn’t signify you cannot do it.

Also, it’s not the most remarkable thing you should consider about, getting prevented while exchanging gold is less likely to occur nowadays.

In enhancement to hiding your main account identification, you can also effectively hide your real-life learning during the refund process. This can be achieved by applying any Cryptocurrency but this depends on in case the RS gold position you are contracting to allows them.

In, we allow you a type of benefits that you can take from to take your refund upon selling your buy RS Gold to us.

Our assistant will ask you to contribute your Bitcoin pocketbook business upon completing the process in-game and the stocks will be conveyed to your wallet instantly. This is actually much the identical way all the other methods of payment work as well.

When selling your buy RS Gold to us we also submit in PayPal, Skrill, and Bank orders to almost any country!

It is reasonable to sell your Gold, but it is not a bright thing to do. Characters on this game tend to carry back after achieving the payment, thus you will end up spending your Gold with no possibility of it back. That’s why this is your most desirable option when it comes to selling Runescape Gold quick and simple.

The Corporation You’re dealing With

 the best RS gold website to buy with is a very significant circumstance when it appears to buying and selling gold online. If you are ready to take it as a career, then you should find yourself the most suitable work to associate with.

A good group can be organized by its up customer maintenance service and its industry knowledge. A company that passes can grant you the payment immediately is always the best option for you.

Not just that, you also want to examine their proficiency. The longer they have been in this sort of marketing, the more informed they are in withdrawing fines or bans from the game. A well-experienced organisation should be conscious of all the skills and how to defend their clients.

Choosing a company that is responsible to buy OSRS gold for an unreasonable price shouldn’t be your first preference in this case. Your protection and safety should be number one in this profession. Losing your account is like missing your work, but expending a good presentation is not the outcome of the world.

Many organizations in the market will be excited to explain to you why they are the most reliable, but what their traders say about them is the easy and good way to compare each RuneScape gold site with another.


Every profession in this world has imposters, your career, your institution, and even your game. In Runescape imposters are practically everywhere, they will do anything it takes to you and gets every  RS GP you have. Things like playing near the Grand Exchange, trading gold with an anonymous player in the game, all of this is just corrupt and should be withdrawn.

Some gold organisations are also struggling that way, they will be playing like they are selling gold or buying gold usually, but they are there to scam you of your OSRS gold. To circumvent this situation from getting a place, you should their whole and their customer displays, even if they are not revealing them, you should be capable to Google their name at least.

Always try to buy your gold to the right corporation, you are not only endangering your gold, but also your account and your identification.


Buy OSRS gold and enjoy your skills of playing. Easily earn money and use links which were mentioned in this article.

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Green packaging: 6 Advantages for the Businesses



green packaging

Many big brands are using creating green packaging for their products because it has several benefits. It can help save the environment and has many other benefits that can help increase the profit of the business. Green packaging requires less use of material, which allows the companies to reduce the cost of packaging. The packaging is also more sustainable and gives excellent long term benefits and results. Eco-friendly packaging is the latest phenomenon that has captured the packaging industry, and more and more big brands are adopting this packaging method. The customers are also demanding eco-friendly suppliers, and using eco packaging has helped the business maintain a good reputation in the market. Here are some of the benefits of eco-friendly packaging.

Reduces the carbon footprint

The eco-friendly boxes have gained a lot of popularity in the packaging industry, reducing the carbon footprint. The packaging is designed with recycled waste material, which is cost-effective and biodegradable. The packaging reduces the consumption of materials and makes it one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions. The packaging will help you meet your eco-friendly goals and allow you to win the customers’ trust. 

Easy disposal

Eco packaging is easily disposed of and can be recycled over and over again. The boxes can be thrown into the recycled bin, which means that they can be recycled again to create new packaging for some other products. When the companies use easily disposable packaging, they don’t have to worry about disposing of the landfills’ boxes. This packaging is safe for the environment, and your company will not cause any harm the environment. Waste packaging can cause damage to the environment if it is made with plastic and other harmful materials. The landfills and rivers will get dirty as plastic takes years to dispose of. The recyclable packaging can be easily thrown into the recycling bin, and companies can use the materials to recycle them again for some other product packaging. The easy disposal of the boxes make them ideal to use if you want to promote your brand as an eco friendly brand in the market.


Eco-friendly packaging helps to reduce the carbon footprint is also recyclable. It is lightweight and has many other benefits as well. The boxes are biodegradable and can be easily decomposed. They can be recycled and can be used to produce new packaging for different products. The packaging material doesn’t cause any pollution and is safe for the environment. Many big brands use this packaging solution as it is ideal for recyclable and is also readily biodegradable. The boxes can be degraded quickly and are not harmful to the environment and the wildlife. Paper and cardboard materials are ideal for eco-friendly packaging as they are biodegradable and can be recycled easily. You can reuse the box and can use it again and again for packaging other products. The packaging doesn’t pose any threat to the environment and doesn’t leave any dirt in the landfills. The paper and cardboard material decompose quickly and don’t cause any harm to the environment.

Versatile and flexible

Green packaging is versatile and flexible at the same time. It can be reused and recycled in almost the major industries that are making use of packaging. The packaging designs brands use to make a significant impact on their sales. When they use eco-friendly packaging designs, consumers are impressed as it gives good vibes about their contribution to the environment. You can easily pack electronics, food items like meat, and other delicate products inside without getting worried about anything. It will suit the needs of every industry and will reduce the cost of packaging too. According to a recent study, about 78% of consumers among different age groups felt positive about brands offering their products in versatile, eco-friendly packaging designs.

Expand the customer base

The loyalty of your customers will increase when you offer them eco-friendly products and packaging designs. There is a significant demand for going green, and the customers aren’t ready to accept anything that has plastic. The government has also laid down strict rules for the brands so they can contribute to the environment. Most of the people are making their purchase decision keeping eco-friendliness in their mind. When it comes to their health, no one will compromise, and the brands have to make a move accordingly. Going green means a loyal and extended customer base, while excellent word of mouth will act as a free marketing tool. They will not hesitate to come back for repeat purchases.

Business perspective

Most brands like to choose those packaging designs that can save their money and elevate their product and brand. When the products are delivered safely and securely, it will reduce the cost of shipping. There is no doubt that eco-friendly boxes are cost-effective as the manufacturing materials are easy to access. Paper shredders offer useful ways to discard all types of packaging wastes as it will the waste biodegrade faster than usual. The industrials shedders are commonly used if the volume of waste packaging is high and not easy to shred.

Interesting facts

Traditional methods of packaging are harmful to the environment and contribute to global warming too. When brands are using eco-friendly packaging, it will give a responsible image, and they can also reduce the use of plastic. Using petrochemicals that are non-sustainable requires a lot of energy, and it is harmful to health too. Traditional plastics thrown in public places are directly associated with health problems for humans while also not favorable for marine life. The green movement has led to a new wave of innovation and creativity, and a lot of alternatives are made to replace traditional packaging designs. It will boost up the importance and sales for environmentally conscious businesses.

What is the advantage of going green?

Green packaging reduces carbon print and is easy to dispose of. Moreover, it is biodegradable, versatile, and flexible too. It has replaced the traditional packaging designs that involve the use of plastic.

How can eco-friendly boxes reduce shipping costs?

The eco-friendly boxes will reduce the number of raw materials used for the construction of packaging designs. Products will also remain safe and secure inside.

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