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Where to Invest Capital Smart City or Park View City

Arguably among the best housing complexes in Islamabad’s suburbs are Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. These two housing plans accommodate different price groups, are located hundreds of miles apart, and offer various amenities. There is no way to draw a comparison between these two home plans. Both of these housing plans are being created by Pakistan’s leading developers, and investing in either of them would yield excellent outcomes and returns. Here’s a quick rundown of both societies’ introductions and selling points:

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a highly recommended society for investment in Islamabad. Surbana Jurong & the well-recognized Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd, some of Singapore’s most talented designers, collaborated on the Capital Smart City project. There are several factors why investors will want to invest in Capital smart city. The project not only has an excellent master plan, but it is also in a good location in Islamabad. The following are some of the benefits of investing in this project:

Outstanding Location:

One of several reasons to invest in the capital smart city is its great location. There isn’t much better than obtaining a double profit on a particular investment for an investor. The Capital Smart City, adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport, is served by the M2 Motorway. Furthermore, it is freely reachable from elsewhere in the city because Rawalpindi is also close by.

Gated Community:

When a foreign buyer invests in Pakistan, safety is a primary priority since our country places a premium on privacy and safety. While Islamabad is a safe city overall, the Capital Smart City offers the added security of being such a gated community. This is beneficial to any investor who is involved in the construction of a home or commercial structure.


The capital smart city has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). In addition, it is an initiative of the FDHL, a recognized organization. Customers are well-informed regarding FDHL and feel confident in their investments. This level of legitimacy is adequate to entice investment. If you want more, there’s excellent information in Islamabad’s capital smart city: after combining with DHA, the society will be dubbed DHA smart city. This is a fine opportunity to make a good investment.

Smart facilities:

Any society will provide you with most of your desired luxuries at first. Other societies may have excellent facilities. However, the country’s only smart city offers you all of the necessary smart amenities. If you want to take advantage of the available amenities, this is the finest place to invest.

Sensible Costs:

Plots in Islamabad’s smart city capital are reasonably priced. In comparison to the value of society, these stated prices are worthless. You can rest assured that you’ll be capable of paying back your mortgage in three years if you choose simple installment payment arrangements. A prudent investor should be ready to make a prudent investment.

Park View City:

Park View City is a residential organization that was built as a residential area by Vision Group. It offers apartments in Islamabad, as well as residential districts, industrial zones, and single-family homes. A large mosque, a prestigious college, a large hospital, Park View Mall, and the main community center are all part of the opulent residential development. The diversity of the housing community is evident in its 200-foot main road, big and majestic avenues, extensive green belt alongside roads, gardens, and playground spaces. Park View City Islamabad is located in the capital, next to the beautiful Bani Gala hills.

Exceptional Location:

The luxury housing industry’s location is first and mainly desirable. Park View Cities is located on Malot Road, 15 minutes from the Kashmir Highway. The 200-foot main boulevard of the project may also be accessed by Murree road, which is about 15-20 minutes away by vehicle from the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway. The Park View City area is surrounded by the gorgeous Bani Gala hills and mountains, and civilization is close enough to the city core to provide excellent access.

Elegant Entrance:

The main entry road of the Park View City residential project is 200 feet wide. It stretches for about 90 to 100 meters from Islamabad Avenue to Jinnah Park Lane. It is easier and faster to travel to and from the business sector because of the large access road. It also promotes you to travel effortlessly and pleasantly while relaxing in the tranquility of your wealthy neighborhood.

Botanical Garden:

Park View City has the benefit of being placed in a valley-like situation encircled by attractive botanical gardens. The project attracted many developers to these real estate house plans in Islamabad because of their favorite aspects. Park View City’s Islamabad goal also includes environmentally conscious residents.

Environmental Friendly:

According to environmental evaluations, densely forested areas are ideal for residents. One of Park View City’s key advantages is that it is organically environmentally friendly and has many natural forests encircling it. Because the Chak Shahzad neighborhood is well-known for this, many people are drawn to this endeavor. Park View City is known for its elegant and secure lifestyle.

Park View City’s Overseas Block:

The Park View City Overseas Block is the newest addition to this fascinating house endeavor that caters to everyone’s demands. From residential and business to classic apartments and villas, society is a fascinating lure for everyone. The venture will soon commence on a global scale to fulfill all Pakistani citizens’ housing needs overseas.


Both the capital smart city and Park View City are excellent investments. These housing societies accept bookings with as little as a 10% down payment, with the remainder of the cost divided into equivalent monthly or quarterly installments over 3.5 to 4 years. Before investing their hard-earned money, we constantly urge our valued clients to conduct their homework.

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