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Where To Install Smoke Alarms

While there are a number of precautions every homeowner can take in ensuring the safety of their property, reports have shown that smoke alarms are one of the most effective safety tools when it comes to residential fires.

Per new Legislation, all rental homes are to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms installed from 1 January 2022. Similarly, the same applies to all homes with a 2027 deadline.

Installing Smoke Alarms

When installing smoke alarms, there are a number of factors to consider. Depending on the layout of your property, these will vary differently. Placement is especially important for occupants with children or who sleep with the door closed.

But, put simply, the alarms need to be located where everyone in the home can hear them at all times. This means smoke alarms need to be installed on every level in a multi-level building. between the living and sleeping areas, inside each bedroom and interconnecting hallway. 

Additional consideration and installation tips include:

  • Smoke alarms should be located in the centre of the ceiling.
  • If installed on a wall, the alarm must be located 300mm – 500mm away from the ceiling.
  • On sloped ceilings, smoke alarms must be located 500mm – 1500mm from the highest point.

Interconnected Photoelectric Alarms

Per Legislation, smoke alarms must be interconnected. This means that if one alarm sounds, all of them will sound, increasing the chance of alerting occupants. 

Additionally, all alarms must be photoelectric as they are the most reliable at detecting smoke and smouldering fires. Not only is this effective and alerting occupants to the risk of fire, but also allows them to reach safety before the danger becomes too high.

Photoelectric smoke alarms work by using a sensor and a light source to shine a straight, undetectable beam of light. In the presence of smoke, this light is scattered and detected by the photosensor sounding the alarm.

Where Not to Place Smoke Alarms

Not only are false alarms nerve-wracking, but constant false alarms can accelerate their wear and tear and lead to the removal of the alarm altogether. If they are disabled or removed, they cannot do their life-saving job! To maximise the effectiveness of your alarm, it is recommended that you avoid these areas:

  • In or near the kitchen as general cooking smoke and steam can trigger the alarm.
  • In or near the bathroom as steam from a hot bath or shower can trigger the alarm.
  • In or near the laundry.
  • Over water heaters, space heaters or fireplaces.
  • Near doors or windows in close proximity to an outdoor barbeque

Above heating or cooling ducts, ceiling fans, doors, and windows as excessive air movement can prevent smoke from reaching the alarm

Professional Smoke Alarm Installation & Testing

Are you unsure where to place your smoke alarms to ensure optimal function and safety? The best way to ensure you are smoke alarm compliant is to book professional smoke alarm installation and testing. Not only will this ensure that your smoke alarms are in the correct place, but it will also maintain their working order and reduce the risk of false alarms. At MainTag, a team of expert technicians provide smoke alarm installation and testing services to ensure your property is safe. Contact us today for a free quote!

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