Storage Units Birmingham

Where to Find Storage Units Birmingham at Reasonable Prices

The days when storage hunting was a tiresome and fruitless experience are long gone. Nowadays, storage has been made more accessible, convenient and more affordable. As easy it is to find storage units Birmingham at reasonable prices, it also has many advantages. 

You can choose to rent a storage unit for various reasons, often in transit, shifting, downsizing, changing personal relationship status, commercial use or simply not enough space at home. There are amazing deals and packages at a reasonable process for every use. 

STORED believes in making the storage experience for its customers from the beginning till the very end as comfortable and convenient as possible. We will pick your stuff up, store it and bring it back to you when needed for less than the price of self-storage. 

Advantages of storage units Birmingham:

Storage units Birmingham will definitely ease your storage needs, but it will also enhance your living style. Living among the clutter, surrounded by stuff, isn’t a healthy way to live a fast or calm life. The storage facility will handle your clutter issues and bring a breath of fresh air into your life and change your perspective for good. 

You can safely secure your belongings for as long as you need. So if you are going through a rough patch in your life, at least one problem will be sorted. Storage units Birmingham can make a lot of things easier. 

It will take the pressure off during the moving day. The things you haven’t sorted yet what to do with once you move won’t be towering over your head. You will be able to take a sigh of relief knowing they are safely and securely stored in a storage unit that professionals handle. 

Your life can be less stressful during these times when nothing gets waited upon, and it is all just a race. You will not get overwhelmed by everything you own and how much space it takes. You can rent a secure storage unit with storage units Birmingham by STORED and avoid getting your home and mind cramped. 

It’s all about affordable storage units:

With storage units Birmingham by STORED, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges and unreasonable prices. We aim to make every step, along with the final bill, as hassle-free as possible. You’d be happy to know you can save money with us because we provide free movers, pick-up and vans.

You will get the best prices with impeccable services, that’s our guarantee. Our storage units are one of a kind as well. All the storage units are 7 feet in height except the 12 sqft. unit, which is 4 feet high. Following are the most popular storage units:

Closet space:

12sqft storage unit fits 8-10 storage boxes or 4-5 large suitcases.

Large closet space:

15 sq ft unit is big enough to store 10-12 storage boxes or 5-6 big suitcases.

Studio flat:

It’s a 25 sq ft unit and can fit one bedside table, 1 TV stand, 1 TV and 10-12 storage boxes.

One bed flat/small office space:

This 50 sq ft storage unit can fit up to one double bed, 1-2 seater sofa, one bedside table and 15-20 storage boxes.

Two bed flat/small office:

It’s a 75 sq ft storage unit that’s large enough to store one double bed, 1-3 seater sofa, one wardrobe/drawers and 25-30 storage boxes.

Three bed flat/single garage:

It’s a 100 sq ft storage unit that can store two double beds, 2-3 seater sofas, bedroom and dining furniture and 35-40 storage boxes.

Five-bed house/double garage:

200 sq ft storage unit fits living and dining furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom suites or 150-180 storage boxes.

Seven-bed house/large office:

It’s a huge 300 sq ft storage unit that can fit all household items, seasonal stock, 12-person office or 250 storage boxes.

Ten-bed house/large office:

It’s a massive 400 sq ft storage unit that’s big enough to fit all household items, seasonal stock, 16-person office or 300+ storage boxes.

If you require help with the sizing of storage units, you can contact our professional and efficient team via email or call us. We’d be obliged to help you with any query or confusion you have – we believe in making storage hunting the most hassle-free experience. 

Compare and choose the best storage unit:

We also provide the option to compare prices with other storage unit facilities so you can relax your mind that what we offer is truly the best for you. The storage units Birmingham by STORED lets you book a storage unit in three easy steps. Select the perfect sized storage unit for our needs, pick up a time slot that works best for you, and we will do the rest. 

We also provide free pick-ups, as mentioned above. Our team will arrive at your doorstep at the given address and pick up all the stuff you wish to store. Lastly, if you plan to book a return to get your belongings, all you have to do is book it online. 

STORED will find the best storage unit for you, depending on your needs. We not only provide storage units, but we build trust with our customers, so they consider us every time they have storage needs. Hassle-free, affordable and the most convenient storage facility with safe and secure storage units in excellent condition. 

Our storage units are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and well-lit. You can visit the facility to check the condition of the storage units and ask any queries you have – our friendly and hands-on staff is professional in handling any situation concerning storage needs.