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Where To Find Clients When You Are a Freelance Developer?



Where To Find Clients When You Are a Freelance Developer?

Whether you are already a freelance developer or want to start your own business soon, sooner or later you will be faced with one of the biggest problems( like [pii_email_bc0906f15818797f9ace]) of the freelance worker: finding contracts. Where to find clients when you are a freelance? In this article, I offer 10 ways to find new contracts .

# 1 – Solicit your entourage

To get off to a good start in your freelance activity (or bounce back during a slack period), the simplest solution is to call on your network .

To do this, put everyone around you to help: your family of course, but also your friends, your former colleagues and classmates, and even your former teachers. One of them might need your services, or know someone in this situation.

Inform your network of your area of ​​expertise. Specify what type of clients you are looking for. You can also ask them to share your website link on their social networks, and even leave you a recommendation on Linkedin .

Leave several of your business cards with them so they can distribute them if the opportunity arises.

# 2 – Approach businesses

If you are wondering where to find clients, be sure, door-to-door sales are the most popular method.

The principle is simple: it is a question of contacting (by email, phone, post or face to face) companies in order to present your offers and services to them. This in the hope, of course, of convincing them to call on you.

We will have the opportunity to come back to this subject in more depth in future articles. Nevertheless, here are some tips for prospecting well:

  • Make a list of the companies you would like to work for;
  • Deduce your core target  and create one or more personas to represent them;
  • Write sales pitches specifically addressed to these personas  ;
  • Contact these companies (and others like them) to offer them your services. To do this, refer to your sales pitch and optimize your chances of responding by offering a personalized solution;
  • Start them again after a few days if necessary.

Be careful, however: with the new GDPR standard , you cannot create a database containing emails from prospects who have not implicitly given you their consent to contact them.

Note that you can also use the Sales Solutions service offered by LinkedIn to put you in direct contact with the managers of the companies you are targeting.

# 3 – don’t overlook job boards

When they wonder where to find clients, freelancers don’t often think about it and yet job boards are a real breeding ground for potential contracts . In IT in particular, a very large number of companies are struggling to recruit because the demand is so high.

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Identify companies that are recruiting , then contact them to offer them your services as a freelancer. Some of them might be tempted to call on you while they wait to recruit.

Job boards usually offer to send you alerts when new ads are posted. Do not hesitate to use this tool to save time!

Note that on these same sites, it is often possible to filter by type of contract . While many opt for the classic internship / CDD / CDI, you can also find some freelance contracts.

# 4 – Find a freelance partner

Where to find new customers and contracts? What if you “partner” with another freelancer?

Find someone you trust who has skills that complement yours. For example, a freelance developer can collaborate with a web designer or a freelance writer.

The idea is to call on others when we find a new mission, and even, why not, to approach companies together in order to gain credibility.

Do you receive a request for a quote that you cannot provide? Rather than accepting all the assignments and taking the risk of rushing the job, do not hesitate to redirect your prospect to your partner. The latter will not hesitate to return the elevator to you when the time comes!

I myself have used this solution several times, and I have always found the collaborations very rewarding. Be careful, however, to select the right freelancer  : nothing is worse than seeing your “partner” lack professionalism when carrying out the project.

To choose your freelance partner, do not hesitate to put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter  !

# 5 – Take care of your portfolio

Did you know ? The portfolio is the best freelance salesperson!

While it is entirely possible to be successful in finding clients without a portfolio, things are much easier when you have a quality site to present to your prospects. And if it is well referenced, tens, hundreds or even thousands of people will go there every day.

But in order for your site to attract traffic and, most importantly, convert it, you will need to get involved. Modern and quality design, clear and incisive texts, original illustrations, prominent call to action buttons , examples of achievements, customer testimonials, blog regularly updated with new content …

Having a quality portfolio is a lot of work in the long run. Do not hesitate to reserve a time slot each week in your schedule.

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Where to find clients when you are a freelance developer?

# 6 – think about guest-blogging

Do you have a portfolio but little traffic? Have you thought about guest-blogging  ?

As the name suggests, it is about contacting the owner of a blog and offering to publish one of your unpublished articles there . You will, of course, take the opportunity to slip in your freshly written article a link to your own site.

A win-win arrangement!

In order for this operation to be profitable for you, it goes without saying that your article must be of high quality. The blog target and your article must also correlate with your own target  : no need to publish a comparison of the best raclette machines if you sell mobile applications!

# 7 – be active on social networks

Today it is difficult to do without social networks for your professional activity . As you can imagine, it’s not about posting selfies or recounting your moods, but about establishing your brand image .

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… All of these networks can truly become your allies. As long as you know how to use it well!

For example, on LinkedIn you can join thematic groups. Post relevant comments there to help other people and prove your expertise. On Facebook , create a page for your business and unite a community around your brand. Use Twitter to monitor and share your results. Use YouTube to post video tutorials and give your business a modern look. And so on !

Be careful, however, because social networks are very quickly time- consuming … Restrict your activity to those who are most likely to be frequented by your target.

# 8 – No, forums are not dead!

It is true that since the rise of social networks, many forums have been losing speed. But some of them are still very active, and might even help you find your next assignment .

Take a few hours to select the forums that would be most likely to be frequented by your target . Keep only the most active of them (no need to waste time on desert forums, unless they are particularly well positioned on key queries).

Register on the forums of your selection and create a detailed profile, not forgetting of course to leave a link to your portfolio in your signature. Then spend an hour or two each week posting to these forums .

Obviously, the goal is not to flaunt your privacy, but rather to demonstrate your expertise by helping and advising members of the community for free . Some of them may one day need a professional… and will not hesitate to call on you if you have made a strong impression on them!

# 9 – Opt for freelance platforms

These platforms are a must-see place for many freelancers . When I started my activity as an independent developer 10 years ago, they were really very useful to me (and still are occasionally today).

There are many platforms. Some are open to all freelancers, others are specialized in a particular field such as FreelanceRepublik , which is reserved for developers and project managers . And not just any of them: the best!

General operation varies from platform to platform. Sometimes it’s up to the freelancer to contact the project leader, sometimes it’s the opposite. Sometimes even freelancers are put in competition with each other.

Finally, some are paid (subscription, commission…), others, like FreelanceRepublik, are free for freelancers .

Use our comparison of freelance platforms to find out which one is best suited to your profile!

# 10 – Dare the advertising campaign

Sometimes to earn money it is essential … to spend it! While television or radio advertising campaigns are very expensive, the Internet remains accessible to all budgets.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… The majority of social networks allow you to broadcast ads . You can also consider buying sponsored links from Google so that your business appears in search engine results on targeted queries.

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Appliance Repairs Trust the Professionals



Appliance repair

As a homeowner, there are many problems that you may encounter with your appliances. You might not be able to get the right temperature on your dryer, find it difficult to make the bed with your brand new mattress or have trouble getting your dishwasher to work properly. Appliance repair companies will come to your home and make necessary adjustments without any cost!

Some common problems that most people experience with their appliances are:

The dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes/dryer is not working at all

The repairman may have to replace a part in order for it to work, but sometimes there’s excess lint in the dryer which can make it take longer to dry your clothes.

Another possibility is that your dryer vent duct is not working properly. This needs to be cleaned regularly in order for the dryer exhaust to work correctly!

Homeowners are often faced with problems that need to be fixed around the house

As a homeowner, there are many problems that you may encounter with your appliances. You might not be able to get the right temperature on your dryer, find it difficult to make the bed with your brand new mattress, or have trouble getting your dishwasher to work correctly. Appliance repair companies will come to your home and make necessary adjustments without any cost!

Don’t let these common problems intimidate you. Here are some solutions to these and other common appliance-related issues:

Dryers may not be heating as efficiently as they should, especially if the dryer is taking twice as long as usual to dry clothes. In this case, your best bet would be to call an appliance repair company for assistance.

Dryers may also heat inconsistently, making your clothes hotter at one end than the other. An appliance repair company will either adjust the air intake or the thermostat to help with this problem.

Appliance repair companies will come to your home and make necessary adjustments without any cost!

Appliances that aren’t working properly can be extremely frustrating. If you find yourself in need of a quick fix for any of these or other appliances, the best course of action is to turn to appliance repair companies as soon as possible to prevent future problems from happening. Appliance repair professionals will come to your home to make the necessary repairs and do so without charging you a penny. You can find appliance repair professionals by checking out their websites or doing an Internet search for local companies.

Hire Appliance Repair Professionals

If you find yourself in need of a quick fix for any of these or other appliances, the best course of action is to turn to appliance repair professionals as soon as possible to prevent future problems from happening. Appliance repair professionals will come to your home and make necessary repairs without charging you a penny. You can find appliance repair professionals by checking out their websites or doing an Internet search for local companies.

Appliance repair companies will come to your home and make necessary adjustments without any cost!


Appliance repairs are a great resource for when you need to make changes or adjustments to your appliances. Appliances that aren’t working properly can be extremely frustrating, but with the help of appliance repair professionals, they don’t have to stay this way! The best course of action is always going to be turning to an appliance repair professional as soon as possible in order to prevent future problems from happening. You can find these professionals by checking out their websites and doing an Internet search for local companies near you who provide the services. With all things considered, it’s worth investing in appliance repairs because if not dealt with promptly, small issues may become larger ones down the line which will require more extensive work done at a higher cost. Let us know how appliance repair is a great resource you can turn to if you find yourself in need of a quick fix.

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Common Reasons for Getting a Quick Loan



Commercial Loans

A quick loan is usually issued within a short amount of time and doesn’t include a rigorous approval process. It is commonly sought out by people who need to secure personal financing fast. Because the funding is not allocated for a specific purpose, you can use it for pretty much anything you want. So, why do people get them? Let’s look at some scenarios where a quick loan makes sense.

1. Emergency Expenses

Quick loans are disbursed very quickly, which makes them ideal for emergencies. According to a study on emergency savings by LendingTree, only 48 percent of people in the US can handle an emergency worth $1,000 through their savings. This means that many people would find themselves in a tough spot if, say, they had to plan an unforeseen funeral.

Unexpected expenses can arise from anywhere. Some emergency reasons for which you might make you get a loan quickly include:• Medical expenses• Auto repairs• Losing your job

A quick loan could come in handy in such situations because it would allow you to handle your emergency then repay the amount with time.

2. Personal Events

Personal events like graduations, weddings, and baby showers are near impossible to postpone, but they can put a dent in your savings. In 2019, The Knot reported that the average cost of a wedding was $28,000. Obviously, not very many couples can get their hands on this kind of money immediately.

If you are planning an event and don’t want to dip into your emergency fund or deplete your savings account, you can apply for a quick loan to cover the costs. Ultimately, you get to have the day of your dreams then pay off the amount later in affordable installments.

3. Home Remodeling

As a homeowner, you can use a quick personal loan to upgrade your home or make necessary repairs like redoing the wiring or replacing the roof. This is an excellent funding option, especially if you don’thave equity in your home and don’t want to use it as collateral. It is also an effective way to handle maintenance problems that could harm your health and safety.

Before borrowing a quick loan for home remodeling, it is important to determine whether the repairs you wish to make need immediate attention. You could apply for funding to fix:• Blocked pipe• Gas leaks• Broken air conditioning or heating systems

4. Financing a Car

A quick loan is one of the best ways to cover the cost of purchasing a new vehicle, especially when buying from a previous owner instead of from the company. This is because it eliminates the need for an auto loan, which would require you to use your car as collateral. If you default on a quick loan, you are charged some interest, but if you default on an auto loan, you lose your car. Using a quick loan to finance your car also prevents you from emptying your savings account, so win-win.

5. Paying for Vacation

According to an Experian survey, 23 percent of people applying for a personal loan wish to use it to travel. While your typical vacation might not necessitate a quick loan, something like a cruise, backpacking trip, or honeymoon could prove too much for your credit card. A quick loan could give you the graduation, anniversary, or birthday vacation of your dreams.

Now, it is important to remember that another way to go in this scenario is to save for your trip and go when you have enough money. However, a quick loan does away with the delayed gratification and is a lot easier on your credit card.

6. College Tuition

College students have a wide range of financing options available to them, including private student loans and federal student and parent loans. Still, you may consider a quick loan if:• The quick loan rate is lower than traditional student loan options• You need money to pay for short-term expenses.• Your degree program is not eligible for traditional student loan options.

Even if you qualify for a traditional student loan, college life extends beyond the lecture halls. A quick loan could help you cover short-term expenses like accommodation and food.

7. Moving Costs

Moving locally will set you back $1,250 on average, while a long-distance move could cost up to $4,890, according to If you don’t have that kind of money lying around, you can take out a quick loan to cover your moving expenses. This includes buying new furniture, moving your belongings, or transporting your car. You can then pay back the borrowed amount once you settle into your new home.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there is a multitude of reasons why you might take out a quick personal loan – some not even listed in this post. Whatever your motivation, it is crucial to remember that these loans – like all other forms of funding – must be paid back. Weigh your reasons to determine whether they are urgent, and if they are, get the loan, thenplan on how to repay your lender.

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Best Ways To Store Marijuana Strains



Correctly storing hemp or marijuana strain is extremely important to preserve its flavor, potency, and freshness. But most people don’t know about the right procedure to store these strains. And if you are also the one who does not have many ideas about storing marijuana strain properly, then reason on this write-up!

Whether you have Buy Tomb Raider Strain Indica, or looking to buy Tropicana strain, keeping them under the proper atmosphere and temperature is quite important.

How To Correctly Store Marijuana/Hemp Strains?

It is not something that can be consumed directly after cultivation. Even, it travels a huge distance and takes a considerable amount of time to reach your place. Still, after that, you find it fresh in quality. The reason is companies strictly follow the right procedure to store it. After purchasing it, it is your time to store it correctly so you can use it for a longer time without losing its potency.

In simple words, you need to control the four factors to retain its freshness, flavor, and potency. The factors include light, heat, humidity, and airflow.

A study reveals that light is the most responsible factor in ruining its potency. Therefore, you often find marijuana in an opaque container. Ideally, you should always look for a cool, dark, and dry place. You can keep the jar of marijuana in the closet or the back of the cabinet in the corner.

Exposure to air can also degrade the quality of marijuana because the oxygen in the air can cause marijuana to lose its potency through the decrease of THC and CBN. 

To control these four critical factors, you should always store marijuana from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, you should always store marijuana strains in an air-tight container. Most importantly, try not to open the container more frequently to ensure its potency and flavor do not get affected anyhow, because once its freshness and the original flavor are gone, it is of no use.

Your storage procedure will decide how long the marijuana flower stays fresh. Therefore, keep in mind all these tips for storing marijuana strains. Likewise, if other members of your family use marijuana, then let them also know the right method to store marijuana.

Moving on, try not to stalk a huge amount of strain in case you are not much aware of the strains’ potency. Buy the small amount, and research about the best possible ways to keep them fresh and up to the market for a longer period of time. 

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Project Management Software – How to choose the Best



Project Management Software

Get details about “Project Management Software” –

Project Management Software – Spreadsheets are the king of undertaking management support tools because they’re the most convenient tool to apply and the most frequently used program. How do they compare to undertaking management software? What are the great things about each and when should you face the switch to project management application? While only you can make the particular determination as to when you must make the switch, this article will go walking through the benefits of each and offer some guidelines.

Project Management Software – Depending on which analysis you rely on, the market regarding project management software is between $1. 5 billion and also $3. 5 billion. That may be for software that is specifically made to support project management.

Many organizations that have made considerable efforts towards effective job management have recognized it is very difficult to manage a greater number of assignments and people, or a larger job, without the support of technological innovation.

Project Management Software – Yet no tool regarding project management is popular or widespread than the chart, even though spreadsheets are not built to be project support equipment. Even in organizations with a recognized project management tool, spreadsheets are used. There are obvious reasons behind this.

A spreadsheet plan is on almost every personal computer in every organization, people are knowledgeable about spreadsheets and how to use them, and folks are pre-disposed to use these kinds of “office” types of software tools to fix problems. And I am immediate with them. I love using spreadsheets to track all kinds of data. It truly is easy, convenient, and I confess ego-boosting to show off things I can do in a spreadsheet.

Understanding that, let’s look at some of the distinctions between these two different types of applications. For this article, My partner and I selected six criteria were to make the comparison. These were determined from the feedback of customers in addition to prospects as well as learning the most important thing for the successful adoption in addition to the implementation of project applications within an organization.

Data Gold mining

Project Management Software – Data mining is a huge component of project management tools. An entire reason for having a tool should be to collect data so that you can search intelligently at that data, make sure that your processes are performing seeing that advertised, and make good options. You need to know which projects in addition to tasks are slipping over the cracks so that you again reply.

You need to know when you will not have ample resources to meet demand so that you could allocate them properly as well as manage the demand. You need to know which will issue are lurking so that you could address them now before that is lost the favor of a vital customer. And you need to ask how\ your processes are working so that you could continuously improve your processes.

Project Management Software – In this economic, competitive landscape, in addition to accountability standards, you must have the outcome. Managers are getting blindsided for the reason that does not know what is coming and exactly what is going on.

This is where the right undertaking management software tool shines and also spreadsheets fade. A good job management tool will be database-oriented and should allow for different types of tempor? r reporting across multiple assignments.

This enables the mining of all sorts of data. You simply cannot try this in a spreadsheet at the same stage. If you know what you are performing it is possible to tie spreadsheets collectively and generate some built-in data. But that is not the same. You simply cannot, on an impulse, mine into the data displayed in your multiple spreadsheets. Including today’s environment, this is crucial. Gone are the days when not having the right info is acceptable.

Advantage: Job Management Software

Ease of Use

Project Management Software – You can find project management software devices that are easy to use. However, spreadsheets have an advantage in this article. Most people are familiar with how to use spreadsheets; they are comfortable with them, and also like using them.

A big purpose is because spreadsheets have no construction. People are not usually “forced” into how to use them. These are free to use however they desire. Of course, there is a downside to this specific. It is very difficult to standardize a task or have any sort of standard info structure when there is no construction in the tool itself. Still from a strict ease of use viewpoint, spreadsheets cannot be beaten.

It is possible to counter this in job management software by employing very good, relevant, and periodic exercising, keeping your implementation basic, and using help such as web templates. But we’ll give the good thing about this one to spreadsheets.

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How Do I Start My Own Online T-Shirt Business While on a Budget?



How Do I Start My Own Online T-Shirt Business While on a Budget

If you have an artistic streak and want a simple way to turn your talent into dollars, why not start a side hustle selling t-shirts?

If you haven’t started a business before, selling custom-designed clothes might seem like a reach right now. However, with this quick guide on how to start your first t-shirt business, you’ll be up and running in no time.

What’s more, we’ll also show you how you can set up your first online t-shirt business with a tiny budget. 

First Steps: Finding a Niche

If you are contemplating a t-shirt startup, you might be worried about the competition. Admittedly, there are thousands of custom t-shirt businesses already in the market. How will you stand out?

That’s easier than it seems. The best way to stand out in any competitive market is to position yourself in a unique niche.

Remember, you have a global market to tap into, so you won’t be short of customers. A small niche will help you reach a distinct buyer instead of trying to market to everyone.

Choose a Printing Company

Now it’s time to choose a printing company. By working with a third-party company, you can use a print-on-demand business model, which means you won’t need any budget for stock.

There are many custom t-shirt companies on the market. Still, it’s worth ordering a few samples to see which business offers the best t-shirt and printing quality.

If you are interested in embroidery design, you will need a specialist t-shirt company such as

Decide Where to Sell Your Products

You have plenty of options for selling to your customers. And the best news of all is that you won’t even need any development skills to get a website and payment platform set up!

Here are some of the most common places to sell your designs:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • A dedicated website using Shopify or WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Facebook

You don’t have to limit yourself to one of these platforms. Many entrepreneurs opt to sell their t-shirts across multiple marketplaces.

The beauty of established marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy is that you won’t need a budget to launch your business as there is no upfront setup cost. 

Create Some Marketing Material

All businesses need a marketing strategy, even if you are still in the process of designing your t-shirts. 

Social media is a must, so create accounts and start posting your t-shirt designs. That will help you grow an audience before you officially launch.

If you plan on launching a website, consider an email subscriber list too. You can start this by creating a landing page to capture email addresses.

Don’t rule out paid advertising. PPC ads are very cost-effective once you know how to reach your target audience. 

Get Selling!

Now it’s time to launch. Ask your friends and family to help share your posts on social media. That will help you reach a small audience and secure your first sale. 

An Online T-Shirt Business Is Easier Than You Think!

Why wait? Turn those creative skills to cash today with a simple online t-shirt business of which you can be proud. There has never been a better time to tap into this flourishing industry. 

Want more tips and tricks to help you launch your startup with a bang? Check out the latest articles in our business section now. 

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