Where to Buy Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are a unique component of many timekeeping devices, computers and other electronics, radios and a range of additional items that require a signal or an independent power source in order to function.

Quartz has piezoelectric capabilities – which means that it can generate its own electrical charge once it has been put under a particular type of stress.

When a quartz crystal is exposed to an electromagnetic field, its piezoelectric qualities are activated and it begins producing its very own piezoelectricity and oscillating at a precise frequency that cannot be interrupted.

This perfectly regular oscillation is what makes quartz crystals so valuable when it comes to tasks such as timekeeping.

While it does occur naturally, crystal quartz can also be expertly manufactured to exact specifications – to guarantee that the oscillation occurs at the frequency required for a certain application.

Quartz Crystals at Euroquartz

The size, type and number of quartz crystals you will need is likely to vary depending on your project.

At Euroquartz, we are able to manufacture a range of crystal products, accessories, components and oscillators on site, using our custom build equipment and advanced crystal production facilities.

So, whether you require a few small quartz crystals that have been specially created to serve a particular purpose and oscillate at a highly specific frequency, or you are seeking a number of full oscillator assemblies to match a certain specification, we can assist you.

Take a look at our range of existing products to find items that meet your needs. If you can’t track down exactly what you are looking for, simply get in touch with us and provide as much detail as possible.

We may be able to work out a clear specification with you and develop a bespoke product that is exactly what you require.

Euroquartz has been at the forefront of frequency product manufacturing for over 60 years. The majority of our clients operate within the defence, medical, aerospace, telecoms and electronic engineering industries – but we are always keen to reach beyond these fields into exciting new areas.

Our rigorous quality control standards are second to none – so you can rest assured that every product you order from us – whether from our existing range or bespoke – will function perfectly and suit all the demands of your unique project.

We even offer a quick turnaround service for more urgent orders, through which we can reduce our timescales from 15 days to just 3 working days. This option is available for clients requiring the fabrication and delivery of:

  • Crystals
  • Oscillators
  • VCXO’s
  • Programmable oscillators
  • TO5 (HC35) crystals
  • Slimline UM-1 crystals

How to Order From EuroQuartz

To place an order or to discuss a specification for a bespoke product with our team of knowledgeable experts, simply get in touch with EuroQuartz today using our straightforward online contact form.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you require, or you need some additional advice or guidance, we look forward to hearing from you and working on the products you need – whatever the size or complexity of your order.

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