Where to buy pallets or where to get pallets: which one should I go for?

Whether you need wooden pallets for art work, crafting items for daily use, fixing other wooden structures you already have, or even for making furniture, one question that often arrives is where to buy pallets. Although utilizing pallets is a growing trend in general, most people are not so sure about where to find them. One of the things you should consider when trying to find out where to buy pallets is the amount of pallets you will need and also the purpose for which you will use them. When you are looking for a great quantity of pallets then it may be better to buy them from a specialized company. There are thousands of places in Canada and the USA in which you may find this eco-friendly material to work with. However, if you do not need many of them you may be able to manage getting them for free.

Where can I get pallets for free?

If you decide that the amount of pallets you need is relatively small, for example, your project may be one single piece of furniture, a simple small decoration piece, or even a school project for your child, you may try to find your wooden pallet without any cost. Here are some simple tips.

First of all, try to get them from smaller shops instead of the big companies. One of the reasons for this is that most big companies already have a destination for the pallets that would otherwise be a waste, they often work alongside recycling companies and so they have a profit by selling their used pallets. This may not be the case of small vendors, as they often don’t have enough money, time, or even pallets, to deal with a hauling company. The usual destination of smaller shop’s pallets is the dumpster.

If I have a bigger project, then where to buy pallets?

If you need some consistency in the pallets you are using in your project, and the quality, structure or even color of the pallets is something that matters then here are some ideas on where to buy pallets. It would be better for you to go for a single supplier, search for a shop that gives you a better deal with the quality you are expecting. You may find it useful to check on the characteristics of new or recycled pallets. Buying new pallets can ensure you that your product is going to provide a good strength for supporting load, and, in addition, you may be able to make them to your  own design, and order them with your desired dimensions. There are a number of shops that specialize in pallets and it is pretty easy to find them near you with an online search.

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