Where can I get an exit visa in India?


You can come to India by 4 methods of movement: via air, via train, by transport or by cruise ship. While just 2 methods of passage are substantial, via air and by journey transport, you can exit by means of any of the 4 methods of movement however just through assigned ports of exit.


Indian e-Visa Leave Focuses and Rules

According to Indian Migration Authority rules for Indian e-Visa or Electronic India Visa, you as of now permitted to leave India on e-Visa via air, via train, by transport, or by cruise ship, on the off chance that you had applied for Vacationer e-Visa for India or Business e-Visa for India or Clinical e-Visa for India. You can leave India through 1 of the accompanying underneath referenced air terminal or seaport.


INDIAN VISA PORTS OF EXIT, In the event that you have various passage visas, you are permitted to exit through various air terminals or seaports. You don’t need to leave by means of a similar mark of exit or section for ensuing visits.


The rundown of air terminals and seaports will be amended like clockwork, so continue to really take a look at this rundown on this site and bookmark it.


This rundown will be updated and more air terminals and seaports will be included in the forthcoming months as directed by India Movement Authority.


INDIAN VISA PORTS OF EXIT, They have approved Movement Designated spots (ICPs) for exit from India. (34 Air terminals, Land Development Assigned spots, 31 Seaports, 5 Rail Assigned spots). Passage into India on an electronic India Visa (Indian e-Visa) is as yet permitted by just 2 methods for transport – air terminal or by means of journey transport.


Process for Australian Residents to finish the Indian e-Visa Application


The INDIAN VISA FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS (identification holders) is accessible in an electronic application structure beginning around 2014. This is online Indian Visa Application Interaction which needn’t bother with any paper-based conventions to be finished by the Australian inhabitants. This cycle is accessible on this site as officially maintained by the Public power of India under the eVisa India framework.


India e-Visa is a true archive allowing passage into and going inside India to Australian occupants inhabitants and residents for the purposes behind the travel industry, the movement business, clinical visits, social occasions, yoga, courses, studios, plan, and exchange, caring effort, and other business endeavors on this new plan of Indian e-Visa.


Indian Visa from Australia can be secured on the web and candidates can pay to utilize the Australian Dollar (AUD) or any of the 135 monetary standards including Charge/Credit/Paypal.


INDIAN VISA FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS can be obtained in a basic and simple way. The cycle is essential as basic as filling a web-based structure in a couple of moments, simply to finish the installment strategy to complete the Indian Web-based Visa Application structure.


After your Indian Visa Application is submitted, in the event that our staff requires extra evidence like your identification duplicate or face photo we will demand you. You might do such in light of our email or transfer it sometimes not too far off. Our Indian Visa Help Workspace with canning help you in 47 lingos. You can send us your information on the web or by email at Council of India as of now allows eVisa India to be filled for Australian Occupants for visits up to 90 days for different segments in India.



The Indian government allows an Indian vacationer visa for Australians that endures up to 90 nonstop days. The traveler visa can be applied for through the eVisa system on the web. You can think of it as a visa on appearance since there is a convincing explanation need to go wherever to apply.


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