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When to Consider Facelift Surgery: Making the Right Choice

Opting for a facelift surgery is one of the most personal choices one can make. It is entirely up to you when you feel the need to have a surgery to ‘freshen up’ your face. There are some things you should, however keep in mind that would definitely help you figure out the ideal time for you to go for a facelift surgery.

The time for you to get a facelift depends on many different factors such as age, weight, and even lifestyle, thus there is not specific time to get it done, just an average idea when it is right to do so. 

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What is a Facelift Surgery?

Before we can go any further, it is important to consider the reason why people opt for facelift surgery in the first place. Facelift surgery, as its name suggests is done to tighten and lift up facial muscles to reduce wrinkles, skin folds, and yes, even excess skin. The tightening of facial tissues can help make the face more fresh looking and helps reduce the overall appearance of sagging .

The Right Time to go for Facelift Surgery 

Choosing the ideal time to go for facelift surgery is a process which involves you understanding your body, preferably with a qualified physician.

Choosing the right age to get the uplifting surgery done is vital. Here are a lost of general trends that can be seen through the aging process, which may help you decide the ideal time for you to get it done. 

When Crossing the Forties: there’s no doubt about it, when you cross the forty mark, your face will demonstrate the age it is. Usually people in their forties and early fifties still have great skin elasticity which allows them to achieve excellent facelift surgery results. Thus when Crossing your forties you can easily go for this surgery. 

During your Sixties and Seventies: many people believe that after they cross a certain age  their chance of having a successful facelift surgery decreases significantly. This is an incorrect way of viewing things. Sure, people in their sixties and Seventies tend to have a lower skin quality than people in their forties and fifties, but do not lose hope! People who have a healthy diet and take good care of their skin can have a successful facelift surgery.

It should be kept in mind that since the impact of facelift surgeries typically last for seven to ten years, people in their forties and fifties who have facelifts will simply need to get a secondary ‘refresher’ facelift surgery when they hit their sixties and beyond. 

Successful Facelift Surgery Prerequisites 

Before opting for a facelift you should definitely consider whether you meet the requirements that would help determine whether you have a successful facelift surgery.

Healthy people without any prior health issues that would affect their procedure and recovery are likely to have more success.

People who don’t use substance or smoke will have a better facelift experience.

Keep in kind that facelift surgery is not a magical process that returns your face to what it looked like when you were young. You need to have a realistic expectations of what having a facelift surgery will do for you in order to be more satisfied with your experience. 


To make tour facelift surgery a great success, you should ideally get it done when your skin maintains its elasticity, that is once you cross your forties. Moreover, it is suggested that you get a secondary facelift done when you cross your sixties mark, for cementing in the ‘fresh look’.

Hope this guide helps you decide the right time for you! 

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