When Is the Last Time You Saw a Dentist for Teeth Cleaning?

Most people know the importance of seeing their dentist regularly. When dental issues arise, it is often because a person has neglected seeing the dentist as often as they should. It is recommended individuals of all ages see their dentists twice a year for checkups and teeth cleaning services.

Oral Care Practices at Home May Be Lacking

Although a person may be careful to brush their teeth and floss regularly, oral health issues can still arise. Without a professional cleaning, individuals can miss certain areas of their teeth. Children are especially prone to improper brushing and should be monitored by their parents. Foothills Family Dentistry recommends parents monitor their children until the age of five or older, depending on the child’s grasp of proper brushing and flossing techniques.

There are some areas of the teeth that are more vulnerable than others. The back molars have many crevices that can be difficult to clean. It is these areas of the teeth that become the most vulnerable to developing decay, which can eventually lead to painful symptoms and tooth loss.

In addition to careful oral care practices at home, individuals need to schedule bi-yearly teeth cleaning and checkup appointments. These appointments should begin around the time a person cuts their first tooth and should continue throughout their life.

Teeth Cleaning Appointments Are Essential

Teeth cleaning appointments offer protection against cavities and gum disease. Cavities and gum disease are two of the most prevalent dental conditions, and they can eventually lead to tooth loss. When individuals neglect seeing their dentist, they are more likely to develop oral health issues. The following offers insight into why these services are so important.

  • Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar, which can lead to tooth decay.
  • During the appointment, patients are carefully screened for signs of oral cancer.
  • There are certain areas of the teeth that are more vulnerable, and these can be protected with teeth cleaning.
  • During a teeth cleaning appointment, dentists can find signs of tooth decay, filling issues, and other problems.

What to Expect from Dental Cleanings?

Knowing what to expect from a dental cleaning is important for making a person feel comfortable. When a person goes to the dentist for a cleaning, they will first have their teeth examined. The hygienist will then begin removing any stuck-on plaque and tartar.

The individual’s teeth will be carefully flossed, brushed, and polished. They will also be given a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is critical for ensuring the health of the teeth is protected. Once in place, the fluoride will continue to offer protection.

Schedule an Appointment Today

When a person takes care of their teeth at home and sees the dentist as often as they should, their teeth and gums are more likely to be healthy. Ideally, individuals should see their dentist a couple of times a year. These appointments help to remove plaque and tartar, both of which can lead to tooth decay.

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