What You Need to Know Before You Call a 24 Hour Plumber

Some plumbing problems are too small that they can go unnoticed for a long time. However, some plumbing issues can be severa and require immediate attention from a trained and licensed professional. Knowing the difference between the major and the minor plumbing issues you have at home helps you save time, money and resources. 

Calling a 24 hour plumber Wollongong is not always the solution that you need for your plumbing issues at home. In some cases, you can always postpone a plumbing problem to avoid the extra charges that come with an emergency plumbing call-out. However, bigger issues that can cause further damage to your home, or the people in it, or both should be addressed as soon as possible, regardless of the additional cost an emergency plumbing service call out can take. So when is the right time to call for a 24-hour plumber? 

Top Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber 

Risk of Flooding

If a pipe suddenly bursts inside your home that may lead to flooding and other damages to your home, appliances and too much inconvenience to the people living in it, an emergency call to your plumber is necessary. Flooding can be caused by a failed sump pump, sewer back up or failure in the water shut off valve, consider this as an urgent plumbing emergency that requires the attention of a professional.

Flood is not only annoying. it can cause significant damage to property and the structure of your home. It is a health hazard to and prevents the ability to use water in your home. Flooding can also make living in your home difficult. Treat such plumbing emergencies with urgency to prevent any other further problems.

Sewer Backup

Another plumbing emergency that should be treated with urgency is sewer line backs up. If sewage begins to redirect back to your waste disposal or drainage system, it may lead to health issues in your home. Sewer entering your water supply system is also a huge safety concern and requires an emergency plumber on site.

Not doing so, or fixing the problem the next day is a good idea. Once sewer water enters your water supply, you are putting your home and the rest of the community in your area in danger. Treat sewer back up as an emergency to enjoy using the facilities in your home without difficulty.

Lack of Water

Water is essential to living. Without it, discomfort follows. Unless you have an alternative source of water in your home, calling a professional problem or having your lack of water addressed by your local water supply officials is a must. Water is not only essential to like but it is important to keep homes clean and sanitized. Cooking also requires clean water. Not having access to running water can also cause other cancers to arise in your property.

Risk of a Burst Pipe

Changes in weather and temperature can cause pipes to contract and expand. When they do, they have a tendency to crack or worse, burst. Frozen pipes and spigots are at high risk for bursting especially during the cold and freezing water. When they do, it can cause flooding and the lack of access to water in your property. Although water is frozen as ice during cold weather, it can still cause destructive flooding when water begins to thaw. A professional plumber can help prevent such issues in your home, with regular maintenance and preventive repairs in your home.

Less urgent plumbing issues, the ones that were not mentioned above, can wait. Calling an emergency service to attend to your plumbing needs, even the minor ones can hurt your pocket. Suspending a plumber visit for a minor plumbing issue also allows your trusted professional to get the exact part and supplies needed to do the job right. It is always best to schedule ahead for non-emergency plumbing issues to prevent any additional cost an emergency service may cost.

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