What You Need To Know Before Starting Bathroom Renovations Wollongong

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, there are a few things that you need to know before starting the process. The following tips will help make your bathroom renovations Wollongong go more smoothly and make it all together A Class Building.

Tips You Need To Know Before Starting Bathroom Renovations:

  • Do not start any work before you have a clear plan and knowledge about what permits may be required in order for renovations to take place. 
  • It is important that bathroom renovation projects are completed by qualified trades people who know the risks involved with working on plumbing, gas pipes, electrical systems and other potentially hazardous materials found in bathrooms. 
  • The quality of workmanship should also be checked as well as the qualifications of anyone doing your home inspection or using it as their site office. It’s important to make sure they will provide you with all types of certifications including licensing numbers so you can find out more about them online through organizations such as Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or The National Association of Building Inspectors (NABI).
  • A licensed and qualified electrician will wire the lights, plugs and any other electrical appliance you need so that it is safe to use. They should also test for power points, switches or wall outlets on a regular basis. 
  • It’s important to clean out your tiles after renovation as they can become stained by dirt and grime from building works. You may want to consider installing vinyl flooring which is much easier to keep looking new than ceramic tiles. 
  • Sinks are often overlooked but make sure yours has enough space; a deep basin with plenty of storage room underneath makes for an easy job when washing dishes although if you don’t have this type of sink then it would be best not renovating at all.
  • It’s a good idea to check the quality of your shower before you start any work as there is no point in spending time and money on something that will need replacing soon after. 
  • Remove old tiles by scraping them off with heavy duty scraper and then using a blowtorch if they won’t come up easily; this can take hours so call a professional instead! 
  • Investing in towels, bath mats and white paint for walls will make your bathroom feel much more luxurious than it was previously. You might also want to think about installing new toilet seats or buying some nice smelling toiletries from IKEA such as lavender oil which has several benefits including calming joint pain, tension headaches and even insomnia when used in a diffuser.
  • Make sure to check the toilet for leaks before you start renovations as they can turn into major problems later on and it is better to catch them now than wait until you have already started all your work. 
  • It’s also important not to forget about ceiling fans – consider making this installation part of your renovation, so that with one switch, you will be able to control both lighting and cooling simultaneously!
  • Your bathroom might also need a good clean before any renovations start. This is because the grime will just come right back after you have done your work and it can be hard to get rid of all that dirt, soap scum and mould with simple cleaning products!
  • You might want to think about replacing both towel rails as they are often in bad shape but this isn’t necessary if they are working well enough for now. You could purchase some from IKEA at an affordable price; these include choices such as chrome or white which range between $30-$40 each.
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