What you need to know about Bosch jigsaw in Kenya

Jigsaws are power tools that are portable and are used to cut curves. They cut can cut curves both in wood and metals. Bosch is one of the suppliers of jigsaws in Kenya and it deals with a variety of jigsaws.  This article focuses on all that you need to know about Bosch jigsaw in Kenya.

Bosch jigsaws are affordable and of good quality. Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya is pocket-friendly to the builders.

Uses of Bosch jigsaw

Cutting wood. Bosch jigsaw is used to cut wood. They can cut both thick wood and construction timbers. It can cut stencils and also add ornamental patterns to pieces ofhousehold goods.

Making holes on metals. It can also be used to cut curves in a metal so that it can fit on a wall. It can make holes on a piece of metal so that a pipe can fit.

It can also be used to cut carpet.  It cuts a carpet accurately as compared to a knife or a pair of scissors.

Bosch Jigsaw is also used in electrical work and plumbing.  It can be used to cut PVC tubing, plastic and plexiglass.

Advantages of using Bosch jigsaw

Bosch jigsaw is efficient in cutting. It makes cuts that are angled up to 45 degrees.  It is also useful in creating a variety of complicated shapes.

The jigsaws are portable. There are cordless bosch jigsaws that make it possible for builders to freely turn to put up with complex curves when making cuts on boards.

The jigsaw can cut through woods of diverse thickness.  It can also cut through hard surfaces.

The jigsaw is also comfortable andsafe. It rests on the surface of the material being cut and therefore the strength of the user is not needed to clasp it in site.

Bosch Jigsaw machine in Kenya is affordable to the users. They can be able to get it at a pocket friendly price.

Disadvantages of Bosch jigsaws

They are not flexible when it comes to angles. They are restricted to 45 degrees.

They do not have built in LED light.

Features of Bosch jigsaw

Speed Bosch jigsaw has a high speed of 500-3100SPM. This speed enables it to cut through thick materials very easily.  It also has electric circuitry which ensures thatblades steadily flowfrom the motor and this prevents it from stalling.

Power. Bosch jigsaw has powerful inductive motors. It has enough power to cut through any material whether soft or hard. It can also be used incutting thin sheets of metal or steel.

Dust collection. Bosch jigsaw has a dust blower. The dust blower helps one to cut lines clean from sawdust and other dirt.

Blade. Bosch jigsaw works with T-shank blades. These blades have superior grip and they are accurate on the job.

In conclusion Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya is varies from one jigsaw to another. Regardless of this they areavailable to the users and they come in varieties depending on the needs of end users.

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