What will happen if Movers damage your furniture during the Removal Process?

Moving furniture has never been simple and stress-free. No matter how many precautions you or your Perth movers take or how hard you try to make the removal damage-free, you cannot feel relieved until the process ends smoothly without damaging your dear furniture. We all know accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, and you cannot make a plan that can assure the 100% safety of your furniture. 

So, suppose you were also looking for Furniture Removalists Perth and worried about your belongings. In that case, you may have an experience with some local Removalists Perth who may have damaged your favourite wardrobe, glass table or something else, and now you are worried about how to find the best removalists for your next move. Do not worry because here we will tell you what you can do to resolve the issue and how you can take necessary action to prevent getting into such situations. 

Why do you need professional furniture removalists Perth?

Furniture removals are not easy, and you must not try to do it alone or with the help of people who are not professionally trained in this field. Because doing so can cause huge damage to your furniture that you will probably never want to face. Handling furniture without any professional can increase the chances of damage to your furniture. Simply put, you do not have the right equipment to lift, carry, disassemble and assemble your furniture. Also, you do not know the techniques or how to perform damage-free removal. Therefore, you should always opt for professional furniture removalists Perth because they have an expert team with highly-experienced professionals, well-equipped removal services, damage recovery plans and so on to make every moving Perth happy. 

Prevention to take in every moving Perth

It is always better to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any trouble than to regret it later while moving furniture. Although, we can understand that you cannot fully avoid every chance of an accident. But you can at least try your best to avoid silly mistakes that can cause you big problems while moving. Here are some common tips to prevent moving mishaps-

  • Hire a reliable Removalist agency – You first need to make sure you are hiring a well-reputed and reliable removal agency. Many Local Removalists Perth work across the city, but you should not hire anyone blindly. You should always read reviews, ask for a valid insurance policy, make clear instructions, ensure that technicians are well experienced and qualified etc., to rely on the Perth movers you hire.
  • Ask for disassembling and assembling help – Moving large and heavy furniture is hectic and stressful and increases the chance of damage to your furniture. It would be best if you always asked your Perth movers to offer to disassemble and assemble facilities while removing your furniture. 
  • Cover furniture with multiple packing layers – Although most Perth movers offer a range of packing materials like bubble wraps, stretch pads, foam pads, cloth covers and plastic covers etc. But if you think some furniture is very delicate and needs more protection, ask your local removalists Perth to provide more layers of packing. Or you can also cover them with blankets, sponge balls and other protective materials to avoid harm.
  • Ask about technical support – Always use technical equipment while moving your furniture. You can use trolleys, solder straps, etc., to safely remove your furniture. It would be best if you also asked your Perth movers to provide equipment to support a harmless removal. Remember that a good removalist agency provides technical support to move your furniture safely.
  • Ask for insurance – You should never forget to ask for an insurance or damage recovery policy from the local removalists Perth. A complete damage recovery policy can save you from a lot of issues if you face any furniture damage in future while moving your furniture. Many people hire cheap furniture removalists Perth who do not provide insurance or a damage recovery policy, which frees the company from any liability of your furniture and its damage. So, if any furniture removalists Perth do not provide insurance or a damage recovery policy, avoid hiring them. 
  • Take snaps of your furniture arrival – Keeping evidence in your hand is the most important thing that can save you from any troubles regarding furniture damage. Always take snaps of your furniture arrivals and departures. Also, carefully check every piece of furniture upon arrival and raise the issue properly if you see any damage to your furniture. 

What is furniture removal insurance?

Furniture removals insurance is the insurance that covers any damage, loss, theft etc., of your furniture during the removal process. This insurance policy is different from a household insurance policy; with it, you can only cover the damage caused during the transit. According to the AFRA’s law and regulations, there are different types of removal policies offered by the Perth movers. 

Always ensure you have a proper insurance cover for your furniture removal that covers loss and damage recovery during packing and unpacking, loss and damage recovery during loading and unloading, and loss and damage recovery during transiting. It will ensure you have a proper insurance cover for your furniture and do not have to face any trouble when you file an insurance claim for your furniture damage during the removal process.

Which professional furniture removalists Perth can offer removal insurance?

Remember that countless removalist agencies work in Perth, but everyone cannot provide an insurance policy. Perth movers who hold the AFS license or are authorised registered representatives of the Australian Finance Service can offer insurance to the customers. The insurance policy is considered a financial service. That is why only the AFS authorised representative of the license or AFS license holders who have their AFS license number can provide removal insurance to the customers. This Financial service was imposed by AFS in March 2004 to cover damage to furniture and belongings during removals by the removal agencies.

What to do if the Perth movers damage your furniture during the move?

You should always take the necessary steps to prevent damaged furniture while moving. But if you still fall prey to the disaster and do not understand what to do to recover from the situation, do not panic because here are some common tips to follow if your furniture gets damaged by any removals Perth.

  • Check furniture at arrival – Always check your furniture thoroughly at the arrival. It is very important to immediately check every piece of furniture upon arrival; this will help you understand when the product is damaged, and you can complain to the removal agency accordingly.
  • Take snaps of furniture damage – Observe the entire move and take snaps immediately if you luckily witness the damage during removal. These pictures will strengthen your claim in future. But if you do not witness the incident, take the snaps of your furniture departure and arrival to show the actual damage evidence.
  • Take detailed notes about the incident – If you find out that the Perth movers damaged your furniture, make sure you note down every detail about the damage, like when it occurred, the time, the reason, and the person involved in the incident etc. to strengthen your claim. 
  • File a formal complaint – When you notice that the professional furniture removalists Perth has damaged your furniture, do not panic. Try to stay calm and collected, noting every detail of the incident. First, finish your move and make sure you have everything moved from your old place, then contact the Perth movers and file a formal complaint. In the complaint, try to provide every detail needed to make your complaint strong, like adding pictures, small details noted above the incident etc. 
  • Use your furniture insurance – Unfortunately, if you find out your dear furniture is damaged by the Perth movers while moving, you can use your insurance claim to get the recovery aids. Try filing a formal complaint with the insurance claim as soon as possible. The best furniture removalists Perth always provide a furniture insurance policy to cover any furniture damage by their staff during removals. Expect to get a response from the company within three working days. 
  • Keep the recovery claim evidence in writing – Always choose to file a complaint or follow up on your complaint via email. It will help you keep evidence of your insurance claim, and you can use them if the removalist agency refuses to pay or take the responsibility of reimbursement assured in the insurance policy. 

Conclusion– Many local removalists Perth provide you comprehensive insurance for your furniture for the removal. This insurance is very helpful and can save you when facing furniture damage during transit. Always try to hire the best furniture removalists Perth that can offer you quality removal services with insurance cover to make your furniture moving safe and reliable.

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